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Costco / ameriprise financial / insurance

1 Santa Ana, CA, United States
Contact information:

I am writing this letter to Costco CEO, W. Craig Jelinek,

Mr. Jelinek

Brief Background:
I have been a executive member of Costco for over than 10 years. I only could speak highly of the service always received by Costco employees.

Around 2011 I obtained an Auto insurance with Ameriprise (policy# BX07127478). Since it is a partner of Costco, I knew that I will always receive the same exceptional service I always receive at Costco. Many of my friends and family have switched to Ameriprise due to my recommendation.

In 2014 I had a car accident with bodily injury. Ameriprise assured me that the accident would disqualify me from obtaining another policy with Ameriprise since the accident took place while I was insured with Ameriprise.

Since I did not have a car I was added to my parents policy in early 2015.

Let's start my official complaint now:

10/05/2016: I called Amerprise to add another car (Toyota RAV4 2016), I was informed by Ameriprise representative, Corey, that I must obtain a separate policy since I am married and the car is titled under my wife's name. He transferred me to a lady the sales department (I believe). the lady ran my driving record and informed me that my records shows a non at fault in March 2015 in addition to the accident on 09/04/2014.
I advised the lady representative that I did not get in any accident in 2015. I was informed to obtain DMV driving record proofing that (no accident in 2015) to continue with the new policy. She specifically told me, that the reason she cannot write the policy due to the accident of 2015. The accident of 2014 is OK.

on 10/10/2016 I bravely and patiently spent 4 hours at the DMV to obtain my driving record. which proved that I did not have the accident in 2015.

on 10/14/2016. I called Ameriprise to obtain a policy and surprisingly, I was informed that I am not eligible due to the accident in 2014 and the representative refused to connect me with a supervisor to discuss the matter. Even though I have expressed my frustration and I was treated unfairly and been misdirected and given false information.
I've advised the Representative that I will be contacting the CEO of Costco and Ameriprise on this matter.
She told me that she would have a manger to call me.

Today is 11/03/2016. Since i did not receive any calls from Ameriprise, I've decided to give the a second chance and call them again to try resolving the matter.

Again, I was advised that i wouldn't be eligible for get a policy on my pwn due the 2014 accident and i was transferred to Sandra, manager in the client relationship department, no one can find the record of the conversation with the representative who advised me to obtain my DMV record on 10/5/2016.

Mr. CEO of Costco, I just wanted to inform you that I am a client of yours that is UNHAPPY with Ameriprise and I hope you will be able to share my concerns with your account manager at Amerprise to make sure that all of COSTCO client to be given the correct information at the first contact (GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME). I have spent about 12 hours over several days between speaking to Ameriprise and going to the DMV. and getting no policy with Amerprise.

I am sad to say that this is a scar that will always scare me to deal or recommend any of my friends, family or clients to deal with Costco's partners like Amerprise, Credit Card Services, Auto purchase program, Mortgage service with First Choice.

on another note, I did try to purchase a car through the Auto Buy Program (not successful at all). separate story to tell.

A very Disappointing Costco Member
Hafez Saleh


Nov 3, 2016

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