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Countrywide Home Loan - Bank Of America / fraud and misrepresentation, abuse of customers

1 191 1st StreetTempleton, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8052960660

I am writing to make a complaint against Countrywide Home Loans, and the Bank of America, its owner. Countrywide is using a number of ploys to delay and avoid helping people in regard to the implementing the recently-announced federal program to assist its customers that need help.
Immediately on the announcement of this plan, I went to the Countrywide website which instructed me to collect and fax a list of information, which I did. That was in mid-March. I called a few days later to confirm that they had received my information. They confirmed its receipt, but when I asked about this new program, the Countrywide agent told me the only program they have to assist homeowners is for people with loans through Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, which my loan is not. I told them that they were mistaken, there are two programs that were simultaneously announced, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, which is the program for Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae borrowers, and the Home Affordable Modification Program, which is for other borrowers. They told me that I was wrong. There is only one program, and they had no program to help me. When I tried to convince them that they were incorrect and giving their customers the wrong information, they hung up on me.
I have called them at least once a week since then, and have made no progress whatsoever—not only in regard to getting a modification, but even in getting someone who will rationally talk to me about doing so. All they do is demand immediate payment, which, of course, is impossible. If I had the money to made the payments, I would certainly do so and wouldn’t be calling them asking for assistance.
Last week when I called, after having been told the same story that there is no program available to help me, I requested to speak to a supervisor. After explaining this whole situation to her, I asked her to validate their receipt of my information. She said, yes, it was received on March 19th but no action has been taken on it. I asked why not. She had no answer, but just said no action had been taken. “It hasn’t been submitted yet.” I asked her to please submit it—I thought I was submitting it when I followed the instructions to collect and fax the information. She said she would request that it be submitted.
Today (April 21), I called, and got a different story. Yes, they have got my information, but there was no indication of its having been submitted. No, they don’t have a program available to help me. Regarding the federal program announced last month, they told me that the government hasn’t released the information to them to implement any such program. They told me to wait until mid-May when they might be able to start the program. Finally, they told me to call HUD. That was it. They have done nothing else to aid me in gaining the assistance that I desperately need.
I went to the United States Treasury website, and found the “Summary of Guidelines” document, which is dated March 4, 2009. In specific regard to the Home Affordable Modification Program, this guideline document states, “With the information now available, servicers can begin immediately to modify eligible mortgages under the modification program so that at-risk borrowers can better afford their payments.” (This text is boldfaced in the document.)
Thus, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, mortgage loan servicers could immediately be implementing modification program as of March 4, 2009. However, according to Countrywide, they have not received the guidelines to implement any such program, are not offering any program currently, and don’t know when they might be able to implement such a program. They told me to check back in mid-May. The approach that Countrywide-Bank of America, in regard to me and my case, has been to lie to me, mislead me, and postpone undertaking positive action until I am so far behind that nothing can save me.
In my most recent call (week of May 11-15), the response of Countrywide-Bank of America now is to tell the customer to wait. The telephone representative (you have to speak to a different one each time you call) said that Countrywide was determining who qualified for the program (although they are still steadfastly refusing to admit the existence of the non-Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac “Home Affordable Modification Program”), and that they will mail out notifications to those who qualify. Their advice to me was, “Wait to see if you get a notification letter.” To the question, “How long might that take? How long will I have to wait?” There is no answer. “Just wait to see if you get a letter.” This is very like their advice to homeowners when they embark on the Countrywide internal modification program: “Don’t make any payments while this process is underway.” What they don’t tell you is that the process can take as much as three or four months—time enough without making payments (as you are advised) to become significantly behind in mortgage payments and past the 3-month threshold for qualification for foreclosure. Thus, the obvious plan by Countrywide-Bank of America is to cause the homeowner to fall so far behind in their payments as to make the situation insolvable—government plan or no government plan.
If the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, Senators and Representatives believe that this program they have originated is helping anyone out there who is a customer of Countrywide-Bank of America, they are sadly mistaken. These, hopefully, well-intentioned public officials are living in a dream world if they think that by placing the administration of this program in the hands of the very lenders who created the problem in the first place something significant is going to be done to help endangered homeowners, they are willingly fooling themselves. They have put the fox in charge of the chickens, and the chickens are disappearing, one by one. I wonder why?
The Bank of America, during the first tranche of the infamous $700 billion "bailout plan, " got $20 billion, which they apparently invested in their buyout of Merrill Lynch and bonuses for Merrill executives. Now, when not only have they received significant federal government money, supposedly to assist them in freeing up the credit markets, and now have available an additional federal program to assist needy homeowners, they are refusing to do so. I have talked to a few other people that I know how are also having financial problems and mortgages with Countrywide, and they are also getting nothing but refusals and postponements. It is impossible to find someone to rationally discuss one's financial problems with at Countrywide as they refuse to do so. Their response is nothing but to insist on immediately bringing accounts up to date or paying off the loan. There is a serious abrogation of responsibility involved here by a company that has taken federal money but refuses to assist taxpayers who are their customers. I have read that the CEO of Bank of America has now admitted that he is sorry that his firm took the money--probably most of all because, subsequently, he has come to realize that responsibility would be expected of them in return, and that they would be expected to do something for their customers. The Bank of America-Countrywide should be prosecuted for taking money under false pretenses.
I am seeking information from you regarding Countrywide. I would like to contact other Countrywide customers who have been having similar problems to get them to join with me in contacting our members of Congress, the President, and Secretary of the Treasury, to inform them of Countrywide-Bank of America's abuses of the use of federal funds, the public trust, and their customers.

