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Conns / better take your business elsewhere

1 United States

I have found out Conns is the worst place to shop for the electronics. I the very first time I bought anything from them was 2 years ago. I wanted my washer and dryer delivered. I was told by the salesperson that they would deliver the next day. Of course, they can not give you the time. So we sat down and waited. The call never came. So I called them. They told me to give them more time. They never called, turns out the salesperson put the wrong date on the delivery. No one bothered to check on it and I ended wasting a day of work because of their *** mistake. I later spoke to a manager and said I would be reimbursed for my delivery fee but it never happened. I have walked in the store and talked to customer service on the phone and every department they have to solve this problem but nobody every did. They have even told me that they have no record of the problem and that it never happened. OMG I can go on. Then, One time they called for a late payment. I went ahead and gave them my card info. and told them to run it on a specific date. Before I hung-ed up I confirmed the date and she said I will run on this ### date. Well, She ran it that same day, left me with $3.00 on my account. I called them Because I was trying to pay for a doctor's visit and Conn's told me the salesperson had made an error and they apologized and that was it. I was so angry. Another time I was two days late. I pay the late fees of course so I do not expected them to harass me for a 2 day late payment. So I Call the customer Service to ask for an extension and the gentlemen who answer sure you just have to pay for an extension and he told me your next payment will be due next month. So I was fine, Well next day I get a message from the secretery at my work and it's Conns. So I call after work, a lady answers and wants me to give a payment. I answer I have made arrangements. She told me that all I had done was payed late fees and she needed my payment. I restated that the gentlement had told me my payment was due next month because I had filed for an extension. She said I was only listening to what I wanted to hear and was not understanding her. But I had only spoken to the man, the day before. She made me so upset, I asked for the manager. The manager came on and said oh, I see the extension, on the other page but the info was the update on the main screen. What on Earth! Who is doing their job at Conns. They hava awful customer service and nobody resolves anything. Oh by the way, I have two more stories about Conns but I am already tired of typing.


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