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poor employee communication and customer service

First of all, when you call these people for a service request, make sure you understand that it will be 3-5...

fraudulent charges

After an internal upgrade to their service, I was rendered offline for the most part, for over a week. I could not send anything over 256 bytes in size. It didn't matter if it was email, a post on the internet through a website, etc. I contacted their service department and gave them detailed information. They concluded that I needed a tech to visit me. At that time and all subsequent times they did not tell me I would be charged for a service call. The tech showed up, and I told him about what I found out, that I can surf the internet, even get email, but if I try to send anything (A packet for example) over 256 bytes i'm disconnected. He hooked up his laptop, when nuts on the keyboard, and all of a sudden I had a connection. He was even proud to show that to me, again on his laptop. I was mystified. He told me my cable modem was incompatible or fried. I asked if he had a cable modem I could get and cox could charge me the lease fee. He said no but he could sell me his for $50. I thought that was a little odd so I said no. When he started to leave, I noticed my cable modem was still disconnected so I asked him to look and see if it was working now. He told me he was in a hurry but I insisted. After reconnecting my cable modem, all of a sudden, I was able to email and upload.

What the tech didn't know is that I tried everything throughout the week. Cycling the equipment, even trying a friend's cable modem and calling cox to enable it. Same results. I went online to search this anomaly and found that their upgrade turned off some ports on some nodes, and a tech was needed to turn them back on.

End result, cox charged me a $50 service fee for the visit and never gave that money back. I have been fighting with them about it for almost a year.

I don't know where to go to get satisfaction for this but I wish I did. If anyone can give me some suggestions i'd certainly would appreciate it.

The end result after the visit, the linksys cable modem I was using was working fine but my throughput was slow, so I did go buy a motorola surf modem and the throughput was faster. But... I was totally offline, and after the visit, my so-called incompatible modem was working albeit slowly. They messed up on some ports, and charged me for it.

And the fact that they didn't admit to it or take care of me as a customer makes me feel like I was totally taken advantage of.

  • Do
    douglas pu Nov 10, 2014

    been subject to it all. it hurts you all..being americans cause i will be leaving your country forever and spending my retirement money else where. pretty sad living in this country you cant even get t.v. internet or a phone and not be subject to criminal behaviour..on that night..there goes another snow bird or restuarant cause really i spent 400.00 a month on meals and taxes, the list is endless. sorry i tried to come here and support my neighbour to the south...i just can't do it any longer..i guess all those things i heard about americans are true...guys the world hates you cause your companies do this ### all around the world an were all tired of it.

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  • Su
    susan dettlaff May 14, 2015
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    Verified customer

    3 months ago cox ruined my credit by placing an unpaid balance of 378$ on my credit report. I have been a customer for over 3 years. I pay my bill on time but they never bothered to contact me for what they perceived as a problem. They went for the I mean credit report. They admit it was entirely their fault, their confusion and promised to remove it in 10 days or less. Needless to say my report still shows me at fault. Never an apology and total rudeness when I if I did something wrong. This last call to them I told them to type this in their notes on me "I fking hate cox" and hung up. I am a disabled retired senior citizen and feel totally raped by this company. If I cancel my service with them now I am afraid this will never be resolved but I don't want to give them another penny. I would rather have no cable/internet than have cox. If this is ever resolved I will cancel them immediately. Shame on you cox picking on little old ladies making these kinds of horrific mistakes! I feel like putting a loaded pistol in my mouth just to make a point. Thanks whoever you are for listening.

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no answers to techinal glitch

Our digital phone which cox insists is the best service out there has been making a clicking noise (similar to someone calling in on the other line) every 30-45 seconds. They have logged my complaint numerous times and have had home tech service at my home twice. After resetting modem and house call was assured problem was fixed. It is NOT. Now they are telling us that the problem is widespread throughout Queen Creek and are fixing it as their budget will allow. WHAT? Oh by the way they just raised rates out here by 3$ per month. I guess they have to pay for all that overtime to fix a problem that probably doesn't even exist. Cox won't say anything else about the issue except to be patient. Hard to be patient when no timeline is given or even a 3rd grade explanation as to what the problem even is.

Completely disgusted in QC
Erik M

awful company

We had Cox Communications install phone, cable, and internet on December 1st. Since that time we had...

mozilla foxfire

We use mozilla foxfire through cox internet. I am very unsatisfied with mozilla foxfire - we continuously get the message - "mozilla foxfire not responding" - I am quite frankly tired of my computer freezing because of this.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Jan 13, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The problem would be with your service provider and not Foxfire itself.

