Costco Wholesale Corporationperson who checks receipts at the exit

So I went to the Costco warehouse on 1600 El Camino real in South San Francisco I walked in and I walked around for a few minutes and then I decided to go get something to eat at the food court so I got something to eat and then when I left I was walking out the woman who checked my receipt said oh the food court that's it and I said yes and then she was looking at me like I was some kind of criminal like I was lying to her and she was looking at my son's stroller up and down like if I had stolen something and then she comes around some of the other side of the stroller and says oh the backpack we need to check the backpack and you know that my son is 3 years old she was checking a three year old kids backpack to see if something was stolen I mean give me a break okay and she humiliated me and wasvery rude to me and if it happens again I'm going to make sure she gets fired so please have your employees not treat loyal customers this way

May 16, 2017

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