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Complaints & Reviews

bank that robs people

I recently ran across a class action that customers can get back $78.00 from bank of america for overdraft fees (smartmoney.com is site to claim that money back) to me thats sincerely unfair when they stole over $4000.00 from me in overdraft fees with overdraft protection on both the checking and savings account that linked them together not to mention I had more money going in than I had coming out. (direct deposit of pay).

One of the saddest part of this story is that the BANK MANAGER in Rincon Georgia was the one that opened my accounts.

I know if your reading this your probably asking how, the problem I had was I worked 15 plus hours a day in retail management being a single mom with three kids to support I was busy even if I did manage to get a few hours off work.

I knew I had plenty of money in my accounts never suspecting there was a problem. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE not to mention an extremely costly one!!

I got off work decided to take the kids out to dinner we went to our favorite restaurant order and ate it up I give her my bank card to pay low and behold I'm declined not only was that humiliating but I knew it couldn't be possible whatsoever. To make matters worse we have to sit there impatient and degraded while a friend of mine comes to pay for our meal. Of course my kids are young with no understanding their complaining about being broke of course loud enough for others to overhear. Me well I just wanted someone(s) head on a platter!!!

The minute I get home I signed onto my bank of america account. Omg my night has went from the worst to terrifying it showed I was hundreds in the hole and they were receiving my paycheck at mid-night to STEAL even more. I went back on my account before getting so heated about their overdraft fees to which I had overdraft protection (remember set up by the rincon bank of america manager herself!!)..

I went straight to the bank the next morning waiting on them to open the doors and let me in I met with the bank of america manager herself told her we had a serious problem she reviews it looks across me at the desk and says 'well I can't do anything about it, you should have been keeping better track of your money! Its too late.' (yet to me I believed I was paying them to protect my money not STEAL from a single mother of three) I almost beat her and at this time it was a rough estimate of $1700.00 because the computer only went back so far.

Low and behold I had to pay to get the paper records I closed the account took out the few dollars I had left and waited for the paper records to arrive via mail. At the time I didn't trust any bank to hold my money because of what bank of america done to me after years of having my money. And NEVER during those years that they had my money DID I EVER not have money to cover what I was spending.

Even though the accounts were linked the checking was staying negative while my savings was being STOLEN to cover fees I never should have had to pay to begin with. When I finally received the papers I went through them to discover it was over $4000.00!!!

I went straight back to the bank still was denied. Called the corporate offices and the only message I ever get is someone will contact you that call NEVER comes.

Something seriously needs to be done against bank of america I CAN NOT afford to be taken for that amount of money it is all me and my kids have I do not get welfare or child support. I worked damn hard for that money and never once suspected that they were crooks..

Needless to say I had to have a bank account because of what bank of america did it put us in a huge financial state I needed faster access to my paycheck. So I go to a different bank (of course) to open an account only to find out that bank of america put me in a record to deny other banks to do business with me. All to cover up what they stole from me they've now taken to making me look bad.

To top it all off they had the audacity to send me a bill saying I owe them even more money my god over $4000.00 wasn't enough for them!! I sincerely can't believe this happened but if your thinking about opening a bank of America account please think twice unless you have excess thousands to throw away (if thats the case drive down the road and toss it out the window at least then you'll know how much your giving away and not having stolen from you.)

If you currently have an account with them I urge you to track every penny!!!

If anyone that has had success in gaining their money back from them please respond here me and my kids can't afford this..Please help desperate!!!

And if by chance corporate people from bank of America read this I sincerely hope you have a heart and look into what you have done wrong if not well what goes around comes around and you will have to answer for it on judgment day!!!

If anyone knows of legal action it would be greatly appreciated!!!


Also I would like to thank [redacted] for their site I recently ran across it when I was checking into another business and I think it is terrific that you can go to one place to state what you know about a company. I was actually going to invest in a company until I seen those reports, your site saved me from making a big mistake. Believe me when I say BANK OF AMERICA WAS ENOUGH!!!

checking account diductions


Recently I was going through my checking account deductions and I came accross a few transactions like below.

CHECKCARD 0217 PAY-GMVBILL.COM [protected] 74282649050000000042173

I really dont have any clue about this and I need my money back. Please help me in finding out this fraud.


refinance/stimulus 2009

Countrywide is the worst financial institution in the United States. It is not surprising they have been a part of scandal. Countrywide is the Mortgage Company I pay, and can you believe that I spoke to 4 different people and got 4 different responses. I called inquiring about a lower interest rate and/or a program I may qualify to lower my 7.9% interest rate on my $127, 000 home loan that is now valued at $100, 000 dollars. I hadn't missed a payment and wanted to know would I be eligible for a lower interest rate. The first person was very encouraging told me to wait a few weeks when more information was available; she told me someone would call me. She gave me a reference number and all. However, no one got in touch with me after 2 weeks so I called them back. The next person sounded like a broken recording. She kept repeating the same old thing to me after asking her different questions about how I would qualify for a lower interest rate. (The same questions the first representative so eagerly responded to). Needless to say, she ended up telling me I don’t qualify for anything because my investor was not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. She told me that I would have to apply and qualify for a regular refinance option that would increase my already over priced home. The 3rd person told me that I needed to be delinquent before I could qualify for the new government programs. Yes! She told me I paid my mortgage on time; I don’t qualify for lower interest rates. What a first pay on time and be penalized? I was amazed that she said it out her mouth, not surprised though, Countrywide again are like robot recorders, I'm sure someone said that to her and like a recording she repeated it. However, I spoke with a manager "Mark" told me he’s going to get right on my case. Said someone would call me first thing in the morning. Found out two days later he lied! Lied about his name, no Mark work there and obviously I never got a call. I called back again. This time it started all over again I would have to apply for and qualify for a regular refinancing costing me 4 to 5 thousand more dollars onto my already over priced house! The housing market may be bad, but Countrywide’s customer service is 100 times worst! My neighbor is using Wells Fargo and she’s not only had a much better response she got a lower interest rate!