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  • Ca
    calisfamus Jul 06, 2009

    Cox cable doesn't fix computers, they only provide signal. You wouldn't ask them to repair the light bulb in your t.v. if it goes out? Mozilla sucks anyway. Download Google Chrome browser and call it a day!!

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  • At
    athomsfere Jul 15, 2009

    That has nothing to do with Cox, and everything to do with either your PC or Firefox. Firefox generally is a great browser, but all software has it quirks and issues.

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charging for equipment I have not received

Cox has been charging me for an Equipment that i never received. They apparently claim they had it delivered...

refunds missing

Cox seems to overcharge many of their customers, but in my case they continued to charge me after I closed my account (I was assured by a Customer Rep this would not happen).

That was 4 months ago ... they still have not refunded my money, and to try and make me feel better the latest rep I talked to said that "lots of people go through this, one woman is waiting on a $1000 refund and she cannot buy christmas presents" ... no joke! Like that was supposed to make me feel BETTER!

It takes Cox 4-8 weeks to issue a check despite the fact that they can electronically charge your account in minutes (why not do the refunds the same way like most other companies?) ... then they try to tell you it will take another 4-8 weeks to go through the mail - yeah right, what mail service takes that long?? When I get a supervisor on the phone I am told that is incorrect (obviously).

After waiting 16 weeks, they've made enough money on your refund's interest that it seems like fraud to me. I still don't have a check and now they're saying they will cancel the old one and send a new one - in 4-8 weeks! I bet they never actually sent the first one.

They also tell me they will have people look into the case and call me back. No one ever calls me back. I think they are just blowing me off and hoping I don't keep calling.

But now I feel so bad for the $1000 woman that I will make sure to call them every day. They take people's money when they know they shouldn't, and then wait months and months to get it back to them.

If I hadn't called over and over again, they would have kept my money forever. They might still be trying to, who knows. I may call a lawyer - it's really easy to return people's money to them, but that's not what they want to do.

cable service

I was without cable service this weekend due to a fail cable box. Customer Service and Tech Support told me to they couldn't do anything until next week. I told them that it was are only HDTV and we were having a football party on Sunday. They didn't care or have fix the problem yet. They wouldn't dispatch a tech until Monday late or Tuesday. They wouldn't transfer me to a manager or return my e-mail to their complaint dept. I have never been treated this bad before with Cox's Customer Service and Tech Support Depts. We are still without TV service at my residence and their no reprecussion to them. I paid over $150 per month for cable/internet services. And yet I get treated like a second class citizen to them.

  • Ca
    calisfamus Jul 06, 2009

    Cable is a luxury not a necessity or a priority like a telephone. boo hoo!!

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  • Ka
    Kathrin Jun 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a disabled senior who has been having trouble with missing channels from the converter box. I have been calling for over a month, put on hold for almost an hour one day, and then disconnected when it was discovered that I was calling from a cell phone that wasn't on the contract.

    I had difficulties getting up and down the way they wanted me to for the on line digital help line, and when my son came over and helped me to take the box into the COX CABLE service office in Oceanside after another useless phone attempt, I was told that they couldn't replace the box until I went through the on line waiting, ect. again and received an OK from customer service. I've given up even trying any more with these people.

    I would think that there would be more help for people with special needs.

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  • jackedaround Feb 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a cox communications customer since 1997 (14 years). However, it would have ended in 2017 if not for a set of unfortunate circumstances.
    Since then their dvr motorola box has been spotty at best. I've had cox out to service it at least once every 6 months. The following issues have been experienced;
    1. Pixelation.
    2. Poor/no hd service.
    3. Recording error (Too many to list) resulting in no program to watch
    4. Recording quality so poor the show was unwatchable.
    5. Recording quality so poor it was not possible to watch after the errors occurred (Show stops).
    6. Recording doesn't happen. It was scheduled. But, when the show started the recording didn't.
    7. Some channels (Especially hd) experience excessive pixelation causing the entire channel to drop out.
    8. No power to dvr box.
    9. Dvr box required re-booting (At least monthly since jan 2017).
    10. Dvr would accept re-boot and would indicate power on, but would not turn on.

    In short, the dvr equipment (I've had at least 4 of them in the last 7 years) is so unreliable as to be unusable.

    My recommendation: if you like standard box or even standard dvr (Haven't used this so can't recommend one way or, another) give it a try. If you like hd service, try someone else. (I am).