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  • Cw
      22nd of May, 2009
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    We are in the same boat. You might also want to share your story/complaint with the Center for Responsible Lending They are looking for experiences like ours.

    Our frustration is so bad, we started a Twitter page
    We also have a blog with a list of all the government offices we're written to. Our blog also has updates as we receive responses from those offices.

    Really! We need to let everyone know that Couuntrywide (BofA Home Loans) are STEALING our taxpayer monies!

  • Ne
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    Countrywide/ Bank of America are accepting way too much applications... more than they can chew. They are making way too many mistakes even on document loans, appraisals (took forever to come in for inspection) incomplete and missing requirements for our loans.

    They get annoyed when you correct the obvious errors created by them. Hey, we are paying for all the fees: from application: appraisal: they're own bank attorneys and many more... What's up with that?????? So much for reforming America's financial mess, it's getting worst. Empty Promises as usual.

  • Ev
      29th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    @New York 10163 Eva; I was also affected with this nonsense, and hurt, this has and still is a mess for my husband and I we don't know what to do, countrywide and BOA are companies that work together, I just find this out today, BOA told me that Countrywide was gone out of business and they could only work with me with what the got from Countrywide. I paid Kel attorney to help me I was not late with my payments and didn't need to refinance didn't need any extra money. they wanted me to refinance and told them I didn't want to but they kept calling and over and over, I heard about escrowing taxes and insurance with my house payment and I asked countrywide about it during one of the calls that was made to me and she said she could do it. she did the paper work through fax and I didn't like my balance on my house was over $20, 000. and I told her know that was to high and she said ok but started calling again and she told me the reason my bal. was higher was my insurance and taxes was added to it and I agreed with her but it was all a lie and a trick to mess up my loan. and it been getting worst every year. when I got my house it was only $150, 000.00. I been here from October 2004 till now and I am so hurt my balance is now over $217, 000.00 with these lower payment that i never need. why do people do each other so bad. am praying to God that all our situations by justified.

