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Conn's Appliances - Port Arthur, TX / Poor service

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Conn's Appliances - Highway 365 Port Arthur, TX

I bought a weed eater with the extended warranty at Conn's and then I took it back because it would not crank. After two weeks my wife called to check on it and the service department said they had not looked at it and it may be another week before they would look at it. I called the store manager and he said he would contact the service manager. The service manager called and said the weed eater needed a carburetor and he had to order one. I went to the store manager (Tony) and told him I had to have a weed eater or my money back and I would get one somewhere else. He said he could not authorize anything. I explained that I have spent around $20,000 in his store and he is going to loose a good customer but I still have no weed eater after almost 3 weeks.

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  • Mi
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    I too have spent about 20, 000 at conns, just last year financed $9680 on a no intrest 36 month note. I have perfect credit, and always pay on time and sometime double payment. However, I payed my last payment 2 days after the 10 grace period wich was never explained to me at the closeing of the sale, because it was 10: 30 at night and they were trying to go home. Wich leaves me paying 21% rape intrest, on the remaining balance of $5, 850. Before I payed 250 per month all to princible, now I pay 250 and 116 goes to intrest...All my banks have a 15 day grace period. The Conn's Credit department would not waive this for me. So I had to put it on my Washington Mutual credit card, were they have 0% on all balance transfers. Needless to say, I now know were Conn's got its name. The day I payed late, we bought a $1500 laptop, not knowing what happend to my current situation.
    To whom it may concern, You can sheer a sheep over and over again and again, but you can only skin him once!!!
    Don't get skinned by Conn's,
    X- customer, Mike Cherry,

  • De
      26th of May, 2009
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    I purchased a Panasonic 37 inch (TCL37S1) flat screen TV ($900. cash) from the Conn's store on Memorial Blvd. Port Arthur Texas on Wed. May 20, 2009. I was promised the TV on Fri. or Sat. May 22 or May 23. That the TV would be in the warehouse in Beaumont Texas & I could pick it up then. Called several times to the store and the warehouse on Friday & got the run around of when the TV would come in on Sat. Called Sat. May 23rd at the warehosue to see when the truck was going to be in, they said at 2pm. Then I was told the TV was not on the truck but they had 38 of those TV's in Houston if I wanted to go there. What? Drive all the way to Houston? AND WHY was the TV NOT ON THE TRUCK if they had so many in Houston? I then went in person to the Port Arthur store (because they kept putting me on hold for long periods of time) and spoke with Manager, ANTOINE THIGPEN. He told me "He did not promise any TV on the Sat. truck. That the TV MIGHT come in on Wed. May 27th and might get to his store on Thurs. May 28th. But HE COULD NOT PROMISE ANYTHING". I was furious..I told him to call around other Conn's stores in the area, that I heard Orange Conn's had one. He made some kind of call & said "oh there's NO TV's at Orange? OK." He said that twice. I asked him to find out from Houston Why wasn't my TV on the delivery truck from Houston. He text from his OWN PHONE, not the store phone to see why. No surprise no answer. I left with my blood pressure up and went into the parking lot and I CALLED ORANGE CONN'S - THEY HAD THE TV THAT I PURCHASED!!! ANTOINE THIGPEN HAD LIED TO ME!!! It was no moe than 10 minutes that he said he called Orange, that I called Orange, TX Conn's store that they had one TV (TCL37S1) and I could come pick it up. ANTOINE THIGPEN LIED TO ME LOOKING ME IN THE EYES that there was "NO TV in Orange or he would send someone to Orange and pick the TV up and deliver it." He kept telling me face to face "that I was not going to get a TV that day, no way. And he was not promising that it would be in on Wed. or Thursday." Went to Orange Conn's and the manager and all the sales people were SO FRIENDLY and helpful. They had the TV, loaded it up after they took my paperwork and I was on my way home with no problems and VERY HELPFUL, FRIENDLY manager and sales associates. I do want to compliment Orange's Conn's. But do NOT deal with ANTOINE THIGPEN. He lied to my face and would NOT put anything in writing.

  • Bj
      8th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Conns Appliance and Electronic in Lake Charles Louisiana is poor everything. They lie to you and then after you have made years of payments if you go back to buy something else on your credit account, they make you combine it all in one ticket and refinances the items once again so they can tack on more interest. If you are in our situation, we just filed bankrupt and we are going to lose everything. We have made lots of payments on these items and some of it would have been paid for, but what they are going to do no matter how much we paid they are still fully going to take all of the items. They told us if we voluntarily let the items get repo-ed we still will owe 50%. You know what, I used to work for Conns and all the stuff they repo-ed they re-sell as a MANAGER'S SPECIAL out on the Conns floor or they send the items to the Conns Clearence Center located in Texas. The prices they put on these repo-ed Manager Special items are outrageous. Might as well buy them brand new. So they are expecting for 50% from the owners and they are making more money by putting these items back on the shelves. We got raped on this bedroom set we bought. At the time the bedroom set was almost $4000.00. Now they are selling the same set for $1800.00. So, they are expecting 50% from us and they are going to re-sell and make more money. For a set that costs $1800.00 now. That is ###. When I worked at Conns, I was harassed by another employee and nothing was done about it, until I got sick and quit. They would always send me a hour away to attend these corporate meeting, when they wasn't paying for my gas and I was in poverty level because I was underpaid working 10 hours a day. I had to borrow money from other people just to attend these little meetings. Conns is strickly CRAP! They treat their employees like ### and they steal people's money.

  • Bj
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    Also to add to my complaint above, when we got the bedroom set they the sales person told us that they were going to deliver on this date and they showed it 2 days late on the delivery and the warehouse did not even call, not even the sales person to let us know. We had to keep calling the sales person and even he did not know what was going on. We was without a bed for 2 days us expecting on it was going to be delivered on a certain date and it wasn't after we got rid of our other bed already we had everything cleared out.

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