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I am sending this message for the 4th time as the situation has STILL not been resolved. We have NOT received our refund on the second kayak.
I have communicated with Lindsay, Shawn, Alicia, and Jennifer, already, and we are extremely dissatisfied with this situation, the constant reassurances with no real action taken, and are unlikely to ever again use or recommend Costco Online:

"The first refund was processed, the second was not. And we are still waiting for it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Port Angeles, WAThis has been an unnecessarily unpleasant experience because apparently Costco either has no systems or processes in place to keep track of multiple customer service conversations with one customer, or C.S. associates are not using them. I have spoken to several people, all of whom assured me BOTH refunds were being processed. Wrongly, one was still being processed as an exchange. This has happened over and over again.
We will take this as high up in the company as we need to to ensure we are refunded properly and fully for the second kayak. We do not, under any circumstances, want either of them. There is no exchange. We have returned both and want refunds on both. Period.
Please fix this profoundly inefficient, ineffective, and frustrating glitch in your Customer Service systems/processes.
-- M. Khristoforov, Former Customer Service Manager for REI "

May 15, 2017

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