  • Th
    thick Mar 31, 2009

    I'm in the same boat - read this post!


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Fraud and scam

Last September of 2008 i applied for a refinance of my home after putting improvements to the tune of over $ 45, 000. New roof, siding, all windows, landscaping, interior renovations many things. Thing new company not country wide. Calls me and informs me that i need to stop making house payments as the loan is approved and will go through.. So i do this the the day my payment is due they call me and say make the payment because so delays came up so my wife gets online and makes the payment on a friday afternoon. Countrywide does not post it until the following monday making it show as late payment!!!

New finance company calls several days later to close the loan and we all get on the phone in a conference call myself, countrywide and new finance company.. Countrywide says i have two late payments on record and new company says that is one too many so the whole thing is canceled and i am left out in the cold..

This would have reduced my payments by over $450.00 a month and taken this insane mortgage insurance off the loan also you know the one that i have to pay the premium costs but countrywide gets the money payoff from if i default on the loan and im left without a house even though im paying the insurance policy!!

Racketeering is what that crap used to be called now its perfectly legal !!!

So im stuck with an $1800.00 a month payment and my income has been reduced to 2500.00 and below. my employer has laid me off for the winter and my wife is ill and cannot work i have a mentally handicapped son and debt coming out of my ears with no end in site and everywhere i turn all i get is sorry and it could be worse... Well so much for the government bail out !!! what a ripoff joke our government is !!! and that is the popular opinion of the masses!!!

poor customer service

Bank of america - cambrian branch

Today I went to b of a cambrian branch, san jose, ca, to get travelers checks I need for my vacation.

I stood in two lines only to be told the bank did not have travelers checks except for 1k amount.???

The rest were on route???

This is very poor service.

  • Da
    dawn Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an experience today at Bank of America that I will never forget. The embarrassment and humiliation is completely uncalled for! I DO NOT hold an account with Bank of America so I suck it up and pay their 6.00 fee for cashing my payroll check. When I arrived there was 1 person in line. I, on the other hand had to stand in a different line for non account holders. Well, let me tell you, I was in line for 15 minutes. As people were coming in and out of the bank I just stood there like a dummy. At least thats how I felt. They refused to wait on me. I finally piped up and asked if there was anyone there to assist non account holders. They never even looked at me. Just completely ignored me. A woman from the back came out and stated that their account holders come first and I will not be waited on until the bank is cleared. As people keep walking in. I mean, honestly, have you ever been in a bank that was empty. Heres the kicker...they then asked me if I wanted to open an account. Are you kidding me? You just treated me as if I was the lowest ### on the face of the earth and you ask me if I want an account? Why on earth would anybody want to open an account after being treated like that is beyond me. I will be letting my boss know about their behavior and demand that he close his accounts. I am sure he would not like his employees treated this way by his own bank.

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  • An
    anonymous Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    omg! i totally understand you. Bank of America is the worst. I have 2 children under 2. I went to the drive thru window to cash my payroll check which is drawn from BOA. I figure drive the xtra mile so i dont have to lug 2 kids int he rain, rather then goin to my regualr check casher. I was told that i would have to go into the bank. I explained i have 2 kids and its pouring outside, she didnt care much. I know its not the teller's fault. But she did have the nerve to ask if i wanted to open an account also. UNREAL. I hope that god awful place goes under. How do u expect to pull customers with awful customer service.? I have told everyone i know about my experience with them, and most have had similar issues, a few deal with them or shall i say dealt with them as a bank but no longer do, due to unusally high fee's and aggrivation.

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  • Ju
    Julie F. Aug 26, 2009

    Bank of America's lending practices have become ridiculous. Not only do they not return phone calls or emails, they have no respect for closing dates and have caused me to lose my deposit of $12, 000.00 but not closing according to the real estate contract. They were rude and I will never, ever, ever do business with them again.

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  • To
    Tommie1 Nov 05, 2009

    I have a home loan with Countrywide, who have now consolidated with Bank of America. Bank of America has absolutely the worst Customer Service that I have seen in my lifetime. (and I have seen some bad service.) I took TWO days before someone at Bank of America gave me the right phone number just to get a simple question answered about my home loan insurance. I was transfered soo many times and I was repeatedly given the wrong numbers to the area that I needed. I don't know how that they stay in business with that kind of awful service. If anybody is looking to get a home loan, I will advise you not to go through Bank of America. You will be sorry. They want you to make your payments every month on time, but when you need them, you will get nothing but the run around!

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  • Go
    goan not loan Nov 05, 2009

    Bank of America is not professional about handling their "making home affordable plan", I have applied twice and no answer. I may be on the streets if I don't come up with 9000.00. I am a disabled veteran and this is the thanks I get for serving my country.

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  • Ns
    Nsbrown76 May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am canceling my mortgage application with BOA. I am bewildered. I am not sure who to blame for the lack of response and communication concerning this loan. I went with BOA because I expected great communication and service. Before I applied, I ask Colleen Mitchell (loan officer) a question...Will my loan be approved and ready for closing by 5/14/10. This was in February. She said that it would not be a problem.

