Costco Wholesale Corporation / warehouse kahului 96732, could not pay with credit / debit card, system down?

Went shopping at local Costco warehouse at Kahului 96732 tonight and could not pay for my purchase with an approved debit card / credit card. Only forms of payment being accepted was cash / check. No signs were shown at entrance or at register area. I found out before clerk was going to scan my items. The register clerk explained that their system is down and could not process any other payments and only could accept cash / check. The atm in the store must have had over 20 people inline retrieving cash to complete their purchases. I have spent over an hour of shopping in store. There should have been some type of signage / message over PA system to indicate a problem with their payment processing system. I was very upset at how the situation was handled. Any information would have been better than finding out when I am ready to pay for my items. I have been a customer at this Costco since 12/2001.

Nov 17, 2017

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