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I went to Costco in Lakewood, CA on 12/04/2018 and ordered 2 tires. I received a call from the Costco Service center today, 12/05/2018, informing me that my tires had arrived. I informed the very nice employee that I did not get off work until 5:00PM and would arrive before 6:00PM to have my tires put on my car. I arrived at 5:50PM, having been slowed a bit due to rainfall. When I informed the employee at check-in why I was there, she (Jessie) stated that they could not put my new tires on my vehicle because they had a huge workload. I first asked why had I been told over the phone that it was ok to bring my car and why had I not been called if there was a problem. When I inquired about an appointment, Jessie informed me that she was booking appointments for next week. I told Jessie that my tires are bad and I am fearful of an accident, especially with the rain. I then offered to come on the weekend but after considering the matter further, I called Administration who patched me through to someone named Tristan, whom I assume was/is the automotive Department Manager . Tristan was courteous and professional from start to finish and apologized for the error and said that they would service my vehicle today. When I went back inside and approached the counter to check in, Jessie did not greet me nor actually look at me but instead while walking away said, "I need your membership card and receipt." By this time she had become, rude, unprofessional and seriously discourteous. Even after Tristan had stated that they would service my car, Jessie kept saying "like I told you we have lots of cars and your car won't be ready until between 8:30-9:00PM since we have to stay over to do your car." Tristan called me at 8:00PM to let me know my car was ready. I was in the mall next door and he said take your time but of course I immediately went to get my car, arriving in less than 5 minutes from the time Tristan had initiated the call to me.
When I walked in the service department, Jessie did not greet me as a customer but rather leaned over and pushed papers towards me and told me to "go to the shop and they will give me my car." I said thank you and goodnight to which there was no response or acknowledgement. The room was quiet and we were less than 5 feet apart so I'm reasonably certain she heard me . I went to the shop where I was met by Tristan who was very courteous, offering a thank you and goodnight. I have never been treated so rudely by anyone at Costco until today. Had I been rude towards her, maybe I would be more understanding but that was not the case. I was not rude to the Administration employee nor Tristan nor Jessie. I'm sorry she got upset because I would not allow her to put me off and jeopardize my safety by having me ride around on bald tires. Perhaps Jessie needs to be reminded of what it means to provide exceptional "Customer Service."

Dec 05, 2018
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  • Si
      Dec 06, 2018

    If your tires were that bad and you were that fearful of an accident, they why did you let them get in such bad shape and wait so long to begin with... to replace them?

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  •   Dec 06, 2018

    Fool! Why replace only two of your sh177y tires? You should replace all four of them at the same time!

    You are not worried about getting in an an accident, you are afraid of being found at fault for causing an accident! I know people like you and you suck.


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