Costco Wholesale Corporation / rude customer service

Burlington, WA, United States

My mom asked me to return something for her with the receipt in Burlington, WA (as she had called ahead to make sure this was okay). I went in with the item and receipt. When I first approached the return desk Linda M was unfriendly to start with (no hello or greeting). I said hi and explained that my mom called and was told it was okay for me to return the item and she would receive a credit voucher. She first says where is her card? I replied I did not bring it my mom was told that I could just bring her receipt. She said you cannot return something without the card and proceeded to call her manager. I said is her card number on the receipt? She then replied rudely you are missing the point. She called a supervisor who assisted (she then complained that some of the (sticker) label had been pulled off the item although a fair amount was still on it with a description). In front of the Supervisor she then had to add your mom should have come in to take care of this herself. I then advised I am sure she would have liked to herself but she is with my dad who is in hospice. I have NEVER been treated so rude anywhere. I shop at Costco regularly and am not sure If I will anymore after this.

May 10, 2017

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