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Cracker Barrel / employee

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my husband has worked at cracker barrel for 10 yrs, and i always knew they had problems, but also believed there were opprutunitys for people willing to work hard and who wanted to move up.Well, for one, he has reached the highest level in every position he has worked, recieved numerous awards, and has been told he can do the work of 3.All i ever hear is how great he is from other employees, and he hasnt called out in at least 2 years, and very rarely late, so what is hard for me to understand is some employees always leave without doing their closing duties, that have to be done, and he always stays to do his, and does it right, then gets yelled at for doing so, but if he was to leave, it would be the same.and the others dont do a thing and never hear a word.ok next, he is so valuable the others take turns getting sunday off, but they cant do without him, so he happily stays, but when he gets his 3 weeks of paid vacation, he only takes one, and when he comes back, for about a month he gets only about 30 hours, i guess bc they are mad for him taking this time, he is obligated to take, so then we can barely feed our 2 children.and now he wants to move up, to become manager, he knows the store inside and out, and has experience as a manager, but they have run him around in circles for almost a year, and about some of the most stupid things u can imagine, i dont even believe they have submitted it, bc they want to keep him where they need him, but what about all his hard work and dedication, shouldnt he have this chance?!they keep questioning his ability, and for ten years he has never recieved a write up, or even a warning, UNTIL he applied for management, and now he has been wrote-up, that seems funny to me.but i understand, who would want to loose such a valuable asset, but its time, he has trained others and done as much as he can do to prerare for this.!And now they dont even want to give him his 40 hours, but he is the only one who rushes in everytime they call on his day off, so really my question is, why or how could a manager treat such a reliable, hard working employee this way, cutting his hours, knowing he has a family to feed, when the 18year old trying to earn only gas money for his car, his parents bought him, this isnt right, and that kid has only been there a month!If cracker barrel did care about their employees, they wouldnt cut their hours bc they dont like something they have done, taking money out of childrens mouth just bc they can, and know in this economy, there is nothing they can do!!

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  • Ac
      4th of May, 2012
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    I just got through reading what sounds exactly how my mom is being treated at her Cracker Barrel. I am not sure where this person is but I do know my mom is a hard worker and comes in on her days off because she needs the hours. She too works harder than the young people that are employed at Cracker Barrel. But as soon as there are new hires they cut her hours. There is no respect for Seniors. She is older and works hard but they just cut her hours if she asks may I take a break? My feet are killing me -- (She has arthritis) She may rest for about 5 minutes and then she is on the go again. She will work long shifts but they do not offer breaks. No one can support themselves on 13 hours a week. She needs hours so that she can make ends meet. Sometimes they yell at her if she does not smile or if for instance she forgets to say enjoy your meal. There is no cause for a public reprimand. But anytime I ever go in with her to work for a meal, they will sing her praises. Your mom is the best, we love your mom!! Then when I am gone she will have a terrible shift. Sometimes I wish undercover boss would research this cracker barrel but then again they would need more than a week. People put their best foot forward for a week. If I were to put this same complaint on their website - they would figure it out and fire her. So names have been withheld.

  • Sh
      8th of Mar, 2013
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    I am an employee at a cracker barrel. Im 26 years old and its very sad whatyour mom is going through. I am one of the hard workers here who works hard because the other people are lazy. i work with the older ladys at my cracker barrel and i see disrespect also but not on my part. your mom can take a fifteen minute break if she has a 4 hr shift its the law so dont let them make her walk around n not have a break. also if shes overworked and the rest of the crew is slacking ask her to tell her GM and then if she/he does nothing to fix the problem call employee relations and tell them she is being treated unfairly. they will talk to corporate and tell the GM to fix or send someone in to fix the problem. I have done this a couple times and or stores gettinga little better now. If nothing is said nothing can be fixed. As for the irresponsible lazy employees there im sorry not everyone is gunna respect their elders n be teamplayers. the best of luck to you and yur mom.
    sincerely, Shari Par3 server trainer/grill cook/ expo

