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On my last visit to Costco, I was harassed upon entering the store with my service dog, who was obviously wearing his vest. The greeter person demanded to know my medical condition, which violates privacy laws and is none of her business. She was not going to allow me in the store, which was a public confrontation and totally embarrassing and unnecessary. I lodged a complaint afterward and received a vague reply, but nothing resulted, even an apology.

I've been a customer of the South Austin location since it opened years ago. After my last visit, I was reluctant to go again, but today I returned, with my service dog. As I was leaving the store, having had my receipt marked, your employee stopped to say Costco did not allow service dogs. I told him that was absurd and illegal. He began berating me outside the exit, in front of customers (as if I were a shoplifter), until I just left.
What is wrong with your customer service? I can guarantee you I will never shop with you again, with or without. And I will pass this on to other disabled persons to warn them of your discriminatory practices. In particular, the National Parkinson Foundation.

What do you gain by this recurring behavior?

Rex Spurr
Austin, TX

Jul 28, 2018
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  •   Jul 28, 2018

    Legally they can’t do that. Contact the corporate office and the disabilities commission where you live. If the dog has a vest, he or she is legal. If they ask what’s wrong with you, tell them they have no right to ask, then ask to see the manager.

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