Countrywide CleanersDamaged clothing

I brought 5 articles of clothing to Countrywide Cleaners for dry cleaning services. When dropping them off, I verified that all articles of clothing were being Dry Cleaned only. One of the articles of clothing was a merino wool sweater, which shrinks unless its dry cleaned.

After picking up my clothes on the following day, I noticed that two of my pieces were damaged. The metal designer tag on my polo was nearly ripped off of the shirt) and a large yellow stain appeared on the shirt. My merino wool sweater was shrunk to nearly half its original size. I verified with another dry cleaning company and the manufacturer of the sweater that proper dry cleaning would not shrink this article of clothing.

I was told that the manager of this location would call me the next business day(monday), but that did not happen. The business does not return/answer my phone calls either.

After further investigation, Ive learned this business receives an F rating from the better business bureau.

Apr 21, 2014

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