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awful experience

I've been a customer of Cox Communications for Internet service for several years. I used to have but then got rid of their tv service because it was the only way I could protest their ignoring my complaints that they stop sending me giant amounts of postal ads, which is bad for the environment as it is a big waste of paper.

So on to the current problem. The Cox email service has been down at least six times in the past two months for most of a day. Despite their denying this, I know for a fact that this has also caused lost email. They never have any explanation of what is going on, nor any idea when the service will be restored.

The crowning blow for this truly spectacular series of failures was the tech support(sic) guy telling me just now that 'after all, email is free.' Apparently Cox now has the theory that the $40 a month its customers pay suddenly does not include email.

The other major ISP in this area is Verizon FIOS, but Verizon insists on replacing the landline when they install FIOS, which means if there's a power failure you only have 4 hours of battery time for the 'regular' phone. If there's a flood (this is a low lying area), the batteries get ruined and you have no phone service.

Curses. I am nonetheless certainly going to look for alternatives. Cox really sucks. They are technically incompetent, have uninformed and snotty tech support people, and don't give a damn about their customers.

  • Mo
    Mortimer Mar 01, 2009

    Cox sent me an offer for internet services, which I accepted and they sent me a confirmation email with the price of $29.99 for 12 months. They billed me much higher. When I called to complain, they variously said the offer was only good if all offered services were ordered (not true), that it was only good for 3 months (not true), or that I was a current customer and not eligible.

    I had previously requested service but had no modem so never had activated service and was not a customer, which they knew. Because they did not notify me that they were reneging on the price they had confirmed to me, they practiced a 'bait and switch'. Despite numerous calls and emails, their terrible customer service never admitted nor corrected this despicable practice.

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  • Beth Mar 27, 2009

    I agree with you. By not admitting or correcting their errors it is totally despicable. What you have described is nothing more than hustling.

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  • Ru
    runnergurl Apr 06, 2009

    AVOID them at ALL costs. COX could not care less about customers or the environment. I have called them zillions asking them to cease all the paper advertisements. The most recent was a 5 X 6 poster that competes with the size of my kitchen wall. It's disgusting.

    I'm sure that if I signed up with them, the first thing they would do would ask me if I wanted to go "paperless" and have my bill emailed to me to save paper and reduce my carbon footprint. Ha.

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  • Bm
    bm3 Apr 28, 2009

    I agree, they won't stop sending this crap in the mail. I have lived at the same place for over 20 years. I have never had cox and never will. They send me advertisements several times a week. When I called them to my address off their mailing list, they said they can't. They have no way to remove me from their mailing list.

    Doesn't that sound crazy. I have begun sending the stuff back as return to sender. In many cases they send stuff without a return address. Hos is that legal?

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  • An
    And the problem is? Jul 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh spare me about the saving the environment statement. I get so much advertisement junk from others just like you that is NOT form Cox, and I don't take it out on anyone. You got a lot of time on your hands if you have nothing better to do is pick on a cable company for ads they send you in the main, when many others are doing the same thing. You should be ashamed yourself.

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over charges

10-27-2008 Better Business burea I would like to file a complaint against Cox Communications based on over...

technical support

I recently started receiving pop up on my computer, i downloaded a couple of pop up blocker programs that came recommended, But I continue to get pop ups. I had talked to friends and they saaid they too were having problems with pop ups. I called today [protected]) and talked to a very nice tech one rep. She helped the best she could but did mention that they had made an upgrade to the system and had been receiving calls about the same problem. She was unable to help me so she sent me to a level two tech who seemed to be bothered my my call. I explained my problem and his answer was "Sure i can help you with that" It will ost $120.00 and how would you like to pay for that. Well, i was floored! I asked if this was new and his answer was he didnt know. I asked if there is anything they could do and he was silent a bit but then said pay the $120.00 and he will fix it. Since i dont have 120.00 sitting in my pocket just waiting to be spent i guess my last resort is to go to circuit city or best buy and try another pop up program. Lets just say my experience with cox cable was beyond crappy. Tech one is willing to help but if you have to go to a tech two then your screwed unless you cough up the money. Guess i wont call for their help anymore.

  • At
    athomsfere Aug 31, 2009

    The tier 2 you went to likely wasn't for cable, but for PC repair, and these Pop-ups have nothing to do with you ISP, they are an infection or a byproduct of the sites you visit.

