Costco Wholesale Corporation / pharmacy

Rt. 70 Brick, NJ, United States

I just got a call from the pharmacy on Rt.70 in Brick, NJ, soliciting me about taking statins !
For a pharmacy that rarely gets orders filled on time when the customer is waiting, how do they have time to solicit customers at home ?
When I got upset at this idiotic solicitation, the caller kept repeating, " I'm just doing what Roy told me to do".. Seriously ?
First, Roy isn't a doctor, and if he was, he's not MY doctor. I listen to my doctor, not a pharmacist that knows nothing about me, so stay out of my business !
This makes me wonder, is Costco corporate aware of this ? Do they condone this ?
Is corporate getting some "favor" from the drug manufacturer?
Or is "Roy" doing this on his own?
I think the government should be made aware of this, it smells bad..
If I ever get another call like this, you will lose my business forever !

Jan 29, 2019

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