Conn's / delivery, insurance overcharge, sold wrong products.

The purchase I made on November 13, 2017 was the first time I have shopped at Conn's and the experience has been a complete nightmare. First of all, I requested delivery for Saturday, November 18, 2017. I received a phone call on November 14 that the delivery truck was at my home trying to make a delivery. I requested they come back and deliver the refrigerator on Saturday as I had previously requested. When Saturday rolled around I received a delivery notification that delivery would occur between 12-330pm. My delivery was not made until well after 6:00pm, this was after several phone calls with no one being able to provide any answers as to why the delivery was late or where he truck was. One of the customer service representatives even raised her voice at me and told me there was nothing she could do. This experience was particularly problematic, because this occurred in the middle of the day we were moving, and paying movers by the hour, which was all completely delayed by this delivery debacle. I am most angry that no one from Conn's so much as called me to change the delivery time so I could adjust our moving schedule for the day.
Furthermore, I presented proof of personal property/renter's insurance at the time of purchases. Upon review of my bill, I was charged a $600+ fee to purchase rental insurance throughout Conn's when I already have a policy through USAA that I provided. The store manager told me there was nothing she could do, and emailed me a form to send to corporate to take the $600 overcharge off of my bill. The store manager of which, never returned my phone call when I called to discuss my concerns regarding how a $600+ overcharge even occurred.
Moving on, one of the items I purchased was a 65" Samsung 4K curved TV. I was sold the mount by the Conn's employee, who told me I had to purchase the mount because it was the only one in store that would work with this tv. Well, low and behold when we go to mount the TV on the wall.. the mount does not fit the tv and does not work at all. So, back to the store I go, and request to speak to a store manager, Sheryl. Sheryl seems to think my experience is hilarious and is casually laughing throughout my explanation of the beyond substandard experience I have had thus far. She does not even apologize for the inconvenience. Sheryl then asks if I want to return the items or exchange them for a mount that will work. When I ask the employees who are standing around doing nothing except watching this whole charade, they cannot even so much as tell me if they have a mount in the store that will work with the tv. So, because of the complete lack of confidence, I chose to return the mount and purchase elsewhere.
Finally, I showed Sheryl a print ad, from Lowe's which advertises the same Dyson vacuum cleaner I purchased for $200 less. Sheryl refused to price match the item, stating it had to be in weekly circular format, despite the top of the electronic ad saying "Lowe's weekly ad."

I would really appreciate someone from corporate calling me, I am about to return all of the items I purchased to the store and go with a company that is 1) competent and 2) cares about customer service.

Thank you,
Alicia Fitzpatrick
Plano Store location


Nov 25, 2017

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