    A good AV/ firewal should fix it (You should get McAfee free from Cox) or even try a good forum for PC help, I would recommend its free, and the people there are more than willing to fix any problem for absolutely free.

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mcafee security suite false advertisement

I downloaded the free McAfee Security Suite after I was instructed to uninstall any other security program...

horrible service

I signed up for Cox about 4 months ago for the bundle pack (phone, internet, and cable). Shortly after I...

over head wiring

Cox Communications has left a mess across my property. They were on the property on Monday to fix some sort of breakage in the line. They did not complete their work and left wiring down as low as 3 to 4 feet off the ground across about 2 acres of property. The lines are tagged with streamers over my driveway. When I call, the customer service center only knows how to get a technician here to my house for my service. He said the earliest he can schedule someone is "Tuesday". This is not a home issue with regard to service, it is a safety issue. Any child can pull that wire down. I told him he was putting his company at risk and he stuck with his ability to only schedule on Tuesday. I would hope that Cox could see this is a very UNUSUAL situation that requires more attention than "we will have a tech check it out". When I told him a tech was here yesterday to fix my outage, I was told that no one was here. ???????? Really??????My service was out, I could describe the man...and I am typing this email on Cox service. What is wrong? I was also told that there was no record of Cox trucks being here Monday working on the high wires.

Please encourage people to train representatives to listen carefully before a customer gets this angry. Every once in a while there is a WEIRD problem that someone needs to come out and check. Right away.

  • Ka
    Kaos Mar 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As Tech Reps they don't have the ability to have someone come out RIGHT AWAY. Doesn't matter if your cable box is on fire and you're running out of your house to avoid the flames. The Customer Support Rep has NO ABILITY to immediately send someone to your home.

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  • An
    And the problem is? Jul 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well that would obviously be a temporary fix as you saw. The technicians can only do so much for what ever happened there in the first place. You never mentioned what happened or maybe you can't. They have to get contractors out there to hang new cable up in the air, and that does not always happed right away depending where it's at. If it's over driveways, then yes they would have no choice to get right on it, but if its where no traffic is, then it could be days. As far ask kids are involved, you keep your kids away, common sense. Cox can't keep mother nature or whoever else from damaging their lines etc. Put your self in their shoes.

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  • Et
    etal Jul 06, 2013

    Cox was grossly negligible by leaving not only a mess, but a fire and safety hazard on your property. In light of the loss of several firefighters in a recent wild fire, this point is driven home. SDGE (San Diego) was faulted for another wild fire due to their neglect of their equipment which was allowed to degrade to the point of being a fire hazard. I would have demanded a supervisor. If the supervisor refused to elevate the situation, then I would have contacted the home office and threatened a small claims action. Chances are, Cox outsource their field techs, but they are still responsible for the company they choose to represent them out in the field. You can also call the Fire Marshall on something like this. They can fine Cox and the subcontractor for violations. You can also contact your area to file complaints against a contract license for what they did. I'm certain if the home office knew they were going to be fine by the fire marshal, they would not hesitate getting someone out there to make things right.

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just awful!

I have used Cox Communications for almost 5 years now under my mothers name. I just recently moved into a new house and out of my mothers and ordered Cox thinking I would be getting a GREAT deal since I was a new customer. Boy was I wrong. First of all the tech that came to install got saw dust all over my new living room floor and furniture. He left all the wires going to the computer, phone and TV in a huge knot and to top it off, the box on the side of my house he left opened with the cover to in on my driveway!
I was so upset to see this when I got home. I called and complained and they told me they would send someone out the next day, did they? NO! I had to wait over the weekend for someone to come and clean up after themselves.
When I thought this was the end of it... boy was I wrong! Next came all the hidden fees. I signed up for a bundle which should have saved me money. It was called the Max View Bundle cause we watch TV quite often. It said on line it should come with free HBO and Cinemax... turned on my TV... neither was on there. The went to use our DVR... didn't work... they gave us the wrong box. So I had to go and pick one up myself and call to have HBO and Cinemax put on.
Then I go to use my phone... no caller ID or call waiting! Is this the stone age? Since when does a bundle that should save you money not include caller ID and call waiting... but instead includes "phone tools" to let you listen to your messages online... I don't want that. I want to see who is calling when I am at home! So call and they charge you extra for that... You would think this would be the end of it... NO! Get my bill and they charge me an extra $10 for Cinemax. I call and they say oh that is right. There are TWO Max View Bundles... one with just HBO for free and the other with BOTH for free but that ones cost an extra $10... so I ask... what would it cost if I switched from the HBO and Cinemax one to just the HBO one with Starz... oh the same... WHAT THE HELL!!!