  • Pa
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    We are in a modification trial period with BOA/Countrywide. A check from our bank was directly mailed to BOA on the 1st of May for their receipt by May 11th, as per BOA/Countrywide Trial Modification Papers we received in late April 2009. Well, on the 14th of May 2009, becoming concerned about this payments and not seeing it posted to our checking account, I called BOA/Countrywide Home Retention Dept. to find out WHY this 1st trial payment was not cashed yet. A cust. svce. rep checked and came back on the phone and said that it must have been lost in the mail. There was no record with the payment processing dept. of ever receiving. Give it a day or 2 and call back. On May 19th, I called again. Same response. Not received. I am told to put a stop pmt. on the check sent directly from our account. I did. Our bank graciously waived the fee for this service because they have a compassionate and understanding way of doing business. I was them told I could do a check by phone, at a cost of $9.00, and that it would be applied immediately. This should take care of the payment. I can relax. Not the case. The amount of the check was incorrect. BY .30 cents. modification pmt. amt. forus is $962.92, the check was entered as $962.62, thirty cents off.. can you believe it!! But...they CASHED the $9.00 fee the next day! We were told because the Making Home Affordable Program is VERY STRICT. The payment MUST be for the specified amount or it VOIDS the trial period. Ok, so with that, we were told that since this ck. by phone was done wrong, (date entry mix-up) that ck. # 298 would not be cashed, the $9.00 fee be be refunded and they "Coded" our account so pmt. processing would NOT process this ck. by phone by accident. This was late Friday afternoon, NO way to withdraw the cash from our checking account and Memorial Day on Monday, we anxioxusly waited over the 3 day weekend to get his taken care of. We want to keep our home. Getting BOA thier payments is very important to us. Now I am panicking. We owe over $12, 000 in back pmts. and I'm thinking they will now cancel this trial period and begin foreclosing. then we were instructed on how to send a Western Union Quick Collect payment to BOA. So on Wednesday, May 27th, we did just that. Withdrew the cash plus a $13.00 fee to Western Union, and sent the money immediately. Now for the kicker...BOA/COUNTRYWIDE HAS PRESENTED THIS CK. BY PHONE TO OUR BANK FOR PAYMENT TWICE IN 4 DAYS...OUR MORTGAGE ACCOUNT HAS NUMEROUS NOTES AND CODES INSTRUCTING PAYMENT PROCESSING NOT TO CASH THIS CK. IN QUESTION. NOW WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF $100.00 BY BOA. Can these people be trusted? I don't think so. Like all others on this site, I have run into the very same customer service problems. What is the deal here? This problem is so emotionally draining sometime I wonder if it is really worth it. Are they doing this to us deliberately? Trying to make us back off and stop fighting for our home? Please, these issues need to be fixed. This is insane.

  • Li
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    Similar experience.

    Since March I tried to get a loan modification from Countrywide-BOA. Two months ago I enlisted the capable help of a government loan counselor. They charged me nothing and their job is to work with the lender for modification to avoid foreclosure.

    The counselor verified I meet ALL requirements for the modification - including income reduction leading to hardship and my loan is Freddie Mac. The counselor spent many hours on the phone with BOA - no result. They will do nothing to modify my loan. They will not consider a modification until I am in default.

  • Ce
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    My wife and I currently live in AZ and were looking in to a modification on our loan.
    Countrywide/BofA doesn't want to help anyone who is more the 10% negative in equity
    on their homes. I read an article about a guy here who was just around 10% negative equity
    and they barely passed his modification, he also had to come up with like $9, 000 to get his
    modification done. The government doesn't want to help, neither do the banks. We are headed
    to foreclosure, but I really don't give a ****. They have ruined our credit as we are now more than
    8 months behind because they couldn't do anything to help us. Now looking into bankruptcy,
    but not until those ***** take it in the ***.

  • Ki
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    I have a situation also with Country-Bank of America. I was not behind on any payments and in November 2008 was on the phone with a representative from Countrywide and they suggested I do a Loan Modification and it would lower my payments so I thought well what could it hurt to have lower payments so I agreed. They had me fax some information in and it took about 3 months before I received any paperwork from them concerning the Loan Modification. I was also instructed NOT to make any payments during this Loan Modification process or it would delay the entire process. I called at least twice a week to be sure I was to NOT make any payments and each time spoke with a different representative and was told NOT to make payments as it would only delay the process. Finally toward the end of March, 2009 I received the final papers for the modification and I signed them and returned them in the Federal Express Envelope they enclosed. My first payment was to begin April 1, 2009 with my payment reduced from $808 to $649 a month. I also subscribe to Equifax and TransUnion Credit Monitoring online and checked them about that time only to find out that now my loan was showing 30 days late for Nov, 08, 60 days late for Dec. 08, 90 days late for Jan. 09 and 120 days late for Feb. 09. Then March 09 was showing current. Hmmm I was thinking why would they be showing late when I was doing what I was told to do by the Mortgage Company. I have been calling Countrywide-Bank of America since March 2009 and keep getting different answers like no we would never tell you that and one Representative told me she would have it corrected on my credit reports. This has been an ongoing nightmare not to mention that the new payment of $649 is an interest only payment so it does not reduce the principle. I am going to file a lawsuit against them and also report to Attorney General and Secretary of State Banking and Finance Dept. They have now ruined my mortgage credit history as I had no late payments until I did the Modification. It is a joke but I am not giving up!!!

