Costco Wholesale Corporation / audio dept new orleans louisiana

New Orleans, LA, United States

Christine the audiologist is very arrogannt i almost did not buy my hearing aids from costco because of her and have had problems with her every time i have had to return to the store for adjustments she thinks she has a very high opion of herself and customer service is secondary. i have tried to become friends to no avail. she makes an appointment i arrive 15 minutes early she is not busy tells me to come back at 12 oclock the scheduled app time i do so she is not there i go behind counter because i cant see in the booths thinking she has another app she shows up and gets upset with me for being behind counter said she was on a break i suggested she put a sign on counter to that effect she continues to badger me . then tells me she cant do anything about the ringing in my hearing aids when she told me the week before to make an appointment and she could adjust them. she is very belligerant and not courteous at all unlike all of other experiences with costcos

Jan 16, 2017

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