    A week and some days had gone by and there was no response. I called and left messages. No response until the end of that week. She says that she needs the contract before she can start on anything, even though I had sent my information to her. Why did she not tell my Realtor and I this? My Realtor sent her the information. Guess what? My information is still not submitted/inputted into the system. Finally Sheila Melendez (her assistant) did it. Thank God for that.

    I am still calling and emailing Colleen only to find out through another person that she no longer works for BOA. There goes another week. After a while I was contacted by Zoila with information that I needed to send/fax. I did just that by the end of the day (I thought). If I forgot to send something or I forgot to sign a letter, just pick up the phone and tell me or send an email saying...Hey, I got the letter but it is not signed. That is simple.

    I feel as if I am so alone on this deal. I am trying to make it work but I am in a tunnel listening to my echo. I know that they are busy and have other loans to process. I know that my loan is not much money ($19, 200) at all compared to other home loans. I know that some things are probably out of their hands. But communicate with me. If I send an email, it is OK and your responsibility to respond or get someone to do so.

    I have been down this road before with the other closing that I completely gave up on that took 5 months to close. I can not go through this again. I thought that by coming to BOA their processes would be more efficient and the communication would be better. I have been a customer with them since 1999 and I will say that I am saddened at the way this has turned out.

    I have given the documents that you requested "online" quickly and orderly. I know that most people do not do what I have done. Does BOA realize that the news has published that you are the worst bank in the country for customer service? You had an opportunity to prove them wrong...with me. Do not think that this is easy for me.

    I am loosing $1340 of my hard earned money. You have taken $535 for an appraisal and $35 for a credit report from me (upfront). I had to pay $300 for a survey and my $500 earnest money is gone also. That hurts.

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  • Ni
    nitro169 Oct 12, 2010

    I wanted to contact BOA in reference to a loan this morning at 8AM.

    After waiting on hold and being transferred several times I was redirected to a different phone number where they would be able to help me.

    8:50 I called the new number and waited on hold for only 10 minutes but then was quickly dismissed to an entirely different phone number where they assured me they would be able to help me now.

    915 After a short hold I was greeted by a friendly BOA employee who was quite frustrated and said "I don't know why they gave you this number" and I finally was given the correct number

    9:00 I called the number and was told by the recording they would assist me as soon as possible. I waited and about 15 minutes later the music went away, I just sat there for 2 minutes, then I started saying "HELLO" a couple of clicks and I get this young girl barley able to speak she is laughing so hard, I explain why I'm calling and she promptly transfers me to customer service. 9:20 A gentleman in customer service allows me to explain my loan request and then says "Here, Let me give you this number” I am getting upset now! I let him know how upsetting this has been and how unprofessional the gal was who transferred me to him, he apologized and said this number he is giving me is the correct number, this will go directly to the loan officers that will help me. I say thank you and apologize for venting on him.

    9:45 I call the new number directly the loan officers and I am immediately put on hold, "please stay on the line, we will return to assist you as soon as possible” It changes back and forth between "please stay on the line, we will return to assist you momentarily"

    It is currently 11:30 and I am still WAITING!!! The music and recordings continue...

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I have been faced with financial hardship and fell behind on my house payments. On January 1, 2009 I received a certified letter from Countrywide stating that they understood that I was going through a difficult time and with the HOPE team they were going to refinance my home, making me current on my back payments as well as lower my monthly payment from 1580 to 1240. The letter stated that I needed to have it signed and notarized and to return it in the pre certified envelope enclosed by Jan 27, 2009. Effective Feb 1, 2009 I would restart on a clean slate. I did as instructed. Sent the letter of on Jan 15, 2009. Feb 11, 2009 I was informed that my home was going into foreclosure. When I spoke with the representative at countrywide I was told that they never received my signed letter. The envelope that was provided only had one address on it in the sender section and the return to sender section which was COUNTRYWIDE. So how in the world did that letter just disappear? I informed the representative that the letter was returned. She informed me that because they have no record of it I no longer qualified for the HOPE team modification. HOW CONVIENENT! So now, they are not willing to work with me at all. They want me to pay back all the late payments at once. 6500.00 or my house will go into foreclosure. I asked them to help me. I was instructed to get a second job to make my payments.

Fraud and scam

I have been in a workout status off and on since Nov.2008. I first contacted Country Wide In Sept and again in Oct. 2008 to let them know it was looking like I wasn't going to be able to make my payment. They advised me then that for any kind of modification you needed to be at least 90days behind. I called again in Nov.2008 and learned about the Renention Program and entered a work out status.

I faxed everything I was asked, pay stubs, hardship letter and was told I would know something in Dec.2008 well on the 17th of Dec. I got a voicemail left on my phone from Country Wide wanting to know if I had received a fed ex package and please return their call right away. Well I called repeatedly and spoke with several different people and no one had a clue about what I was talking about!!!

So on Jan.22 2009 I was told I was never entered into a workout program and because I had already had a modification that fixed my ARM from 10% and climbing even higher back down to a 8.9% for the five years. That I might not qualify and they would have to start back all over and refer me back to the department so once again I entered another workout status faxed another hardship letter and 2months worth of stubs!!!

On Feb.9th 2009 I found out my debt to ratio was to high and didn't qualify HELLO IS THIS NOT WHY I'M CALLING TRYING TO GET SOME HELP SO I DON'T LOSE MY HOME!!! I thought this program was designed to help homeowners struggling to make ends meet? Well after talking to several different people again because you never get the same person or the same answers. I explained to this man who was actually very kind and listened and didn't give me the run around!

