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To whom it may concern,

My husband has a Costco membership card and I use his card to shop at costco because he is not always free to come with me just to be present at the time of purchase.
Yesterday 01/11/17 i went to shop at costco without him. At the checkout point they didn't let me to proceed just because my husband wasn't present. I was so disappointed and I asked for the manager. He didn't let me to checkout either and he treated my like i stole my husband's membership card. I only had 6 items to checkout. He said i will let u checkout but the card will stay here until your husband comes and receive it. I was so upset about they way he treated me. I didn't checkout my items. He basically humiliated me. What kind of manager does that to the customers????!!!??! I thought managers goal is to make the customer happy!!
By the way i showed him my husbands credit card to prove the membership card is for him and I didn't "STEAL " it. I was just using it without him being present. The meaning of Sharing is not Stealing !!!
Learn that and teach it to your store managers.


Jan 12, 2017
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  • Wi
      12th of Jan, 2017

    Just because someone has not done their job in the past does not mean eventually it won't catch up. What your husband should do is get you an authorized user card with your name on it. HE is the member, and unless you have a card in your name, you are not supposed to use his. THAT Is part of the agreement he signed when he got the card. Sam's Club and BJ's is the same way. Show out and you can cause your husband to lose his membership, since the agreement he signed prohibits the use of the card by anyone other than the member.

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  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2017

    I was going to suggest with Wine is Good said: have your husband get you a card with your name on it as an authorized user. Actually, he should have done that when he initially signed up.

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