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Costco / costco worst customer service - chantilly, va

1 VA, United States Review updated:

I bought a jug of 2% reduced milk from Manassas, VA. After I drove back home to Chantiily, VA I found out half of the jug leaked in my trunk. I spent an hour under the hot summer sun to clean up everything. It still has a bad milky smeel. Then I had to go to the closest COSTCO at Chantilly, VA to ask the solution for their leaking product. First, I got yelled at at the front door, because I was going through the exit door which I thought was the one to go the custermor service, because they are directly connected. Both a guy and a women employees at the front door yelled at me like I'm trying to do something so badly. So I went quietly through the entrance door and went through the side door, and finally reached to customer service desk. I explained what happend and how much inconvenience it cost me due to their leaking mile to a representative (Irene). She looked at me and said "I could return this product and buy another one." She even didn't appologize to me for what happened to me because of their crappy product. I felt it was not acceptable and so I told her. Then another representative (Milly), who is a manager. The first thing she told me was "You are giveing her crap for something you bought from another store." I asked her, "first of all, isn't here a COSTCO store? Does it matter from which COSTCO store I purchase the product. Secondly, Irene shoud look at the situtaion itself and not where I bought the milk. She stood cold and asked me "what do you want?" She said they only thing she could do is to refund me the milk and give me a milk for free. I said that's fine, but also you need to appologize to me for your defective product, and nobody has done that yet since I walked in the door. It feels like killing her but she finally said "ok, I appologize to you for the milk." which she didn't sound like she truely meant it. Then I told her "you also need to appologize to me for the attitude that I received from here." She paused for a while, and said "ok I appologize to you for that too." I called the general membership phoneline and complained what happened. The guy on the line said he would forwarded to the warehouse in Chantilly, VA. I don't shop at COSTCO a lot before. Definitely I don't think I will go back there if they don't improve their customer service. I can spend money somewhere else being treated properly.

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  • Ag
      18th of Jul, 2009

    lmao you're crying over spilled milk...bahahaha

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  • Ao
      11th of Aug, 2009


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  • Cl
      11th of Nov, 2009

    it is your fault the milk spilled when you picked up the milk and place it in your cart then to your trunk or bed where ever you had the milk at you should of place it where it wouldnt get hurt and then on top of that you go to another store getting mad for your stupidity now tell me are you blind death or stupid if that costco was indeed closer has you say why didnt you go thereinstead second since you went to the other store way over yander so you say why didnt take the milk back there come on now people like you i wanna slap when im at work cause it comes down to say why did you buy busted milk answer that cause straight up every milk bottle juice bottle whatever come in a gallon bottle from a farm uses the same bottle so please stop the ignorance you need help try driving slower try makin your own damn milk im sorry but this was brought upon yourself

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  • Well there is not use crying over spilled milk.

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  • Oops someone already beat me to the spilled milk joke. Why should Irene apologize becaue of your carelessness. If the milk were leaking you would have noticed it at buying it. Instead you should thank her for allowing her to allow you to change it since in most cases they won't let you change food products especially if it has already left the store and was leaking to your carelessness. So for your carelessness you expect an apology. When you should be writing a thank you letter you write a complain letter. This just proves that some people complain over little things, and yes I will use the famous phrase some people cry over spilled milk. :D You should apologize to her for your attitude. She only apologized to you to get rid of you. Honestly some people need to grow up. If you were not acting like a spoiled ten year old perhaps they would have given you better attitude. Hope you drove home carefully and not in anger because of this.

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  • En
      14th of Feb, 2010

    All of the Costco milk jugs leak when placed sideways.

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  • Ge
      3rd of Aug, 2010

    why should anyone apologize to you for milk that spilled in your truck, because you picked out a leaker? let alone A DIFFERENT COSTCO COMPLETELY! youre a total [censor]. they offered to give you a free milk and all you could do is criticize them, and ask them for an apology, when they had nothing to do with it!!!

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  • El
      4th of Aug, 2010

    I think you are totally unjustified in your complaint. You come off as an angry, rude, obnoxious person and I hope I never run into you anywhere. Who hasn't had milk spill when they did not place it down properly? Who has not had to clean a mess in the hot sun? Forcing staff to apologize to you for your error and then expecting even more. This is petty, how would you react if you had a real problem? I hate to imagine. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with someone such as you. Costco doesn't need you and is probably happy you don't go there anymore.

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  • Ho
      29th of Sep, 2010

    Leaky mild sucks but it's hard not to notice it before you get out of the store. It seems to me that Costco handled it fine by refunding you and giving you another milk for free. They will take back anything anyway, including food.

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