I told him I was trying to save my home and would do what I had to do but couldn't afford the arrears now since they had advise me not to make any payments and that because of my work slowing down I was in a situation where it was hard to even pay the simplist bills and I had gave my truck back so I no longer had that payment, I budgeted my grocery bill, spoke with credit counseling service and that I'd even be willing to rent a room out in my home for $100.00 weekly.

So with all that being down and I rented the room out I enter another work out status, faxed more pay stubs, hardship letter, room rental agreement. I received a phone call that another hardship letter was needed so right away I faxed it and asked then if anything else was needed and was told no they had everything else on file. Well the next week I was working outta cellular range and didn't get any of my calls not to mention I was suppose to find out that same week if I was accepted or not so 2 days before I got a voicemail from Country Wide well that evening when I called it was too late they canceled my workout because they said they never received my financial information.

I was furious!! I was told though that there was a note left on my account that it could be reopened because they only made two attempts to contact me and oh and by the way they never once tried my wife's phone which was on file as well. So I was told to call back the next day well the first person I talked to told me she couldn't touch my account for 2weeks!

So I hung up called right back got someone else and he said he took all the codes off my account and that he would note everything but it would take at least 24hrs for the codes to come off and call back the next day. Well I did only to learn that now because I chose to rent the 3rd room out in my home to help with my debt that now my debt to ratio was positive and they felt that I could afford my mortgage and did not qualify for a modification and I could go on a repayment plan well when asking what my payments would be I found out I didn't qualify for this either because it brought my payments up to 300.00 extra a month because they could only spread it out on a 6-9month period and I was only positive by 100.00 a month.

I asked what I was suppose to do and she told me to just start making my payments again and when I asked about foreclosing on my home if I started back making my payments on time now that I had the income from the 3rd bedroom I was told that foreclosure procedures could still take place. I was very upset and didn't under stand how my case could change like that over a 2week period I had just applied for the workout case and now I don't qualify and they only made 2 attempts to contact me and never tried a 2nd number that I had on file in case they were unable to reach me I asked to speak with a supervisor and had to wait about 15mins for one to be found and then all she did was basically go over what was already told to me and when I asked about spreading the repayment plan longer she told me it could only be done for 6months and placed me on hold for other 40 mins

so finally getting fed up I hung up after waiting that length of time called back again after about an hour talked to someone else who has now referred me to the HOPE Department and now I am once again faxing pay stubs, hardship letters, room rental agreement, I really feel I am getting riped off they don't care about my hardship or helping me stay in my home I have never dealt with such a ridiculous company and I have a second mortgage through another company which I have talked to the same 2 people about my account and they have worked with me every step of the way I only wish they were my first mortgage as well thank God country wide sold my account to them now only if they would sell my first!!!

I have a feeling how this workout status is going to end as well but I am going to start making payments so that I don't fall farther behind and Pray for a positive outcome I'm not going to let them take my home when they advised me in the beginning to default on my mortgage and now by the way I was told they don't advise you now to default that there helping people before they become late!!! HA HA what a joke why weren't they doing this 7-8 months ago?

  • Ja
    Jacky Feb 05, 2009

    Well this started about a year ago. Called up country wide to get help like it had said on the news!!! Looked hopeful but it was not. Just a lot of running around and a lot of lies.

    They had told us YES we can help fax all paper work. So we did like they said. We were asking to modify our home loan. YES we can do it!!! - we heard it a lot. This loan is going to be dueable. Right up to the last weeks of our foreclosure they (countrywide) asked us to fax over more paperwork so we did.

    One lady calls my husband and tells him they never received the paper work so if you want to keep your house you better send $8, 000 plus dollars to us by Friday (this phone call took place on Tuesday). Also the last couple of months we wanted to send payment and they said wait till we get the loan modified.

    To me and my family we feel we got riped off. Because of the size of the home they wanted it. Also we tried to sell this home in September 2007 and because the builder did not fix the beam in the garage and there was defects in the home and mold (brand new home). We could not sell it.

    Since than we have moved 3 times because of all the foreclosures. Owners are just letting their homes go. I am tired really tired. Is this the American dream because it is falling apart.

    I would like to know how can lenders live with themselves being greedy and lieing all the time even some of the builders that did a lousy job on building homes. I would like to know if there is a class action suit going on.!!

    Like the saying says GOD BLESS AMERICA through all this. We all need it!!

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  • Jo
    jon myner Feb 22, 2009


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unannounced cancelleation of credit cards

Americans with excellent payment histories are haivng their Bank of America credit cards that are iassued by FIA Card Services cancelled unannounced. One victim of this abuse has begun a national petition to begin a national class action upon Bank of America, ken Lewis, CEO, FIA Card Services and their agents. DJ Donnelly, had a Visa card from BOA with an excellent payment histiry for over one year, in Feb of 2009 BOA and FIA Card Services cancelled the card unnanounced which trying to make a purchase. Donnelly reveiced a bogus letter explaining why they closed the account which was not only fraudulent but very deceptive. Donnelly is spear heading a national class action to help other vicitms of this abuse that ruins your credit by hainv, "Closed by Credit Grantor". with no late payments, never over the limit, no cash advance abuse, this abuse is being done to excellent paying customers. To join the petition go to:


We need to change the "America" in Bank of America to Bank of Abuse...

loan consultant

They have some REALLY great folks at CW and some REALLY bad ones! There seems to be no in between. All I can say is I sure hope they really ARE monitoring the calls because the woman I spoke with tonight misinterpreted everything I said, acted like I'm trying to get out of payment, and then refused to identify herself.
I've already paid this month, on time and IN FULL, as I have every month for the last six years. However, since losing my job I just wanted to see if I could have the insurance and taxes taken off the monthly payments and put on yearly instead. That's all...That's hardly the same as saying I don't want to pay. The "loan consultant" said I couldn't just "avoid paying til the house sells", ...hunh?? My house isn't even for sale.

