Costco Wholesale Corporationswiss cheese and raisan bran

Just left your store in manchester, mo.
As usual commodity items are no longer being stocked.
When management was queried by me, they said, "well our buyers could not get a good price, and we don't like to raise prices.!"

Nice answer but totally invalid.

I buy the same commodities bi-weekly, eggs, cheese, salsa etc go up yet you dropped land o' lakes margarine for a much higher priced product.
You no longer carry plain old raisin bran, substituting raisin bran crunch which has far more salt and sugar than plain raisan bran.

Now you do not have swiss cheese. You replaced finlandia for a sampler package, which has a small amount of swiss but 4 other cheeses.

You picked up an unknown brand of swiss for a month.

You cannot tell me that cheese is going up in price, since kraft has a $3.00 manufacturer's rebate on it's american cheese.

Either your buyers don't give a damn about the costco member or they are blithering idiots. Either way, I am very disapointed and upset.

May 04, 2017

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