Long story short... Cox Communications is a horrible company to have for cable... It is really too bad that they are the ONLY company that I can use in my location other than a dish... it is also too bad that they have the BEST internet around... other wise I would have switched a LONG time ago!!!

  • Aa
    aaron posey Aug 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing happen to me same thing this is horrible

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  • Sa
    Sarah Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are so right! I too signed up for the Cox Bundle in July and it was a nightmare. I had to make about 3 dozen calls where I sat on hold each and every time and was put through all of the automated garbage before being connected to a real person. Then I had 6 different service guys out here on six different days before they got everything working "correctly" but that didn't last long! Phone calls didn't come through to me half the time (people told me that my phone rang and rang and I never answered ... well, it never rang on my end!) and on half a dozen long distance calls I was disconnected while in the middle of the call. My TV's were constantly "tiling" ...that's a term I learned from Cox. Of course my connections to the internet were frequently interrupted as well.

    Would I recommend Cox Bundle? NEVER! I used most of my cell phone minutes just phoning COX to report problems! Thank goodness my cell phone is from a different company.

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  • Am
    Amanda Nov 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cox is pure garbage. It took them 3 weeks to set up my account because the last tenant returned everything but forgot to turn off his phone line and they could never get ahold of him. So I had to fax and re-fax my lease THREE TIMES. This past night was the worst though, they said to just fax the lease again and they'd call me RIGHT BACK. I asked "are you sure I'll get a call back tonight because I'm waiting here". Oh sure, yup a call right back.

    2 hours go by (meanwhile I'm at work waiting past hours because it's the only fax machine I have) and I call back. Oh sorry, the department that can "verify" the lease won't be back until tomorrow and they left 3 hours ago. WHAT THE HELL.

    Plus, they charged me $500 for equipment even though I asked them to transfer my account instead of close it. That was a whole other ordeal I needed to get sorted out with them. So unorganized.

    Beyond that, I've had to return 3 DVRs in the past because they give you used ones that don't work. Plus Internet is always shutting off and going back on. Pure garbage I tell you. I wish there was another service provider in my area (RI)

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  • Jc
    j clarke Mar 13, 2011

    I really don't understand the objection to providing a copy of the death certificate.

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incorrect billing using autopay

This is only my point of view of this major communications conglomerate, but with that being said, I believe they should be brought up on charges. If you take anything from this tale, it should be & ldquo;do not sign up for autopay with cox!”

My story starts in a rather benign way with purchasing cox communications to supply my tv and internet access to my household. I have had them for years since they were my only choice. (Can we cay monopoly?) only recently my husband and I reviewed our bill to find that we were paying a lot more and getting way less compared to various new satellite communication companies. We thought what could be better than getting more and paying less in this newly monetarily restrictive climate. Making the decision to change from cox to satellite tv we made the calls and settled on a new provider. All that was left was to call cox and cancel. Sounds simple enough, right?

Here is where cox’s dark noxious cloud settled over our household.

On a saturday afternoon, after 5 pm, I called cox to cancel my account. They tried to argue that I never called in to complain about the service so why should they need to cancel my service. Working in a service industry, this was absurd to me! Why would I need to justify my dislike of a product to get it canceled? I don’t want it any more… I have moved on… this is a break up and no we can not be friends… this it is in my right to cancel? After the cox representative forced me to come up with some bogus answer involving conspiracy theories, aliens and the need to wear tinfoil hats, she finally let me cancel the service. [this reason for canceling was for my amusement only; we all know aliens come through the toaster ;)] I had five days to return their battered cable boxes and I would even be getting a refund of $75 for part of the month.

Monday morning, I got up and doing my usual monday routine I grabbed coffee and got on line to read the news and check my bank account. The need for coffee became no longer needed when I found that cox had gone into my checking and withdrew over $600 for no viable reason. After getting the household off to summer camp and work I got on the phone with cox to ask them the ever elusive question of & ldquo;what the hell!”

After speaking with a high number of doltish ###ic representatives I was finally transferred to the credit department. The credit departments response boils down to & ldquo;oops, so sorry, this debit is our fault, but we will refund your money in 5 to 7 days”. It has always amazed my how they can withdraw funds overnight but it takes an act of congress to put the stolen money back.