She was SO rude that, when I asked for her name, she refused to give it, so she KNEW she was being rude, and wasn't listening well. I asked again for her name and she refused again, then she transferred me back to cust. svc., which was closed.
Not exactly the "world class" svc. they advertise on their site.

terrible bank

I recently received a letter from Bank of America stating that my previous credit limit on my business Visa...

fraud/overdraft protection

I have had an account with bank of america since 2005. I had gone on a trip to disneyland and charged it to my card. For 5 days after I checked my account to see if it had gone through and it had not. I went ahead and charged my card 4 times and checked my online banking at 5pm and the transaction still had not posted I then checked at 10pm and still no sign of the disneyland post. I then the next day used my card again for 5 more transactions and got declined for the last one. I went into the bank and was told I would have 3 overdrafts because of the disneyland transaction that had gone through the day before. I asked how that could be when I did infact check my account at 10 pm after the cloes of the days trasaction.(Their cut off is 8pm any given day except sundays will post on monday.) She told me the charges would be reversed since I am a valued customer but it would have to be done the next day since it had not shown up on my account yet and I should deposit the money for the items still peding to cover those. I did.

I then checked my account the next day and found the overdrafts went through first before any transactions and it caused 6 more overdrafts as a result. I called BofA and talked to a customer service reps who sounded more like he should be on the street dealing drugs than talking to customers, slang and all. I asked to talk to his manager and was transfered to a guy who told me i had a spending problem and its not their fault they are not the ones who charge and charge with no regard and he had already spoken to his associate and its not their error. I brought up the fact that no transactions will be posted untill the next day per their policy if it posts after 8pm that day and I had looked at my account at 10 pm and it was not there and I was told I was a valued customer and these charges would be reversed. He said there was nothing he would do to help me and again I "Have a spending problem." I asked to talk to his manager and he placed me on hold and transfered me to a full mailbox which leads me to believe he was not a manager at all.
I wrote to the complaints department and to the customer service and was given a generated email that probibly goes out to everyone.

Thank you for your inquiry dated 3/12/09 regarding Customer Service. We
will be happy to assist you.

While we regret to hear of the experience you have described with Bank
of America, we are glad that you have brought this to our attention. Our
commitment is to provide the highest level of service possible. These
standards demand that we treat you and your requests with understanding,
integrity and respect.

You are an important customer to us and we look forward to your
continued relationship with Bank of America. You can be assured that we
will make every effort to avoid a similar situation going forward.

Our records indicate that several transactions were presented against
insufficient funds in your account on 3/10/09 and 3/11/09; thus, causing
an overdraft in your account. Overdraft fees were assessed based on this

To avoid these fees in the future, please review the account records to
ensure that sufficient funds are available prior to issuing a check,
negotiating purchases, or any other transaction that will be processed
against the available balance. This includes ensuring that all deposited
items, whether direct deposit, transfers, or personal checks have been
posted to the account and are reflected in the available balance, and
that there are enough funds to cover outstanding checks.

We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. If we may be of
further assistance, please contact us again by e-mail. Thank you for
choosing Bank of America.


Doris P*****
Bank of America

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Message text: This banking institution has really given itself a bad
name with me. I have banked with you since 2005 and I will never bank
with you again or pay all these overdrafts you have posted to my
account. I had checked my account as of the 9th of March and I didn’t
see the Disneyland charge post to my account. I therefore did not
deposit additional money as I thought I was good with the money I had in
there to cover my charges. I then found out the next day that after 10
pm the Disneyland charge had gone through and made 3 overdraft charges
to the smaller amounts that had already been pending to my account. I
deposited money to cover the additional charges not including the
overdrafts because I was told by a branch banker that those charges
would be removed as a one time grace. I then called and was told no that
the charges would not be reversed and I would get 6 more on top of that
because I made charges to the account. So a total of 9 $35.00 charges
for one thing t!
hat did not show on the online banking that I checked and was not there
the night before.
As I understood your policy to be that all charges before 8 pm would be
reflected that day and all charges after 8 pm on that day would be
posted the following day I figured checking it at 10pm and it was not
reflected so it would not be posted until the next day so I could
therefore make a deposit the next day.
I think what you are doing is fraud. I understand I should have money in
my account to cover charges but When that account was checked on and I
was told the next day the charges would be reversed if I called the two
things that should be upheld should be in fact upheld.

Also I did call on the 11th when the charges posted and there was some
gangster sounding guy that was a manager that was to transfer me to his
manager and gave me a voicemail that was full I think the guy did this
because he was not a real manager. He didnt care what I had to say he
told me these charges where my own fault and I should not spend so
careless and so much. I told him I was not being careless I was checking
my account to make sure everything was in fact okay because my husband
was sick and I had to attend to two kids.
I thought this bank cared and I loved banking here until now. I never
thought I would have a bunch of rude unprofessional customer service


So she needless to say never answered my questions and didnt read my email since it had nothing to do with transactions that posted on the 9th. She talked about the transactions that had gone through on the 1oth and 11th that where a domino effect since the one on the 9th went through past 10pm.

These people do not even play by their own rules! Frauds!

