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Dear CEO or manager of cox cable
I 'm not a happy camper nor customer period!!! I 'm rating my experience at this company zero!!

I had and continue to have bad blood with coxs cable since over 5 years and fix my own stuff most of the time because when they make a mistake they do one thing talk money ONLY! That is so sad...

The contractors that come here refuse to do their jobs and all they talk is numbers as well .The supervisor on the phone today at about 4:07pm 11/28/2016 did the same thing continue to talk money but would not treat me as a customer .)-;

I ask her to go to the screen and find the date that the contractor arrived at my home to place new service in my bed room ..she told me and i quote ''i wouldn't know the date only you would ''... i told her she should know it and it was her job to find it ..she came back at me and said ok now i got it ..WOW how lazy can a person be !!

Sarah helped me which is the tech lady and she knew more than the frecking supervisor Sarah shut the tv down and started over but still no channel 60 tv land.She said there was outage in my area but it is all the time no tv land !! )-; or no tv on my channels for hours off and on...when will this stop???

The remote control don't work for the setting at all and its new.The guy who hook me up didn't fix the screen size and am still looking at old school screen AGAIN!...WHYYYY??? ... Why do i have soo many problem with this company and all they want is MONEY!!!

It was his mistake for not programing the remote control and am not paying another cent ...please tell him to wave the fee and come here to fix my tv as a customer .

I 'm not a bank and so far i was told that my bill was $108 for December 2016 but i got a bill for $118 HOW RUDE !!! that better be fixed to or am going to an other tv company in 2017
Good day and thanks for reading this complaint
Roxanne Brown

Nov 28, 2016

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