Costco Wholesale Corporation / cashier behavior

Surrey, BC, Canada

To whom it may concern:

Dear Madame/Sir,
I would like to bring to your attention the following:

While shopping at Costco warehouse #55, 7423 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, I encountered a very distasteful incident. My Costco membership number is [protected]. Invoice number: 34523. AUTH: 016487. Date: 09/22/17. Time: 16:36:39. Reference number: [protected]-[protected].

Facts: I was at the cashier, when it has been noticed that one of the item I purchased did not have the price tag. Therefore, the lady that was helping with placing the merchandise in the cart, gracefully offered to go and bring/replace the specific item.
In the mean time, my daughter started to help placing the items we shop in the cart. I was reaching for a cake that I could not grab and hold from the client side of the counter, and I asked the cashier to help me with the cake. She looked at me very offended and said: “ Excuse me!!!”.

After that she turned her back on us, while my daughter filled up the cart. Please find attached the photo I took of the cashier turning her back on us while we were filling up the cart and waiting for the other lady to bring/replace the item without the price tag.
I found this behavior highly offended! I have been in Canada for almost 20 years and I shop at Costco, I believe since 2004, and I have never ever encountered such inconsiderate and disrespectful treatment. It might seem minor to that lady cashier, but it was deeply hurtful to me.

The problem is that when I discussed the issue with the shift manager, she also took it very lightly, she apologizes in behalf of the cashier and practically showed us the door. It is completely unclear to me if the shift manager was even willing to talk with the cashier about the incident.
In the end, I have been left with the impression that clients do not matter to Costco. It felt like this type of attitude: “Shop here if you want, if not, we do not care. See ya.”

If this is the Costco spirit, then I guess it is nothing for me to do or hope for.

Mirela-Anca Gorjanu

Costco Wholesale Corporation

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    I just noticed I have few spelling errors that I would like to correct. I apologize for this. I try to edit the complaint, but I could not do the corrections.

Sep 22, 2017

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