It is now wednesday and still the account sits empty of the $600+ so I being proactive decide to call them and check on the progress. The all new doltish representative tells me they are waiting on the collection of the cable boxes to even process the & ldquo;oops, so sorry, this debit is our fault, but we will refund your money in 5 to 7 days” deposit. When I exclaim, in a slightly panicked and pissed off state, you have your stupid boxes and remotes I am once again placed on hold. After what felt like 10 minutes, she came back with the comment of & ldquo;oh, here they are. We can process your refund now”. It is everything I can do to maintain my composer and not release a tirade of expletives and adjectives that would probably just make her ears bleed.

Now, maybe to you $600+ is not that much money but to our household it was to cover groceries, gasoline and the power bill for the house let alone a little bit a cushion till payday. Now I find myself pawing through the pantry looking for anything I can put together and call dinner (In the looses sense of the word) and coasting the best I can if I have to drive anywhere to save every drop of gas I can till either cox replaces the money they stole or payday, which ever comes first.

Thank you for reading my rant and I hope at the very least you do not sign up for autopay with cox. (Or cancel before it’s too late).

  • Bo
    BOB MULLAY Apr 19, 2011

    Take heed, do not put Cox Communications on bank auto pay!

    I just took them off. One of the girls from Cox tried to convince another girl at my financial institution to release money from my account. It almost happened but I changed to another banking institution just in time!

    San Diego area.

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  • Co
    cox cable Jun 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are not going to like this.To begin with, you have enough commercials on TV and very, very loud I wear hearing aides and even if I turn them all the way down it still is very, very loud.Next, I get enough commercials on TV, I would like it if you people would be be nice and TAKE THEM ALL OFF.It's a pain in the butt when you are doing something and be cut off from a ---- commercial.A long time ago, last year around this same time I was sending a long note and to a very close friend when my screen went to a light brown, stayed that way for a very long time and when I finally got my screen back guess what was on it, A COX CABLE COMMERCIAL and I ended up losing the whole d--- thing.Can I send another one?He passed away soon after that.I was into the V.A. portion trying to find something and kept being interrupted from stupid COMMERCIALS.It's VERY, VERY ANNOYING.I bought this thing to get away from all the loud and dumb things on tv.SO, IT IS A PAIN TO KEEP CORRECTING WHAT I AM DOING.I'M TO D--- OLD TO GET AGGREVATED BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING.Thanks for listening, I hope this does some and I don't mean filling up the waste basket.

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unfair practices

Dropped channels that were originally included in my basic package. Tuesday morning I had TMC on channel 60 and a program guide on channel 69, and Tuesday evening they were gone!! Also other things like the History channel and Animal Planet and several others were on some other station number so without a program guide they are difficult to locate. When I called the company they told me that in order to continue getting TMC I would now have to up grade my package for an additional cost of $20.00!! No warning. nothing, just oh, you'll have to pay more now to get what we promised in your original package.

Resolved Poor customer service

Over the years I have dealt with cox communications because it is the only cable company available in my area...

scientific atlanta cable cards

I've been a TiVo subscriber for 11 months and I’m using the HD DR with two Scientific Atlanta cable cards provided by Cox Communications. On four occasions within a six month period one or both of my cable cards have needed to be replaced by Cox. Each time this happens we loose the opportunity to see several programs we thought were being recorded – then we loose our service for the three days it takes for Cox to make the repair – and then someone needs to be home for three or four hours waiting for the repairman. To say that this is an inconvenience is an understatement.

We are not accustomed to buying inexpensive equipment with unreliable performance. Our lifestyle is quite the opposite and this lack of reliable service from a piece of TiVo equipment or Cox Communications is very frustrating. I don’t know whose equipment is at fault – Cox says it’s TiVo and TiVo says it’s the Scientific Atlanta cards. I find it hard to believe that with all the cable subscribers using Scientific Atlanta cards and TiVo in this country that an incompatibility between these two pieces of equipment would be tolerated.

If the problem is with TiVo, I would appreciate some proof of that from Cox to use against them to force their prompt solution. If the problem is with Cox and their Scientific Atlanta cable cards, I want a full credit for my subscription fees for the past six months and to know what is being done to resolve this issue. I’m tired of being in the middle and paying full price for completely unreliable service and subjecting my household to these aggravating annoyances.

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    duckguy Feb 09, 2010

    Use to be a Tech for cox in virginia. The problem was the cable cards. What was the problem? I have no idea but I hated working with the darn things.

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