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Ive been having issue after issue w this fridge since summer ive had food losses took yaw so long to come and service it didnt even get fixed first time had to wait again for someone to come out again more foid loss struggled to feed my kids im a single mother disabled sick im recently pending another service visit its been like 5 already and its issue after issue im paying for something that is not functioning and doing what i purchased for im sick and this is such a hassle incinvenience loosing food and having to wait on you all till yaw can come why should i have to be going thru this not to mention the rude customer service ive bought several items from you all but after this point im requesting for a new fridge i cannit be leaving my children without food because tge fridge dont work and i cannot affird to be buying food or dealibg with unnecessary stress ..please take this fridge
Bring one that works!!!

Oct 17, 2017
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  • Sh
      Oct 17, 2017

    It would help to provide details of the purchase.

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  • Fa
      Nov 01, 2017

    Today was another visit from your conns maintenance to his knowledge the drainage was backed up water pipe was clogged i had water in fridge everything wet he was here for a while getting all thatvwater out n fixing what was clogged they have been out here several times i shouldn't have to be going thru so much stress im paying for something that keeps breaking down one thing after another i have heakth issues i shouldnt have to be explaining myself yaw have all the notes the work orders what they have been out fir how many times they been out here this goes back since this summer... im the customer to my knowlege i purchased a working refrigerator that im still having to pay plus yaw take forever to make a service call but yaw are quick to collect your payment this point replace this refrigerator no more calls i need a working refrigerator its call after call with this fridge me
    2109980207...yaw have all the information yaw need on this fridge
    I want a working fridge come take your defected one

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