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I tried to find an elevator to the exit without steps. Your staff were not helpful. I had to ask someone to lift my shopping cart up the 3 steps. I have ambulation issues and l am unable to pull carts upstairs. Do you have an exit at the Rego Park store that people with ambulation issues can use? I just assumed your store would. If you do not have a ramp or level way to get to the elevators l will not be able to renew my membership and go back to B.J.'s where l am able to assess flat surfaces.

  • Updated by Madgie, Nov 28, 2016

    I see Costco has trend with being helpful. Will go back to BJ's.

  • Updated by Madgie, Nov 28, 2016

    I see Costco has a trend of being helpful. will go back to BJ's. If you don't know there are laws about making entrances accessible to people with disabilities. Had your employees not disregarded me when I asked for help then I wouldn't have had to complain to a forum that at the time I didn't know would not be helpful. I would have tried again instead of wasting my time complaining at this forum. I will seek the advance of my local Assembly person to find out I can get my membership money back since I may not be able to shop at your store since I may not be able to access the elevators out of the store.

  • Updated by Madgie, Nov 29, 2016

    Would you please be so kind to tell me the procedure to get my membership reimbursed sense I would not be able to shop at the Rego Park Store as I would have no way to exit to the elevelators.

Nov 26, 2016
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  •   Nov 26, 2016

    Renew your membership? How long have you had it that you are only now having a problem with the stairs and exits?

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  • Ma
      Nov 28, 2016

    @Wine Is Good Saturday was the first time I used your store in Rego Park. I did not have to use the steps to enter the store, but it seemed there was no other way to exit the store without using the steps to elevator.

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  • Po
      Nov 27, 2016

    As you may know, it is best "not to assume." You will have to contact the store directly with these questions.

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