  • Jo
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    This is a big problem, I have been lied to, cheated, screwed with and in the system for over 7mo. Now I find out that they have lost my file and are trying to blame the law firm I have hired to take care of this for us... 2nd time. This is now the 3rd. time B of A has stalled us.

    I'm not going to let this happen and let B of A geat away with this so I have started a class action file with our law firm. We are sueing for damages, stress, and all we can get from these ###.
    If anyone wishes to join in on this we ask you to do so right now as numbers talk...please send your story and contact info to me and I will make sure your case is part of our action.

    Send to I'm going to do all I can to make this public, TV, Radio, News etc. lets get together and keep our homes and stop B of A from doing this. We also take care of my 87yo mother inlaw, B of A took her home in 90 days.

    This is your this AMERICA or not?

    Mike & Linda

    represented by the Lucas Law firm

  • Da
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I contacted B of A about the making homes affordable refinancing and loan modification programs, after meeting all the requirements on the Government program site where it referred me to my lender.

    B of A said I did not qualify when I called, but would not say why, even though my situation was eligible from what I head read ???

    I can't help but think they don't want to implement the program and wish I knew of a more formal complaint procedure.

  • Pa
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I am getting the same exact run around that all of you are from Countrywide-bank of america. I just called tonight and they told me that I do not qualify for any modification again because last year I got one but they upped my payment instead of lowering it and completely over extended me! Now I cannot make my payments and I don't qualify for the home affordable refinancing loan so they say but that I may qualify for some home retention thing.In the meantime, as I submit all my hardship information etc. they tell me not to make payments and now i am about 20k behind!! if anyone, out there, can help me or wants to get together and try to get some help, please, please contact me @ you so much! I desperate, I don't want to lose my home!

  • Cu
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    In May I contacted Countrywide/BofA about helping us with deferring a payment. That is all we needed was a deferrment of one payment. I was told that at the time they didn't have anything like that available but that I did qualify for their HASP program. I was told to fax in documents and somebody would be getting back in touch with me.
    After a month I heard nothing from them so I called on June 12th to check the status I was told at that time they never received anything. I once again faxed all the information they requested the first time along with my letter detailing our hardship. As of today, June 23rd, I had not heard anything from them so I called. I was told that there was nothing they could do for us. All I asked for was one payment to be skipped because we are trying to get our finances straight. I just recently went back to work after being off for a year and a half. She once again said there was nothing they can do but this time the excuse was because this was an FHA loan. She then told me that she could transfer me to that dept. What she actually did was transfer me right back to the main switchboard which ultimately led me back to the exact same department. I told the guy who answered this time I was trying to reach the FHA dept and was told he would try to transfer me again. After this I was hung up on.

  • Jo
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    Well, I guess I feels some comfort knowing I am not the only one dealing with this nonsense at Countrywide/Bank of America. I have lost all trust in that whole organization to tell the truth and do the right thing.

    I have made numerous phone calls, have actually lost count at this point. Each and every time I was told something different than before - from I don't qualify to Phase 2 must be implemented for those with PMI (there is no Phase 2) to someone will contact me to a process is taking place to isolate those loans who qualify for help to they don't have to participate - oh, should I go on?

    At this point, I have faxed a letter of hardship, paystubs, and a signed form for them to get tax returns. I was told to call back in 7 days. I did, and was told the review process could take 90 to 120 days. Now, mind you, I started calling in November, 2008! If this program is going to work, someone is going to have to enforce it and oversee it.

    This company should be called on the carpet for it's treatment of their customers and SOON!

