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Ordered roses to be delivered to my grandma for her 90th birthday and then Mother's Day flowers for my mom. First grandma's flowers never arrived. Costco never contacted me. Then I called customer service where a very rude lady told me I was "mistaken" and they would only be delivered on Mother's Day? Well, I had heavily researched and made sure I had a confirmation for the date.. Then she later admitted they were having "difficulty" with a third party flower company... Then why accuse me of being "confused"? Which I wasnt...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Meridian, IDMany emails later I got customer service to ensure my Mother's Day flowers would be delivered on Friday before Mother's Day? I even told them just "let me know because I can order through Amazon" which I did with my grandmas missing birthday flowers.. But no I stuck with Costco because they assured me. Then Mother's Day came and left again no notification that the flowers never arrived!!! My mom had to tell me! I call customer service 3 day later and say"why can't you guys call me!?" And another rude lady says"multiple emails and calls were made" ohhhhh you mean when my grandmas flowers didn't arrive, that was me calling you!!! ????Never ! was I notified but twice now I have been blamed for not getting my flowers delivered! I think you need training in truth telling!! Still no flowers... Still crappy customer service.. I wish I didn't love Costco for everything they need to retrain staff...

May 15, 2017

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