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Countrywide Home Loans / fraud and cheating!

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Due to a promised Bonus, that never came through, we had to file chapter 13, from falling behind on our payments. We made regular payments, and were on a payment schedule with them. Then our house caught on fire. The insurance company issued us a check, to pay the contractor. The check had our name on it, and Countrywide too. We were told by Countrywide to sign the check, and they would pay the contractor directly, when the check cleared. The check cleared, and they kept our insurance money. We now are owners of a house, that is UNBELIEVABLE. Its completely gutted inside, and now have no money to do the repairs. I have 3 kids that no longer have a roof over their heads, and have to live with my mother. Thanks Countrywide... Christmas is going to be fun!!!

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  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2007
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    Countrywide home loans is a horrible company... my mom and i live in the house i grew up in... my mother is a single parent... we missed a couple of payments and countrywide told us pay us 2000 dollars for 6 months and they would modify the loan... totally garbage they took the money didn't apply any of it to the principal... and now their saying pay us 15,000 or we will take the house or pay us 4500 dollars a month for 8 months countrywide deserves to be sued...

  • Go
      30th of Sep, 2007
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    I know how you feel ! they started foreclosing on my house when they never once brought it to my attention that I was behind on my payment. Which to make along story short I panicked and filed chapter 13 to keep my home! And get this even tho i am in chapter 13 they tried to do it again! say that I was behind in my payment's but this time I kept record's of every check number! And had proof and a lawyer! I really wish that someone would do something about them!

  • Am
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    I was a victim of predatory lending. A man by the name of Jonathan Marshall from Scotsdale, Arizona, contacted me to refinance three homes. He roped me into a no win situation with six loans. I desperately needed money to set up a business because I was very ill with fibromayalgia, my husband divorced me because he needed a healthy playmate. He took all the cash and left me three properties. I could not work so I was living from credit cards, they got maxed and I needed cash to pay them. This man was determined to make a hefty commission and get six loans from me. He promised to help me out because of my situation and he put me into six loans, lied on the applications. He did not even give me a decent copy of the documents, especially the part where he lied to rope me into the loans. He send a notary on wheels who told me that a copy of the documents were on their way and that I had to sign quickly because he was taking care of a very sick wife and he had to be home at a certain time to give her her meds. I signed and found out until later, how much this guy lied. I was afraid that they might think that I was a part of this so I did not turn him in. I was not thinking straight and grateful that I could pay off my credit cards. They did it once again. I signed a deed in lieu of foreclosure. They supposedly were helping me out. NOT! They created a sense of urgency that I needed to sign this warranty deed immediately. They overnighted me the documents and even were "nice enough" to enclose a prepaid overnight fed ex envelope. I was in such a financial hardship that I had to move in with a relative because of my health and could not even afford gas for my car let alone an attorney to look over the documents. They did a lot of double talk. The first part was like the standard warranty deed but I come to find out after a friend looked it over that they can come after me for the loan. They now have the house and I still am responsible to repay the loan. Is anybody out there that can look over this document for me ? I am ready to jump in on a class action lawsuit but I have no clue how to start one. I have no money. Countrywide is still harrassing me about payments. Now a bad guy is going to bail out another bad guy. How can this be possible? Amparo.

  • Va
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    Countrywide Home Loans - Scam and cheating
    Countrywide Home Loans
    Mt. McCoy Station Post Office
    Simi Valley
    United States
    Phone: 866-4515895

    On September 6, 2008 we were notified by Countrywide Home Loans that a former employee breached information on many of Countrywide's customers to a third party. My question is WHAT exactly, besides giving us two years free credit monitoring, is Countrywide going to do about this? This can potentially ruin many of Countrywide's customer's lives, and they think that two years of credit monitoring will suffice?? The thieves will just be warming up!!

    Do we, as consumers, after surviving the mortgage crisis, how have to just 'put-up' with this? How would the 'fat-cat' executives at Countrywide like their personal information breached? You spend a lifetime working on your good credit, and good name, only to have it breached, just like that? Where is a company's personal responsibility?

    And, why don't we get specific information on who the thief is, & the ongoing investigation. Maybe some of us affected would like to see that these people pay for their crimes. And, what is the District Attorney doing for us? Not just for the state, but for us? Can we get a lawsuit together, so that we can oversee our needs? Certainly, due to this injustice, many of us will pay for this, many years to come. Countrywide, and the District Attorney's office overseeing this case should contact each and every one of us, in writing, expressing our rights... not just giving us two measley years credit monitoring. As our District Attorney, we DEMAND that you send us information on our rights. Where is your responsibility to us? We should band-together, because who knows who now has YOUR personal information, and WHAT they will do with it. We should be compensated for this breach of trust!!!