  • Je
      29th of Jun, 2013
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    I am a sever at CrackerBarrel and love it, unfortunately I was 20 mins late today, my son woke me up with stomach cramps at 4. GTRANTD he is 14. but they always call mom anyway. so i I stayed up with him until 6 and fell back asleep and was 20 mins late for work, my boss made me designated runner and I never had my own area. I worked my but off at the bosses screaming at me to run food, more than half was wrong or missing food. was very embarrassing. not so sure how I feel about Cracker Barrel as a family anymore. today was horrible. I just want to do my job and am VERY sorry my son was sick during the night!

  • Ja
      11th of Nov, 2013
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    I am a backup cook at store number 118 in palm coast Florida, for the last 5 months and I have 0 absent 0 tardys, we are constantly running out of product in the middle of dinner which makes it very stressful. When the general manager is notified of this problem he says, "Don't question me about this just do your job." I believe that I do my job accordingly to the Cracker Barrel standards, if not, exceeding expectations. I believe that there is a deal of disrespect targeted towards me in a discriminatory and harassing manor. When I believe there is a way to benefit the company by reducing shrink, waste, or creating a comfortable work space, I am scolded and not heard. I feel as if I am not taken seriously. I am not sure I feel the same as I did during orientation, as I was told Cracker Barrel is open to new ideas and do not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

  • An
      11th of Dec, 2013
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    my mom and dad went to cracker barrel at they sat 30 mins without drinks and only ordered two drinks and then sat 45 mins without food and was verry thirsty and hungry!!! THAT PLACE IS USUALLY GOOD THEIR WAITRESS'S NAME WAS SHAMEKA WORSH DAY EVER THERE!!!


  • Ro
      4th of Aug, 2014
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    We went to Cracker Barrel with another couple Saturday evening to eat. We got our drinks and was ready to order when our waitress came to take our order, the first thing we ordered they were out of. We ask for 3 different things they were out of. My friend ordered a baked potato and they came and told us they could not sell us one as they were not fit to eat. Very disappointed in our meal!!!

  • Ca
      16th of Oct, 2014
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    I worked at store 386 in Clinton nj they "cut " my hours down to one day a week because " it's the slow season" I now don't have any hours at all! The GM told me that I would be put on the schedule next week but that never happened. The worst part is how much food they throw away at the end of the night! That is a lot of product loss right there. Totally fed up with this place

  • Ho
      4th of Nov, 2014
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    I have to agree that Cracker Barrel is in dire need of leadership development for its managers. I was dining in the Elkton, MD restaurant the other day. There was about a one-hour wait for a table and there appeared to be a single person bussing the entire restaurant. This young man quickly cleaned one table after another. Another employee, apparently the manager, was constantly berating this young man and giving him a hard time. After a table of around ten people paid their bill, they left behind an absolute pig pen of a mess. The bus boy plowed right in and began the massive task of cleaning the mess with no help from the so-called manager who still was on his case as if the busser were standing around doing nothing. The "manager" then said something I couldn't hear and I soon saw the bus boy with his jacket on heading out the door. Not sure what transpired but the servers had to bus their tables and the wait grew longer. I feel bad for that young man because he really hustled to get each table ready for the next guest while under withering fire from a clueless tool...

  • Br
      19th of Jan, 2015
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  • Tw
      15th of Nov, 2015
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    After reading many, many complaints about Cracker Barrel situations, my conclusion is these complaints could be or are common legitimate complaints. Twenty years ago Cracker Barrel was truly about pleasing people, including paying guests and what they refer to as internal guests (employees). Over the years Cracker Barrel, like most other businesses has changed with the times. Unfortunately, most of the changes are not positive changes. I wish I could truthfully say... it is not common practice to cut employees work hours after they have taken their earned vacation time or requested days off work... it is not a so-called sweat house where employees are overworked and have very few breaks... most
    managers don't procrastinate, discriminate, indulge in favoritism, constantly break Cracker Barrel rules, etc.. Important positive... my paycheck has never been late during the past 20 years, nor has it ever bounced. Even with all the negatives I, like most Cracker Barrel employees, am continuing to do my best to make the Cracker Barrel experience a good, positive memorable experience for all.

