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Conn's / protesting conn's

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december 31, 2008

press release
protesting conn’s

Conns inc.
3295 college street
Beaumont, texas 77701
Fax number: [protected]
Fax number: [protected]

Re: will be protesting in front of conn’s located at 7730 i-h 35 at walzem in san antonio, texas 78218 starting at 4:30 p. m., with 5 to 15 people.

Dear conn’s inc.:

I am the father of six children who on april 21, 2007 purchased a sony vaio computer from you store located at 7730 i-h 35 at walzem in san antonio, texas 78218. prior to april 21, 2007, I had previously purchased many items from conn’s. as a regular practice, I always purchase the extended service and repair plan on top of any standard manufacturer’s warranty.

At the time of purchasing the sony vaio, I purchased the extended warranty. my sale’s person informed me that for the first year sony would repair the computer and that afterwards conn’s would be responsible for repairing the computer. he also told me that if I had any problems with the computer to return its conn’s service center located at 4810 eisenhauer, suite 240-b, san antonio, texas 78218. finally, he informed me that if the computer was deemed un-repairable or had been repaired at least three times, conn’s would replace it.

Two to three weeks after having the vaio in my possession it blue-screened with the message, “hard drive cannot be found.” I called conn’s customer service as was told to take it their eisenhauer service center. I did.

Four weeks passed and my computer had yet to be returned to me. I went to the conn’s service center and asked, why it was taking so long to repair and return my computer. the lady at the front desk informed me that, “it was not conn’s fault.” she further explain that the computer had been sent to sony for repair, and as soon as it was back they would return it too me. I left, under the mistaken impression that my computer had been shipped to the manufacturer for service.
About a week or two later I returned to conn’s service center only to be told the same late may or early june of 2007, I finally received by computer. I was told that sony had replaced the hard drive.

The computer worked without issue for about a month, until early july of 2008 when it blue screen again with the same message, “hard drive cannot be found.” I returned the computer to conn’s service center again. I continually called conn’s customer service s inquiring as to the status of my computer, as well as went to conn’s service center on frequent occasions. nearly five to six weeks after dropping it off at the service center, around the middle of september, 2008, my computer was returned to me once again and I was informed by a conn’s representative that “the hard drive had been replaced.” the computer immediately started having problems with the sound and picture displays. I called conn’s and was instructed to reload the programs. I was informed that the problem may actually be occurring as a result of the operating software microsoft vista.

The problems with the computer persisted. I continued to contact conn’s in an effort to remedy the problem without returning it to the service center. to no avail, on october 1, 2008, the computer blue screened again, and indicated that “the hard drive cannot be found.”

once again, I returned it the conn’s. after another four weeks of calling conn’s, near the middle of november 2008, the computer was returned to me once more. the conn’s service repair order indicated once again, “that the hard drive had been replaced.” one week after having the computer in my possession it blue screened again and indicated “the hard drive cannot be found.”

I contacted conn’s and asked to speak directly to a manager or any supervisor, my requests were initially denied. after finally being connected to a manager the phone, for some unknown reason would disconnect. upon subsequent attempts to reach a manager, I was informed that a manager was not available and/or that one would look into the problem and call me back. I never received a call back. further, the conn’s representatives and managers were rude and even went as far as to tell me that I should have the computer repaired elsewhere at my own expense.

One week after having the computer back in my possession, it blue screened again and indicated “the hard drive cannot be found.” although, I had purchased and still had a valid warranty with conn’s, I contacted altex’s located at 11342 n ih 35 in san antonio, texas 78233, to have a diagnostic run upon the hard drive. their diagnostic revealed that there was nothing wrong with the hard drive but suggested maybe reloading the software or that an issue may exist with the mother board.