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    FactJack Mar 16, 2009

    I'm constantly amazed at the fact that you went and spent all that money and didn't think, "hmm... maybe it's in my PENDING TRANSACTIONS part of my online banking." or maybe you forgot to ask yourself, "Hmm... maybe they'll put it through tomorrow." But no... you said, "Hey, it's not on there, let me go spend some more money." First, items NEVER immediately post to any bank's accounts unless they're done at the bank; 3rd party merchants never go through immediately - they go into your pending items. Secondly, you do have a spending problem if you've maxed out your card in one day because who goes off and puts a vacation on their card and then forgets about it when they go to spend another thousand dollars or whatever?!? Come on, if you don't have the money, don't spend it. Finally, you can't hold the bank accountable for not giving you every refund you want back. In order for the world's financial system to NOT collapse, banks have to turn a profit - get over that fact now. The bank didn't turn it's back, you did when you decided to go out and blow out an entire credit card.

    You should always read your disclosures when you open new accounts. You should also not spend more than you have - it's called debt and that's how America got so screwed up in the first place. Finally, look CLOSER in your online banking - never take it at face value. No, I don't work for BofA but it's the same at any bank.

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  • Ri
    River Willow Aug 08, 2009

    Ive had similar occurances like this happen (without the trip to Disney Land). Ive had the worst time banking at this establishment and plan to go elsewhere as of tomorrow morning. I havent been able to keep my account in the positive no matter what I do or how closely I watch my account online. Its as though they always find ways to make sure Im overdrawn somehow. This payday is by $330 dollars but its been as much as $500. I very rarely get to keep even half my paychecks. Ive always thought its my fault because Im not good with money but lately Ive been being extra careful with my spending and they still wind up shafting me by several hundred dollars. Im also noticing they have been "rearranging" my account in whatever way benefits them. For instance I had 3 small transactions using my bank card that had all cleared according to the online banking. But then a $77 check came in a couple days later and I went to look online at my account to find that suddenly things were switched. Those 3 checks were no longer cleared. They put the $77 dollar check through first which ate up all $68 I had left in the account, THEN ran my other 3 transactions through and took 4 OD fees rather than the 1 they would have originally taken. I plan to go in to talk to them about this tomorrow morning but Im sure they will come up with some sort of justification for it and then send me on my way just like always. This time Im not coming back though.

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I received checks from this company stating an interest rate of 1.9% if I did a balance transfer or used the...

money stealing company

I have had a Bank of America Checking and Savings account for well over 15 years now. Why I have stuck with them so long is beyond me--maybe I'm just afraid to change everything over. Through the years, they have soaked me with overdraft fees probably well into the thousands. I always just thought I deserved the charges and figured that I was just a 'bad girl' who didn't know how to manage her money. Now that I am older and much wiser, I am realizing that I was not a 'bad girl' but that I was a VICTIM.

I was most recently violated by Bank of America when my income tax refund was direct deposited into my account. Upon receipt of the money, I paid off many bills to try to get ahead as well to get out of debt. This seemed to be to no avail because it all ended up costing me $520 in Bank of America overdraft and returned check fees! The first issue I faced was after a busy morning online and over the phone paying bills. After making about 15-20 transactions, I realized that my telephone payment to my oil company was declined! I panicked! Why would it be??? I had LOTs of money available in my account a few hours earlier. So, I immediately called Bank of America and after a long runaround, was connected with their fraud department. They themselves had FROZEN my account and weren't letting any transactions go through! How crazy! If there was a problem with my account I would have called them and told them so. After I had proved that I was who I said I was and that I was the one making all of the transactions they unfroze my account. So then I had to embarrassingly backtrack and notify those whom I had done business with earlier that morning and explain what had happened. What a morning!!

Then to make matters worse, just this past week, one of the transactions I forgot to record and it triggered an 'avalanche' of overdraft and returned check fees! I ended up incurring $520 in fees (12 in all at $35 a shot!) The bank refused to do anything about them. Generally, when I have a transaction go through that ends up putting me in the 'red', the bank will cover it and just slap me with a $35 fee and then I deposit the money and there's no embarrassment on my end. This time, they decided to play dirty and they not only charged me $35 when two items posted, but then had the gaul to slap me with another $35 when they returned them as unpaid! This sent me into a panic. Sadly to admit, one of the checks was to my church to pay for my daughter's choir robe!! If ever I wished that they had covered a check--it was that one. It was a very expensive banking week for me--GRAND TOTAL WEEK ENDING 2/27=$520 + EMBARRASSMENT

Wait--that's not the end of my soap opera with Bank of America. Just today, I had a local Kmart store call me, no not once, but three times regarding a check that I had mailed them to pay on a layaway for a new microwave which I desperately need. They attempted to process my $40 check and it was regected by Certegy Check Services. (another embarrassment) Therefore, today my evening was spent (all 3 hours of it) on the telephone. I called Bank of America SIX times, Certegy THREE, Early Warning Services TWO, Spoke with Kmart FOUR, Telecheck TWO, and Check Systems TWO more times to no avail. Finally I came to the conclusion that I'm better off getting out of the entire crazy system and going back to the 'good old days' of using CASH and MONEY ORDERS. Considering all of the embarrassment, harassment, stress, and MONEY--it is NOT worth the aggravation!

My husband has been after me for years, to get rid of them as my bank and I've always resisted. But guess what--I've finally had the last straw!! Let them report me to Certegy, EWS and all of the other acronyms--frankly I don't care. I don't need them and I refuse to be a host to their leech-sucking money grubbing frenzy any longer! If more and more American citizens get fed up with the 'system' and just stop patronizing it then they'll no longer be a system as we know it. I'm an American, but I DON'T need Bank of America--they give America a bad name.

  • Do
    don'ttredonme Mar 12, 2009

    Rat ###!!