  • Jo
      8th of Jul, 2016
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    I was fired today cause of an argument with an another employee cracker barrel in Vero beach fl I learned from another co worker that I was on a list to be terminated I think that I would never step foot in that place ever again

  • Br
      19th of Nov, 2016
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    I have worked in 2 separate. Cracker Barrels, in. Michigan and Florida. I work like a boss! I am. "Teachers per" when it comes to managers. (which is still being treated like garbage) One time (when I was about 6 months pregnant) working in a new store and unfamiliar with the location of the tea bags, the make manager started public berating me, and timing how long it would take me to find the teabags for my table so he could have a meeting. He started raising his face and being degrading. I almost walked out, but as a Christian, I did not think that would be right. I spoke with him privately in the office and received apology... Fast forward about a year... I left CB to be a stay at home mom. I almost died while in labor, my child ended up needing a heart transplant. It was a crazy year to say the least. When I called CB and spoke with that same manager needing some information about my last work day for insurance purposes. I was greeted with a cold, rude tone, and told that he was "too busy" and may figure it out in a Monday. (to his credit he did not know about the transplant) It's funny, when I stand back and look at everything, I don't understand why I ever worked for this company

  • Du
      31st of Jul, 2017
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    Beware of Cracker Barrel gift cards. My brother purchased us two $25 gift cards at a Kroger store in Dennison Texas. Months later when attempting to use them at a Cracker Barrel in Shawnee Oklahoma we found someone had gotten the numbers and depleted the balance to 0 three months earlier. Ho doubt the Kroger cashier got the card nos. I don't blame Cracker Barrel tor the theft, but never the less it is not safe to buy gift cards

  • Ma
      6th of Nov, 2017
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    My grandmother and I both work at the same Cracker Barrel (she helped me get a job in the store). Some of the employees ate in the 3rd dinning room so one day my grandmother ate in there and the GM is so mean to everyone there and she yelled at my grandmother in front of guest and other employees that she was not to to eat in there and my grandmother got so upset that she threw her food away without taking one bite out of it and walked away. They needed up having a yelling match in the office (I know my grandmother was wrong for yelling at a manager) but the manager wouldn't let my grandmother talk. Anyways my grandmother was told she might be fired or she might stay. They took 2 months to fire my grandmother. They drug it on and one day she came into work and the retail manager told her that she was fired.
    That's one story then after all that went on no one told me what happened so I went in there not knowing that. I was doing a return but I didn't know how so the GM came up there to help me and in front of guest she said very rudely you should know how to do this you're never going to go anyways if you don't know how to do a simple return. After she did that I went in the back and started to cry. The GM at my store is very rude and loud when she talks so everyone can hear what she's saying.
    Another time is when I was in retail and decided that I wanted to try hosting. So I asked all the managers and they said yes. I asked my retail manager and she was trying to discourage me. She kept saying that I won't like it and I don't know what I'm doing, but she let me go over there. Once I transferred over there everyone in retail was treating me differently no one would talk to me or look at me. It didn't bother me though. One of the other hostesses there has a car problem, she doesn't have a car and it's hard for her to get there and she has two small kids. She called and explained what was going on and what was happening and the GM didn't care. The GM said that it's not her problem if she doesn't have a car. So today she checked her schedule and she was completely taken off the schedule and she called and asked why and they fired her without telling her. It got me so mad because they know about her situation.
    And don't get me started on the to-go orders. They're horrible too. I use to love going to work there. I would be happy and excited and full of energy when I first started and now I can't stand it and I can't stand Cracker Barrel in general. I've on worked there since April of this year.

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