Consumers Energy / order new aerial power service and they cut the only oak in a field

Williamston, MI, United States

On December 28th I went to the main Consumers power office on Willow street in Lansing to pay for a new service at a Hunting cabin I was building for my retirement and paid them $17, 995.25 and was working with Matt Benic he was on vacation throughout Christmas to the new year I finaly spoke to around the 3rd of Jan. and he explained that I was ready to go for new service then after approx. 1 week I received a call from a lady out of your Alma office explaining that I had to have a easement paper signed and notarized to get my service installed I went to my bank got all the paperwork and scanned it back after that I spoke to Matt and told him that there was a pine tree in the way of the pole line and I would remove it we both agreed and I did so and he said we should be all good for the aerial crews to start. Yesterday I was eager to see work starting so I went to my farm at 3667 Lake station ave. Lake Mi. electric service #[protected] and a 150 year old oak tree was completely cut down to the ground I have pictures. My biggest problem is it's the only tree in that field and what Consumers planner in there right mind would put a pole line near that tree there was hundreds of feet to the south where that pole could have and should have been placed I am outraged that anyone would think that this is OK and I'm positive that if it was anyone of the either the planner or the trimmers yard the pole line would have been simply moved 100' to the South. My tree cannot be replaced and not to mention last year when I first looked at the property there has been a bald eagle that nested in that tree every night I am just sickened the lack of thought being put behind the installation of power to my retirement hunting cabin. My next email is going to the attorney general and probably local news channels and newspapers. I expect a call right away @[protected]

Scott Carr

Jan 25, 2017

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