  • Da
      1st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am a homeowner in Polk County, Florida who, like so many others here in our area, is in danger of losing my home. My husband was laid off February 13th, 2009, and as a result, our household income has significantly decreased. I started calling my lender, Countrywide Home Mortgage that same day to see if I would qualify for President Obama's "Making Home Affordable Plan". I have since talked to many, many representatives at Countrywide, all of which have told me repeatedly that they would let me know something in 2-4 weeks. They told me in March that they didn't have the specifics on the plan, and that their computer systems were not yet set up to refinance homes under Obama's new plan. I have called every 1-2 weeks since February, stressing to them each time that I really needed to get help soon, since my savings would only get me through a few months of making my $2700.00 a month mortgage payment. I currently have a 15 year loan term and just need to refinance (loan modification) to a 30 year term to get my payment lowered during this financial crisis. **I do have a Fannie Mae loan—so I do qualify for the Making Home Affordable Plan**

    In April I could not make the payment and called, once again to see if I was eligible for the plan, only to be told that they would let me know in 2-4 weeks. They did ask for their payment and told me that they would not accept a partial payment. They stated that if I couldn't pay the entire amount that they wouldn't accept anything else. So, by the end of April, they were (and are) calling for their money. The last week of April, I spoke with a representative from Countrywide that had called to ask for a payment and I told him that I found it funny that when they wanted their payment, they were so quick in calling, but when I call for help in refinancing my mortgage I have been put off for almost 3 months. The rep told me that he would be happy to take my information at that time and that he would be able to tell me that day if I qualified. I had already been told that I did not qualify for traditional refinancing because due to the current housing market, my home was valued at $42, 000 less than what I owe. He took the info during a 47 minute phone call and then placed me on hold for 5 minutes.
    When he came back on the line he told me that he would let me know something in 2-4 weeks. I could barely contain myself at that point. I reiterated with him that he had just told me that he said he could tell me if I qualify that day. He apologized and said "sorry, it will be 2-4 weeks". I then asked to be transferred to the refinance department, shared the entire story with another man who seemed genuinely concerned and said that he would try to help me. He took the same information that the other gentleman had just taken and told me that he wasn't suppose to tell me this...but, since I had PMI (Private Mortgage
    Insurance) attached to my home loan, I would not qualify for the Making Home Affordable plan until Phase 2 or 3 of the plan. I asked him to explain and he told me that the plan was rolling out in 3 phases. He stated that we are only in Phase 1 now and that he would expect it to last at least 1 year. He said that since my home loan is guaranteed with PMI, that the lenders know that they will get their money if the homeowner defaults so I would be in the last group of people the lenders will make an effort to help. He told me that he wasn't suppose to tell me this, but he felt that I was a good client and that he could see that I had never paid late and thought I really needed to know since I was depleting my savings. He said that they would most likely keep telling me that they would let me know when I qualified and would tell me it would be another 4 weeks or so (which is exactly what they have done since February) and that they would try to keep me paying until Phase 3, when they would help me. He said that he wasn't saying that I wouldn't eventually qualify, just that my loan, guaranteed with PMI would most likely not be refinanced for approximately another 1 1/2 to 2 years. I couldn't believe it! Finally...someone was wiling to tell me the truth. I keep thinking about his words, "I'm not supposed to tell you this...but". What is going on here? Is this legal? Am I being discriminated against because I HAD to purchase PMI as a condition of my loan, and now it is being used to disqualify me from the help that I need because if I default on my loan before they want to help me, they will get paid for the house and the house to boot?

    The last week of May, I once again spoke with a Countrywide rep who told me that I only have 2 options at this point, list my home as a short sale or sign the house over to the “deed in lieu of foreclosure”. I almost laughed! I calmly explained to him that I was only 2 months behind on payments and was more than willing to catch them up if the company was willing to help me. He told me that that was not going to happen and these were my only options. I politely told him that neither of those options would work for me, and that I would not do a short sale, so they could sell my home for much less than its value and then submit a claim on my PMI to re-coup the remainder of my loan, nor would I be signing the house over to them to save them from filing a foreclosure on me and saving them that money. I would not be doing them any favors….as they have surely not done me any.

    I have called the 1-888-995- HOPE line for help as well, and they have never heard of this either. They are tried to get someone at Countrywide to talk to them about it and have told me that they would let me know, but as of July 1st, Countrywide / BOA has not responded. I have contacted my Congressman, Adam Putnam who is going to contact the Office of Thrift Supervision (your office) on my behalf; I have filed complaints with HUD, The Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Finance, all of my state Senators, state Congressmen, all of my state Representatives and various other government organizations. I remain hopeful that Congressman Putnam or one of the various agencies that I have contacted will be able to help soon.

