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Costco / bad rude cashier

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I had a bad experience at your store Tuesday July 28 2009 8:25pm, Lincoln Park location (2746 N Clybourn ave 60614 WHS #380). Involving:

register 8 cashier Stephanie (rude, unprofessional, loud, insulting)
cashier at register 7 (bad attitude)

I stood in line at register 7 for 5 minutes. When it was my turn to be helped the cashier told me she was closed (She should have told me that 5 minutes ago). Then she proceeded to get loud and say, her closed sign was up, no, no, no I'm closed (I didn't see her closed sign).

Register 8 had just opened so I asked both cashiers which one will help me? That's when both cashiers started arguing with each other. Register 7 started yelling at Stephanie saying she was closed. Stephanie started yelling back at cashier 7 saying, she had a long line of other people she was going to check out.

That's when I asked Stephanie to check me out because I had already been waiting. Then Stephanie started yelling at me, telling me to get at the end of the line. That's when I said to Stephanie, "I'll just leave". Then Stephanie told me, I was crazy (she said that loud enough for everyone to hear--I felt publicly humiliated).

If you are wondering why members are not renewing their memberships this is a prime example. Your cashiers rather argue and insult customers than assist them.

Cashier 7 and Stephanie on register 8 saved me about $500 dollars.
$50 to renew my membership
$50 in groceries
$400 new tires I was going to purchase the next day.

I am confident your competitors will appreciate my business.

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  • Co
      4th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    don't let 2 cashiers change your mind about Costco. we stand for taking care of our members and i apologize for that bad experince you had. I would advise you to complain about those 2 cashiers because they are definetly not performing up to our standards.

  • Sr
      13th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sounds like they had a bad day and I think you had the obligation to report them to the manager on duty. I love my local Costco in Puerto Vallarta and Beaverton OR. The last time I was there they let me slip in 15 min after closing to grab one item. I thought that was really thoughtful and understanding.

  • Pl
      21st of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    After reading the complaint and the other posts that followed, I have this to say. The cashier should never have called them crazy under any circumstances. Which would be subject to disciplinary action. However, I don't believe that any employee of any Costco would do so without some provocation on the customer's (member's) part. Sounds like some of the altercation was purposely omitted.

    Also, it is not the cashier's fault they did not see the sign, which is usually placed at the end of the conveyor belt on the end of the register and in very large Red letters (6 inches +). If they had been standing for 5 minutes, it would have been hard not to notice. As we can see they are in their own world and are inconsiderate of others.

    If register 8 had just been opened, they are obligated to take the next person/and or people in line, who also had been previously waiting. It would have been considerate and understanding on the customer's part to admit they had not seen the sign and gone to the back of the line. These cashiers wait on a great number of customers and are entitled to go home to see their families or take a break when scheduled. If the complaintant is employed somewhere, I'm sure they would not appreciate someone showing up 5 min after they closed and were walking out to their car to go home a customer was insistent that they go back inside to wait on them.

    P.S. The complainant who had indeed had admittedly and expired membership probably only saved $0.00, Tires and food probably cost more somewhere else, whereas comes the cost of the membership. They did save something though, they saved Costco the time and effort of dealing with a rude and narcissistic member.

  • Sc
      8th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I always wait a few minutes before telling a customer that I'm closed. Just pretend not to notice. Honestly stores should have lessons; lights on, no closed sign up and I am standing doing nothing... customer "are you opened?'. However lights off and signs up, and they put their groceries down...

  • Ve
      28th of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Something very uncomfortable to me at the Costco near my area. Even worse, about two ladies who prepared samples for customers sampling were so mean, completely ignored my friend and my questions, but very warmhearted to my friend's husband, who is Caucasian, btw, we are Asians.

  • Ty
      7th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have/had seen most of the complaints written here. and totally agreed with the Asian woman customers. The costco stores have near my place have demonstrated the full racial profiling in treating their customers, especially asian/color customers. Humiliating and insulting like they don't serve to shop in Costco...

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