    Try craigslist for new microwave. Should be much cheaper than kmart.

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    sandmanrash Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had a checking account and a credit card with boa i move from charlotte nc to omaha ne my little brother helped me pay off my credit card he made a money transfer from his checking acount to my credit card account for the amount of $2904, 96 witch was the full pay off the account showed a zero ballance i had $2.31 jeft in my checking account i wrote a check for that amount when both accounts showed a ZERO balance i called boa and closed then about 4 days later i got a letter saying i had a $100.00 over draft and a $35.00 overdraft charge to my checking account then i seen i had a $100.00 dollor credit to my credit card but both accounts were closed out with a zero balance so i called the bank ther told me it was the credit cards department problem so the sent me to them when i told the credit card about it they said the bank messed up and transferd me back but this time i was on hold for 35 min so i hung up and then called back the next person i talke to i told then they should just but there manager on the phone her name was Fredricia Bynum she was able to get make scense of it all and said she straighted it all out that was on monday it is now friday and i just got a letter from the credit card department showing the $2904.96 pay off then a zero balance then it showes a $100.00 credit to the credit account then it showes a $100.oo adjustment to the accout and now they are saying i owe them $1.50 for a fee for the money being transfer in and out of that account that was CLOSED Bank of america all i can tell you is you have not hurd the last of me all you do is take advantage of the hard working people that try and pay there bills just remember we are not the ones that took a multey billion doller bale out a fue years ago you guys are nothing but a bunch of theaving crooks and every one of you should be locked up in jail for steeling from us

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    JENNY DIAZ Nov 18, 2011

    Bank of America is stealing money from me!! I am constantly paying them overdraft fees out of money I dont have!! I just had a baby and I am not working right now and cancelled anything that was automatically billed to my account! However every time I check my account I seem to always be in the whole 80.00 or more! I feel like Im on a hamster wheel just trying to pay Bank of America off and Im left with no money to even feed myself and my child!! I cant even afford to pay my full rent because Bank of America takes all my money!! BANK OF AMERICA IS A BUNCH OF THEIVES!!!

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I just noticed that BOA Billpay sends out payments in 3 ways: 1. electronically, 2. by "regular" check, and 3. with a laser draft check. These payment types are random even when sending out payments to the same companies on a monthly basis. They say it's to stop fraud...

Here's the problem... the first two are deducted out of your account on the date of the scheduled payment. As it should be. The third magical laser draft check is not deducted until the company actually tries to cash the check.

So now everytime I want to pay a bill I have to go check the billpay payments for what has been "sent" and go back to the account to see if it was actually taken out.

This is friggin' ridiculous!!! That's not how you balance a checkbook!! A real world example is that I have 2500 in my checking account. A payment was scheduled for 1300 today. My stupid checking account still shows 2500 and will show that until the receiving company decides to cash the check!
WTF!!?? The only reason to do this is so that customers will overdraw on their accounts and BOA will collect lots of extra overdraft fees!

There is no logical explanation as to why they don't take the money out of the account as they should on the scheduled payment date like they do with electronic payments and regular checks. Hell.. if I knew which payments were laser checks, it would at least make things easier on me to balance my own account, but no... it's "random" so I have to balance my account every time I want to send a payment!!! WT[censored]

  • Bo
    Bound by agreement Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just sepnt 3 hours on the phone with BOFA about this exact problem...after 4 reps and 2 managers i the bill pay division, i finaly got someone to crack

    "sir, i dont know why your checks changed from draft to corporate"

    for a year i sent checks to my landlord using billpay, and today, of all days, it was sent as corporate...and it caused several checks to bounce as a result

    tier 1 and 2 reps are taught to blame you for not having funds at the time of delivery, regardless of a prior history of every check being sent as draft. they put the onus on us for not reading (or comprehending) the agreement

    as i told "lee" before i hung up...i base my timeline for "when checks will clear" on my existing timeline history with BOFA...if i send out a check to the same place, and every time i have 7 biz days between mail, delivery, and deposit...and suddenly that window is gone...im screwed

    bounced my cobra check today, lost insurance because of this...tho its is legally my fault, i made it abundantly clear the system is entirely flawed, and we need to be informed before submitting a payment whether it will be draft or corporate

    deaf ears i assume

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    Bound by agreement Jul 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Heres a lovely, thought out, and personal message from BOFA regarding their billpay policies:

    Dear XXXXX

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your payment to XXXXXX. We appreciate the opportunity to service your banking needs.

    You are entitled to receive a copy of any document that we relied upon during our investigation and/or processing of your request. To request documents, you can e-mail us anytime and we will send the appropriate documents by U.S. mail.

    Thank you for choosing Bank of America. For further assistance, please contact us by e-mail or phone, 800.933.6262, Online Banking Bill Pay.

    What documentation, and what investigation? I've heard of better customer service in Thailands street markets.

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mortgage/escrow woes

This company lost payments, increased payments, took double payments from our personal account, put an unauthorized escrow on our account which included taxes, insurance and water and sewer. There was no need because we were never late on any of them. Then continuously applied payments to the escrow instead of to the balance due, put negatives on my credit report claiming that we were late after they applied it elswhere. After I reported them to the BBB they responded to me by trying to charge me $40 for a payment over the phone. This is a company that is very slimy in how they deal with there customers because according to an Attorney I spoke to, it is legal, Slimy but legal

Fraud /Misleading

Due to some past credit issues I was told that I probably couldn't re-finance my existing higher percentage rate mortgage. County wide calls and states that they can get me a lower rate. After months of jumping through hoops with employment verification and credit check and appraisal fees, I receive notification that I had been declined due to past credit issues.