    Until then, I sit here, not knowing how much longer I will be a homeowner and what will happen next. I am not paying my house payment, which goes against everything I truly believe in, but I can't bring myself to pay it either, knowing that when I am totally broke by June that they will have gotten paid for my house when I have defaulted and will have my home. Why would people like me continue to pay, knowing the day will come when you can no longer pay and the lender will have taken what little money you had left, still won't refinance the home and will take the home as well.

    If you know anything about this...if this is legal...of if this is in the Making Home Affordable Plan (since I have read it and have not seen anything about PMI or rolling it out in 3 Phases, please help me ...if you can. I know I am not the only one...but it really matters to me and my family
    **Also, if anyone is filing a class action lawsuit against BOA/Countrywide, please let me know.


    Dana Hall

  • Ko
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    We have a loan with BOA/Countrywide. We were affected by Hurricane Ike last year in October where we had to leave town, plus pay for gas, hotel, food, etc. We called them to ask for a forbearance (which at the time we thought they would forgive this payment and tack onto the end) on our loan. We spoke to someone and they took our information to go for review. Well review stated that that we only qualified for a deferment and we had 3 months to catch up on our house note with no late fees. Well needless to say, we live paycheck to paycheck that won’t work for us. So we did what we could and made a payment plus a little extra and at the end of the three months we still weren’t caught up. We called back and asked for assistance on this. They took all of information such as our monthly bill payments, medical bills, etc and then told us we had too much outgoing versus incoming so we didn’t qualify and to call back when your status changes (making more money). So we just continued to make payments. We now have hired a lawyer and paying them to fight for us on a home loan modification. BOA/Countrywide called me every day while we were making payments and harassing us on when we would pay them back and now that we have stopped paying to be able to pay a lawyer, they have yet to call. I am so frustrated because we are messing up our credit because the bank isn’t willing to work with us concerning our loan.

  • Ks
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Katherine Wells
    Carson City, Nv 89706

    JULY 2, 2009

    My story is the same as all of the others already posted comments. As, I have been unemployed since February 2008. I have had the time to stay glued to the news channels. So I started my process 15 days after Paulson made the announcement there where other programs that would help many home owners and encourage the banking industry to do so, which was Dec 16, 2008.

    With no clear dialog with a representive (that has a job) it is impossible to make any progress. I am more than willing to pay my debt. I just feel that some how we the people need to once again take lessons from history. I am feeling that it is going to take all of us to take to the streets and nicely demand that oversight of the human beings that think of only themselves to stop and think about what they have done to profits by being so Greedy and uncaring about others. Big companies have to have a product to sell and service to stay in business. However, the management just doesn't get if there are no small people buying their product and service, they will not have any wages or the big bonus. They will be living in the streets also.

    Like many of you others I took the advice of these Greedy individuals and used the equity in my home. I also had faith and hope when I used a link on The CNN home web page and was once again taken big time. Now, I am trying to dispute this with my credit card company. Once again, greed and dishonestly is still the big business. I know in my heart I would get the maximum pentaly and go to jail if I did these things. I will say that my trust, faith and hope are now very guarded.

    Oh, by the way, the company that I wish to add to this complaint is HOPE NOW MODIFICATIONS, LLC. 200 LAKE DRIVE EAST, SUITE 200, CHERRY HILL, NJ 08002

  • Nm
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    Bank of America is clearly stalling and feeding all of us the same 'just wait' line. Although the topic is grim and fairly horrific, it is fairly consistent with our situation as well. Essentially, after a death in the family we were slightly behind and faxed letters for arrangements to Countrywide. We were financially able to make 1.5 payments per month but Countrywide wouldn't allow us to. So we stopped making payments but kept trying to make arrangements. Finally they put our house in foreclosure and we kept telling them we could make payments or were happy with a modification but they wouldn't allow it. Finally, after jumping through all the faxing hoops they said, we qualify, not for a modification, but rather we qualified for a review which would take 45-90 days. We're still in this period now, but they had our house up for sale next week so we had to file bankruptcy to stop that. Today I called yet again to find out about the status and was put through to the Loan Admin Bankruptcy department. I waited about nine minutes on the phone only to be fully disconnected. Nice.

