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Today I spent almost an hour just trying to call/chat with a customer service rep. who could assist me in paying off my credit card bill. I started by following the link from the bill that was sent to my email. This brought me to the site, where all of my other citi card accounts were listed, but the Costco card was not. I spent 15-20 min. doing an online chat with the Citi rep. (Patricia), who stated that since this was a "Costco" citi card, I would need to contact a different area. She provided me with the "direct number" [protected]). This number, as well as many other that I tried [protected], [protected] and [protected]) brought me to continual tele-marketing advertisement, without any option to actually connect with a service rep... unless I decided to take a prompt and follow up on the "cruise I won" or a "great TV deal with Direct TV.
I just wanted to pay off my bill and was having trouble doing so through the link provided in my email/bill. THIS WHOLE PROCESS was very maddening and ridiculous that paying a bill/trying to talk to a rep (or even a voice prompt rep) took almost an hour! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE system!
(As a follow up note, it wasn't until I hung up on the last number I listed, when I didn't choose to follow up on any of the marketing schemes that "I WON", that I called directly back to the same number and actually got a voice prompt rep to help me pay my bill).

Nov 11, 2016

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