On december 1, 2008, the computer once again blue screened with the same message, “the hard drive cannot be found.” on december 3, 2008, I returned it to conn’s. accompanying me to speak with the conn’s representative was a former client, mr. charles mass, who is a computer technician. the three of us observed the behavior of the computer when powered on. mr. mass after then indicated to the conn’s representative that the mother board may need to be replaced. on that day the computer locked up but did not blue screen.
On december 9 or 10 of 2008, I pick up my computer and was once again told the hard drive had been replaced. therefore, this would now make the sixth new hard drive to be installed. I expressed to the conn’s representative that obviously the hard drive was not the problems they should replace the mother board.

I also told the conn’s representative that the hard drive had been replaced 5 times already and I still have the same problems. that should be a clue that it is not the hard drive. I requested a new computer or that they replace the mother board. conn’s representative refused and asked me to take the computer. I took the computer home and it started acting in the same manner as it did before. at 8:30 or 9:00 a. m., on december 11 or 12 of 2008, I returned the computer to conn’s and showed the two conn’s representative at the front desk the problem. I left the computer.

On or about december 16, 2008, conn’s called me and told me the computer was ready. I ask, her if they had replaced the mother board. she did not know. I was then contacted by the conn’s computer technician who indicated that there was nothing wrong with the computer and that the reason they did not replace the mother board was because sony may not compensate them for such as repair. I asked him when was the last time they sent the computer to sony, he indicated in 2007 and that they not found any problems wrong with the mother board. therefore, conn’s could not replace the mother board.

On december 19th and 22nd, 2008, I contacted conn’s regarding the replacement of my computer, and was told it was ready for pick up. I told conn’s that they had not repaired my computer and that I wanted another one. after not being allowed to speak to a manager I started protesting in front of conn’s on mccullough and i-h 35 and walzem on december 24, 26, 27, and 29, of 2008. on december 26, 2008, conn’s manager of the walzem store filed a false police report against me. after speaking to the officer and detective of converse, as well as e-mailing all elected and appointed officials of converse, I was left alone. I filed a police report against conn’s for filing false police report against me.

On december 30, 2008, I contacted sony and was told that conn’s never sent my computer to them in 2007. I was also told that if I had as many problems as I indicated, and they were related to the 2007 problem, they would have replaced my computer.

According to business week, conn’s top three executives made more then $2, 000, 000.00, for the year 2008. conn’s transferred more then 8, 600 shares as gifts valued at $5.46 to $6.00 dollars a share to its various officers. conn’s reported 2008 quarterly earnings of more then $120, 000, 000.00. I ask myself, how much of conn’s profit is made by ripping off its customers?

Conn’s policies dictate a clear willingness to ignore its customers, not honor its extended warranties, replacement agreements, and allow its sales representatives to misrepresent facts and company polices all in pursuit of corporate profitability. at a time when customer satisfaction should be paramount, conn’s has chosen a path of naked pursuit of profitability at the expense of its customers. conn’s executives know or should know that it employees are engaging in unlawful deceptive business practices.


defrauded customer of conn’s


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Phone: [protected]

7730 i-h 35 @ walzem, san antonio, texas 78218
Fax number: [protected]

4810 eisenhaur, suite 240-b
San antonio, texas 78218
Fax number: [protected]

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  • Ma
      1st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    All issues are resolved with Conn's, there will be not protest. I would like the thank all individuals at Conn's Corporate office for taking the time on January 1, 2009 to help me resolve this issue. I have been a long time customer of Conn's and feel this matter is resolved and will fulfill my obligations to them accordingly.

  • Da
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Oh my gosh! I was considering purchasing a 52" Samsung from Conn's because their price is lower than the other stores I have checked but after reading the reviews on this site, there is NO WAY I will ever shop at Conn's, much less step foot in their stores! This particular ordeal gave me chills (and I've read through all the complaints). It sounds like this is the only person who has actually gotten any type of satisfaction from Conn's but look how long it took and all the hassle involved! I think I'll continue to be a loyal Best Buy customer ~ at least they've always given me good customer service and they stand behind their products. Sounds like the stuff Conn's sells is defective, maybe that's why they can offer lower prices than their competitors... I AM SO GLAD I STUMBLED ONTO THIS SITE!

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