  • Li
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    I fell behind on my mortgage payments with Countrywide back in November of 2007. I called them and we were directed to work with a negotiator to get our payment caught back up. We were three months behind. We worked our the arrangements with our negotiator and set up a repayment plan. We send them $2000.00 the next day and then three days later they filed for foreclosure on us. We called Countrywide and they told us then that our negotiations didn't go through. Even after they told us it was approved and to send them that specific dollar amount. They still through us in foreclosure. Now...not only did we have to finish trying to catch up, but we were also informed that we had over $1000.00 worth of attorney fees on our account. It seems to me that their Attorney and Countrywide had some elaborate scheme to screw people this way. Make out arrangements...get them to send in some money...file for foreclosure...get lots of money for our attorneys! WOW! We went into a special forebarance...that's what it was! Great Scam on their part! So, we had to pay x amount of dollars for x amount of months to get caught up. Which we are doing...but now as we struggle to get caught up...we are indebted to them for over $1000.00 in Attorney fees? WTH!

  • Sh
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    I received the very upsetting letter dated 9/6/08 I called the numbergiven in the letter 9/14/08 to get my credit reports I have yet to recieve anything this person ask for my ss number which I gave her even though I didn't think it was a good idea to do so she said she had to have it!

    I went on line and the only way I can get reports is to give my credit card number no way this is suppose to be free for two years which I think is very unfair it should be for the rest of my life.

    The person who stole my ID can use it forever or wait two years and than start I have to worry about this for ever. I go to bed thinking about this and get up thinking about it.

    I have a friend who the same thing happen to with countrywide and she is dying with cancer now she has this to worry about.

    We need more compensation that two free years if infact we ever get this.

    I will have to get on the phone again and be put on hold and try to get someting done all over again . Something must be done other than what you are doing!

  • Th
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    Countrywide Home Loans - Fraud and cheating
    Countrywide Home Loans
    PO Box 5170
    Simi Valley
    United States
    Phone: 800-653-6185

    My husband & I bought our home in 2005, right at the Real Estate's all time high. This was are first home together, and the foundation of which we would build our family. (We have 3 biological and 2 foster children)

    When Countrywide financed our home they set us up on a 'NEG-AM' loan, which you pay a minimum monthly payment and the Negative balance goes on the back end of your loan. They assured us that we would be able to refinance our loan in 6 months and get a 30 yr fixed. However, this was not the case. After six months we tried to re-fi. Our home already had depreciated 15, 000. We decided that since we could afford to make our minimum payments that we would continue on, in hopes that the housing market would go back up. HAHA... IT only got worse.

    In July of 2008, after never missing a payment, I contacted Countrywide to ask about a loan modification. They asked questions and we began the process. They said they would call us in 3 to 5 working days with an answer. That never happened. I called back about a week later and spoke to someone in India. I explained the situation and they said they never received any information about the first call I had made. Once again We started the process again. I called back about a week after faxing all documents to them and The representative told me that they could not help us because we had never missed a payment. She also stated that we do not make enough money to afford our home.

    In October 2008, I received a fedex letter from Countrywide. This was the answer to my Prayers. SO I THOUGHT. I opened the docs and read very carefully. It was an interest modification until 2015. My new rate was now to be 4.25% instead of 6.25. This would bandaid the problem temporarily. Here is the catch- it states ' Please be advised that your monthly payment WILL increase significantly when the interest-only term expires and you are required to make principal and interest payments for the remaining term of the loan.' This is known as a 'SHOCK' loan.

    At the end of October, I sent Countrywide another HARDSHIP letter along with financial statements, certified mail. I told them in my letter that I appreciated their offer, however in no shape or form would that help us. Once again, I am fighting the fight and not giving in. I followed up on that and guess what? We don't qualify. How is that so? They said they already gave us help, which we denied the offer. At this point, I had intentionally missed 3 months payments, assuming this was the only way they would help. They also advised my husband not pay our credit card companies.

    Febuary 2009 rolls around and Countrywide Collections calls for the mortgage payment. We explain the situation to the lady and she asked if we want to try again? OK, sure-why not! I get all the info together once more and fax it to the Home Retention Department. I called back about 4 days later and The lady says they never received the fax. She assured me that she would note my file that I would re-fax the paper work (so they don't close the case) and gave me by the end of the working day to do so. So I did. I felt HOPEFUL with the BAILOUT President Obama had just passed.

    On March 17, 2009 the Home Retention Department called my husband. The Man he spoke with told him that we do not qualify and there was nothing more they could do for us. They referred us to the HUD counseling agency.

    I am dumbfounded by what Countrywide is doing to millions of Americans. They tell us that they can not help us because we have not missed payments, so we do (which severely damaged My credit- now cant get a loan even if I tried) and then they Turn us down. They constantly play mind games with you. Nobody at Countrywide has a clue about what the hell they're doing. They are a cold & deceptive Company and they should be done away with forever. I feel like anyone who is in the same predicament as Myself, should join forces to take these ### down. They Are a Company that destroys families and they should be punished!!! PLEASE HELP WITH THE FIGHT!

  • Co
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    The exact same thing has happened to my husband and I. Now I can't refinace with anyone because they told me to miss payments then declined me for a modification They suggested a refi except now I can't refi because I have missed payments.

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