Costco Wholesale Corporation / unethical behavior

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op#78 name: Taylor b.

When checking out at the Costco Aurora store. #439 1471 s. Havana co. 80012
Taylor B. and Dianne Both of them could not have been more ruder to myself and my children. They clearly do not like or want their jobs. I did talk to a manager who was very nice to use. However, this is why I drive 45 mins out of our way to go to the parker store. I would have gone to the Parker store today if it was not for my car having issues. From here on out I will go to Kings if I can't go to the Parker store. I will never go to the store in Aurora again. It's just to worth the pain of ppl like Taylor B. and Dianne. My children do not need to see that kind of behavior. They are so unprofessional, they seemed like everything they had to do was with disgust. Are they overworked? Underpaid? What could cuz someone else to treat customers is such a disrespectful way in front of children? After someone else came up to us to help us bc Taylor B walked away after yelling and being very inappropriate Dianna clearly felt bad for her behavior. She seemed to know she had instigated Taylor's behavior like they were feeding off of each other.

Mar 28, 2017

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