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Claim number: #[protected]-GD-01 -Wheel damage claim

On 11/8/17, I took my car to the Costco Tire Center at Southlake, TX to replace all 4 tires; which were ordered a few days earlier at the same Tire Center. The work was done within the promised time, approx. 1hr 15mins. However, upon inspection the Tire Center damaged 3 out of 4 chrome rims; flaking off their chrome coating.

I filed a claim and communicated with Costco's claim dept; emailing many pictures that show different sections of the rims damaged. After some days, the Costco rep called back essentially saying that the chrome peeling is due to "manufacturing defects" and since all chrome eventually peel off over time, Costco will not pay for the damages caused.

For argument's sake, assuming their claim that all chrome eventually peel off, they still should NOT peel off in the matter of a mere TWO HOURS, which was the duration they had my car.

I provided many pictures for the claims personnel (I have her name but this may not be the proper forum to post it); including pics that show the difference between curb rashes which I caused over time driving the car, versus peeling-type damages caused by the Tire Shop's negligence. Yet she refused to admit responsibility.

I look to this Complaint Board to make things right. As I told the Costco claim personnel, I will not stick Costco with damages I caused (i.e. curb rashes), but simply look to Costco to make whole the damages it caused (flaking off chrome finishes).

You have my claim number and hence your Claims Dept has my contact info. I await your response.

Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Corporation

Nov 21, 2017

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