    I will go back again next week and start fighting this again, but I'm very concerned that there is a massive scam going on here because they are holding our notes and not giving us a voice. My house has gone down considerably in value and I'm not even asking them to adjust that. I simply want to get on a regular plan to pay my mortgage and they are being fully uncommunicative with me every time I call. Very much the same sort of text I've seen in all of these. I am filing a complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General, but I'm starting to think we need to write to the US Attorney General en masse. Bank of America used to be a company that was productive for Americans, now it is just another multi-nationally owned soulless entity that is far too large for proper consumer protection.

    My husband says that I shouldn't take this personally because they are fully incompetent, and I guess I don't, but at the same time, if this bohemoth is being wholly irresponsible in its business relationship with individual homeowners who require their cooperation they need to be held to account. American consumers, many like me who didn't have a choice to deal with them because they just bought the loan from my local originator, deserve better and faster professional service than this, especially with this nationwide economic crises.

  • Su
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Write a letter to "CountryWide" Chris Dodd. He is in bed with them so maybe he can slip in a little pillow talk on your behalf.

  • Nm
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    The HOPE hotline is the biggest scam because it provides the most "hope" for families in bad situations and the hard-hit families fall for it. People who call are trusting that these guys are there to help. However, the telephone agents (from the US, or India, or Mexico) are simply trained to have the 'upper hand' attitude always asking you to reflect upon your financial problems and they always speak of the invisible "Investor". I asked who my investor was and they wouldn't tell me. So effectively, I have a mortgage which I want to save, that I can afford, with someone whom I never contracted and distinctly distrust because of prior business w/BofA and I'm legally obligated to keep calling and begging for an arrangement that they keep avoiding in childish and ridiculous ways. Screw that. BofA is stupid if they don't come to an agreement with me because they will lose so much more. And I suspect this is the case with many families, only BofA does not have the talent on board to see the good opportunities from the bad.

  • Bo
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Due to the current recession, my income has been reduced by 65% and I had been supplementing it with savings for approximately 2 years. The savings ran out and I called Countrywide, now B0fA in regards to the Home Affordability Loan Modification Plan. I was informed by Countrywide and again by BofA that I would need to be delinquent in my mortgage to qualify...up until this point I was not. Since then I have gotten the biggest run around BofA denying the advice to become delinquent, then saying I qualify, calls from call centers and workers who very obviously have no authority or knowledge concerning the Home Affordability plan, request for partial payments with no specific amount and refusal by Bof A to put ANYTHING in writing either via fax, email or postal service mail. The point being it is not the plan that is flawed, but the attitude and poor decision making at the top levels of B of A. They seemed unconcerned that they will lose far more financially through foreclosing, the cost of missed payments, the legal costs of foreclosure and ultimately in the majority of situations the lessened values of the properties when/if sold following the foreclosure process. This company in it's actions or more accurately lack of action will decimate neighborhoods across the nation, lowering values and desirability and ruining lives. Keep fighting, but make alternate plans for your own salvation. What can we do? Can we try writing our congress persons, senators, the treasury department asking for oversight and solutions, boycott Bof A by canceling credit cards and bank accounts at Bof A and ask our friends and relatives to do the same, organize protests outside their offices, start a petition to be sent to our representatives and ask for a moratorium on foreclosures until an investigation into their practices is complete ???? Remember, BofA has already accepted the funding for this program and signed a commitment to participate...there appears to be no participation and what might BofA be doing with the money?

  • Td
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    I just spoke to 4 different people at BOA and got 4 different stories of where my modification is at and where the paperwork is. What is wrong with this company and why isn't the savior Obama doing anything about monitoring this to actually save the homeowners that qualify! I am so F-ing frustrated!!!

  • Ve
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    I need anyone in NC to contact me...we need to united to get our stories to our State Senators.
    Please contact me and we will get a petition signed and then we can show, United we Stand .
    You that they only listen to #'s. These stories are toooooooooooo much alike. Therefore, we know they are playing a game. So lets beat them at this. We are strong in #'s.

    Please email me at Put Countrywide /Bank of America in subject. And maybe we can even get on the Glen Beck show.

    Silence is NOT golden.

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