Costco / customer service

I signed up for a membership on 12/2/16 and was treated very kind. I asked a lot of questions because I was going to add my father in law and wanted to make the process was as seamless as possible. Before completing the registration I was assured it would be no issue for my father in law to come in without me and get his card. My father in law went in the very next day and the lady that was supposed to help him was very rude and acted like he was a huge inconvenience to her day. She told him their database was too large to look me or him up by name and him bringing in my card would have made the process smoother. She than told him that she couldn't find us and was extremely unkind. Eventually she found me and said they could proceed. By the time the process was over he was ready to leave because of how he was treated and later noticed his name wasn't even correct on the card (he even had his drivers license with the correct information). He doesn't even want to go in to have it corrected in fear that he would have to deal with the same employee. Needless to say we are very unhappy with the first impression he was given and are thinking about cancelling the membership. I called the local store and spoke with a manager and she apologized and said she would take care of it but told me several times that we could cancel at any time. I almost feel like they don't care if we cancel and didn't do anything to try and keep a brand new customer. I believe the employees need more customer service training.

Dec 03, 2016

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