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Conns Appl's / 52'' Plasma Hitachi TV / all parts defected don't work

1 10/fry, Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-511-5750

i bought a 52 '' plasma tv from conns less than a year ago, the tv went black and no picture for a month and 2 weeks. they have changed parts and then see that don't fix the problem. they'll oder another part. that don't work. now they found the plasma screen is bad, they have to replace the screen now.and i have goten fed up with this for this have gone on far too long. so i want to have the tv replaced with a new one or money back. which i'm still paying for and paid for an extended warranty right now i'm waiting for the screen to come.i'm tried of the part's changing and i want what i paid for. tried of waiting...marvin nunn jr .very unhappy with conns,

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  • Sh
      6th of Mar, 2009

    Conns has the most unfriendly and harrasing staff of any store on the planet when you are not even past your due date they start calling your cell phone your home phone at least ten times a day you call to take care of it and you get a nasty person named mellisa on the phone that does not listen and tells you thats not what you said I was so angry at her I asked for the supervisior and she states she will tell you the same thing and says no other operators are available to help. VERY frustrated and will never shop at conns again...

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  • We
      13th of Apr, 2009

    i work for cons as a electronic tech and i had not tell the truth on some customers and it was getting out of hand and the store manager had a very bad attude toward helping any customer when thier tv broken down and nobobody at the store would take of any customers cause they where on commionsion and to a make extra buck on offering a extentendend warranty to any customer they could convience if they needed on that sevice. I as a tecnician was instructed by my customer service mananger not talk to anybody at the store and not to help any olderly and anybody else that still had not expired warrany when they read it on front of me and i explain to me about of warranty that it was not my job to talk about the warranty i was instucted to repaired you tv. you neeed any to talk any manager of any stores at any conns cause it was not up to me to decide if i could replace any tv's that where still under warranty. It was the service manager job to decide.
    i felt sad that i that couldn't answer HER questions when the tv's broke down before the warranty expire. My boss told me i had to order parts even if the tv broke and was still under warranty and could being replace for a new one. I't was a consent battle was my concience that i was not helping the customer that paying my bills and putting food on my table too. But i had to make a choice a do the right thing let me get myself fired cause if i quit a won't get any help. One thing i learn they are slow on not being responsible on taking care of thier customers and they are not sending the parts on time to fix thier tv's and they blame the tech for the parts never getting in time to take of the customer. THey are are wrong!!!

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  • Je
      18th of Apr, 2009

    On April 16 this week I tried to pick up my computer that was suppossed to be fixed and ready for pick up. according to the service department technician( Antonio) in Houston, TX. I get to the store, ask for the computer to be picked up, the lady comes back and tells me that she could not find it. she was calling the service department later on. I have dent faxes to the customer resolution dept. about this issue and NO CALL from nobody at least let me know if I am getting the computer back. You can never talk to the Service manager because he is in meetings, he is not available, he is at lunch, they do not see him by his desk, he stepped out of the office or they do not know if he is working that day. Do you call that CUSTOMER SERVICE? If you do, that service sucks. But if you are late ten people will call you in one day. demanding payment for what you do not have. When you get the survey form there is a line for your phone #, I wonder why they included that if no body is calling you back to really help you with your problem. Perhaps it is that every one cover their behind to get bigger bonuses at the end of the year while the customers are screwed with bad service. One day I took my digital camera for a broken clip in the battery compartment, that is how I got since new. Never paid attention why my batteries drained out so fast. I took it to the store, I spoke to the manger and explained the problem, what he did instead of replacing it he refunded my warranty fee. I had the replacement plan coverage. But it was cheaper for Sergio Moreno the manager in Humble, doing that than replacing the camera. Imagine how can the replace a computer when unable to fix? Their bonuses will be short doing that Ha? I have requested full refund for the computer but no response from conn's yet. maybe later by the end of the year. good luck to you if you are buying at conn's NOT ME.

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