Steer clear

check reorder

I have been a customer of Bank of america for many years, as has my husband.
I have my own checking account, plus a joint checking account with my husband.
We are Advantage customers with BOA.
We are never supposed to be charged for our checks, as we are Advantage, and keep a sufficient balance in our accounts.
However, when I tried to order my checks, online, as usual, I was going to be charged $30!
They tried this once before, and I was assured it would not happen again.
this time no matter who I spoke to by phone, I got not satisfaction, just a run around, and the so called "specialists", were not even in this country. At thqt point I hung up very, very angry.
I went to my local bank brancgh, and got so satisfaction from a teller, so I spoke to one of the so-called "speialists" at a desk, and finally after much time and aggravation, got my check order for free, as I am always supposed to do.
No wonder this bank is in such difficulty, they treat good customers like dirt!

fraudulent company

I just realized today that I have not received a bill from Countrywide in the past two months. I immediately...

increased finance charges

Received letter stating the Bank of America was doubling my interest rate. Never been late on a payment. Always paid at least double what they required as a minimum payment. Have complained to them several times since I received letter...one explanation was I had not paid my balance down to at least half of what I owed, although that was never told to me. Another explanation was my debt to income ration, however, I have never missed a payment and always doubled what they asked for. Said they could not review or reconsider my request for a lower interest rate for 6 months.

I hope we are charging them extremely high interest on the bailout money our government has given them!!!

Will never use Bank of America Visa card again EVER!

  • Do
    dolore Mar 04, 2009

    I receive change of acccount notification; my finance charge were going increase to 26.99%, i needed to respond by a May 30, to reject the increase. If I did not accept the changes I my account would be closed and I would pay the account off at the current amount. I recently received an increase in my finance charge of 27%. I have spoke to approximately 3o individual trying to get this corrected. The most recent individual informed me that I had not been late on this account account so the reviewed my account and that is why there was an increase. I explained the account I had closed the account over a year and a half prior, so why were they revisiting my account? She said the account was never closed. I sent the letter certified mail for proof. I did not trust them from previous tactics. She(Michelle) informs me that she has to re-review my account to help me. I explained, I did not want her to run my credit, she stated as long as I had there credit card she had that right. I explained that I did not have their credit card I closed the account and I had not used that card since '07, when I declined the increase. I ask her why is she taking me through all of this and when I am sure there are multiple notes on the account regarding this. She stated she understands I have spoken to numerous people but she is the one to resolve my issue. She said she will close the account per customers request. She would have the account finance charge dropped to 10%. I received a letter today, Stating could not assist me due to serious delinquency, high unpaid revolving debt to high. (not true). The account was closed because I have sufficient debt considering my income as per my discussion with the credit analyst. All of this is fabrication.

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  • Do
    don'ttredonme Mar 12, 2009

    My interest rates on all my cards have shot up. I always pay in full every month, so it doesn't matter too much for me, but from what I see, they don't even need an excuse... they do whatever they want, whenever they want, as often as they want.

    They won't be paying us interest on those billions we gave them. They probably won't even pay it back at all.

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  • Si
    sivam1 Nov 12, 2009

    I am charged 125% more finance charge than the previous month, even though my payment was scheduled on time and got credited before the due date. No clue, what is going on with them, I never use this BoA credit card anymore.

    Legal robbery thieves - BOA.

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misleading consumers

In october 2008 my husband and I contacted countrywide to obtain help with our home mortgage loan as I had lost my job and recently had a baby and we were finding it very difficult to make our mortgage payment. We were told by the extremely rude representative that as our account was current there was nothing they could do to help and to call in next month when we had a payment due. We called back in november and a representative took all our financial info and told us that we are spending over our income therefore there was nothing they could do and we had to cut our expenditure in order for countrywide to help us. My husband and I payed off some of our credit debt, sold our car etc to obtain help. We called back in december and january 2009 to get help, again rude representative told us there was nothing that can be done as we are current and there is no payment due on the account. I called back late february as finances were becoming tight and we used the very little savings we had to make mortgage payments. Again we were told by an extremely rude representative to call back when we had a payment due on the account.
I called back on march 3rd and was told by a supervisor that all the previous representatives that we had spoken with had been misleading us and there is nothing they can do until the new bill passed by obama is in effect and yet even after the bill goes into effect there may be nothing they can do to help us.
We have been sacrificing our health. We do not have health insurance, we do not have enough money to buy food or diapers for our baby and we don't have a car to travel with. We listened to countrywide and they did nothing but mislead us to poverty and now we have nothing!

  • Di
    disaster 2006 Jul 29, 2009

    My husband & I have a very very similar story. My husband (the sole income earner) lost his job last year, I had a baby just the previous year & we also were struggling w/payments. I called CW several consecutive months prior to my husband losing his job to see if they could "help" us in anyway and was told they could do nothing because we were current on our loan and they only had programs if we were in default. Each month was the same story. When our mortgage went inevitable delinquent I called back to see if NOW they could help us and their story changed again! I was also told to wait for the new bills & programs and applied and tried to apply for several and never qualify for some reason or another. We were told we could do a short sale, put it on the market, but was told it really wasnt in short sale status until we received an offer therefore it could go to foreclosure at anytime. Guess what...now they put it in foreclosure. After us trying to do the right thing and consult w/CW from the beginning, we have been driven to the conclusion that we could of just lived in the house for the past year, not paying the mortgage, saving the $$ & catching ourselves up. Instead we listened to CW and got screwed. Shame on CW and everyone who is employed with them and participates in misleading and straight out lies to customers.

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