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I have been a member of Costco since 2008 an Executive Member. A year ago I started getting my prescriptions filled at their pharmacy and I thought how wonderful is this!?!?! I have insurance through my employer and I thought I would have no problems. Well for the first 4 months they charged me as if I had no insurance and finally in January of this year it changed to my prescription cost per my insurance. That's not the worst of it. Every month I go to have my prescription filled I get treated like garbage. The Pharmacy Manager Larry Phram treats me like I am a junkie and he shows no respect. Last month he said without even looking me in the eye just hearing my voice to come back tomorrow, he was too busy to deal with me and I was the only one standing at the pharmacy. Isn't the rule of thumb Customer Service 101 deal with the person standing in line, in person? Another employee Andrew made me sit there for 2 and a half hours before filling my prescription. There is never a time when I am not there that I do not get treated horribly by him or other pharmacy employees. I also was told by another person that fills their medications at the same Costco that if you make Larry mad he will never fill your medications. I could not believe what I heard! ?!?! Who does this guy think he is?? The only employee that treats me like a human being is Oscar the assistant manager. They are judging me by the type of medication I take, even though I am a functional member of society, I have a job working with Federal Prisoners in the prison system. I am tired if being judged because of others.

Dec 29, 2014
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      30th of Dec, 2014

    That is horrible and you shouldn't be treated that way just due to the type of script you are feeling, its not their job to judge. If I were you I would contact their corporate offices and let them know of this behavior. I know its probably convenient for you to fill there but not when you are treated this way.

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