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Hi there,

I am writing today to express my frustration after visiting your store here in Wilmington NC. Yesterday, 6/5/18 around 12-1pm my parents and I made a trip to check out the store and with plans to purchase a membership. We had already decided that we wanted to first ask for a visitor pass to look around and just get a feel for your store, as many of our friends did this, and all ended up purchasing a membership after doing a walk through. We approached the customer service counter, a woman maybe mid 40's was working. My mother asked very nicely to the lady working for a daily pass and the she rushed my mom off several times. After this occurred, my dad said, "wait wait wait we have some questions." My dad then asked the lady about the different memberships and in a very nasty manner, she just pointed behind her on the wall where the prices were listed and told him, "they prefer to talk to people about memberships when they're ready to buy one." Well after this we all kind of looked at each other and turned around and walked away. We still walked around for a bit, but did not end up going back to purchase a membership in the very end although we wanted too. The whole incident and interaction that we had with this lady working at that counter made us not even want to buy a membership. Anyway, I am writing you today because this has bothered me since yesterday. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.


Jun 06, 2018

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