Costco Wholesale Corporationcustomer service at checkout

Hello. Today Sunday, January 29th my husband and I visited Costco without our two young children for the 1st time. It was like a date! We bought $900 of goods, including a set of brooms (to replace the old ones we'd also gotten from Costco and loved and worn out.) My husband had carefully placed them in the cart so that throughout our aisle roaming we wouldn't hit anyone. Fast forward to checkout I was placing items on the belt and Shirley was moving things in the cart and the brooms fell and crashed into the side of my head. It didn't really hurt, it just scared me. Normally I would have laughed Shirley wasn't laughing and didn't even say sorry or anything. She was scowling and seemed tired and annoyed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Boise, ID It seemed extremely out of character for a Costco employee to accidentally hit a customer on the head and not even bother to say "I'm sorry" or "Are you ok." She also wanted me to take our drinks from the cart and I'm not sure why? We wanted them in the child seat area, but it didn't seem like she did. So we moved them. Anyway, another employee came up at the end of our checkout and seemed to be there to relive Shirley, which maybe she was overtired or hungry or something. It just didn't sit well with me - the broom part. I'm not looking to get anything from this, not even an apology or response are necessary. I just think Shirley could stand to be reminded that if you hit someone (fellow employee OR customer) on the head (even accidentally) its polite to apologize! We love Costco and this was the only even remotely "bad" thing that's ever happened in my 31 years of attendance. Thanks for reading and for being a great place to shop!

Jan 29, 2017

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