Conn'sdefective merchandise!


We will NEVER do business with Conn's again. I will definitely tell all my friends and family about the service that this company has provided. From the beginning, everything was all in the up and up, salesperson was very informative with his knowledge regarding our washer and dryer. We were debating as to what name brand to buy since this was going to be a major purchase for me and my husband. What brought us in to the store was the 0% interest rate for 36 months, obviously on certain name brands only. We ended up purchasing the GE Front Load Washer and Dryer with the storage drawers.

First time that we use our new washer and dryer, we notice that the washer is shaking around and moving towards the front. Obviously my husband notices this since we had just spent $3000 on these appliances. He is checking the dryer to make sure it is okay, come to find out there is a dent on the side and the front of the dryer. First thing he does, is call our friendly salesperson. He then gives us the SERVICE number to Conn's. Well this is where the buck starts. My husband talks to the SERVICE department, explains the situation to their wonderful customer service representative, who has an attitude from -----, so unprofessional, rude and does not even let you finish making your statement, when she just puts you on hold. After she comes back to the phone, she states that she will have to take a message and have someone call back since all the managers are not available. We wait for that phone call and nothing, no one calls. We have to call back again and leave another message with this wonderful representative (who obviously has no customer service experience) and make it a point to tell her, that we have been waiting for this phone call. Well, we call back our wonderful salesperson, who states that there is NOTHING he can do for us, we would have to deal with their SERVICE department. It is to this point that I told my husband just to have Conn's come back and pick up their $3000 defective merchandise. Finally a SERVICE manager calls us back, telling us that a SERVICE technician will be coming to SERVICE our NEW WASHER & DRYER. We have the technician come to look at the washer and he stated that, they had the same problem with another customer with her washer moving all over the place and they just replaced it with a new one, so he was going to let SERVICE know about this. Few days pass, no call, finally another SERVICE technician comes to take a look at the washer, he makes the adjustments that need to be made since it was off balance (supposedly). He looked at the dryer and noticed the dents as well. Stated that he would order the panels to replace the front and side of the dryer. (By this time,we have talked to several other people regarding the situation and they could not believe we would even consider purchasing anything from Conn's. Just the name "Conn's" gives it away. Another friend, was going through the same situation and she was given no choice but had to wait for them to come and repair it.) These are new appliances, not even a week old, why do they need to be repaired when they are suppose to be NEW. A week has passed by and no one has called about when they are coming by to replace the panels. The washer is doing the same thing again. My husband has called so many people at Conn's, from customer service, managers and who knows who. He has been given the run around, no one is ever there, everyone is always on a conference call or they are already gone for the day. He even calls our wonderful customer service representative and jokes about leaving a message for someone so THEY WILL NOT CALL HIM BACK. She stated that, they needed more customers like us, so she can keep her job. We have NEVER EVER had to deal with such a company like this. We do plan to call GE and let them know about their product and the company who is selling it. They are giving them a bad name. WE will NEVER EVER shop at Conn's again and everyone we know will know about this. Both me and husband work at big corporations here in San Antonio and believe me we will not stay quiet about this one at all!!!


  • Sm
    Smith Mar 31, 2008

    I am going through the same thing with them right now. the service is very poor.

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  • Ne
    Neal Price Apr 01, 2008

    I hate to say, I was told bad things about Conn’s but was told they have good prices by one person. I did some research and they do. I purchased 2 window air conditioners and straight out of the box one didn’t work. I called and was given the phone number for their service dept. When I called that dept. I was told it would be 10 days before they could come out. I took the appointment and have 3 days left to wait. I sure hope they can fix it, since I have looked at the paperwork that came with my recite and they do not take returns or exchanges on certain items and window air conditioners are one of them. It’s really sad that a company would have this kind of policy. I sure hope the tech can fix it, because I’m really going to be unhappy if I have to replace a brand new air conditioner. I should have listened to all the people that told me bad things about Conn’s.

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  • Al
    alfred Apr 17, 2008

    I also purchased a applicance (dish-washer) from them . The installors lefted pieces of cutt-up counter parts with rusted nails and staples pretruding up on my kitchen floor . The installors used my black & decker drill without my permission and broke it and then try to hide it from been seen by me. Since, I have informed to the installation warehouse supt.(BEN). Of this matter now, it's been a month later and still waiting for the replacement of my drill and the delivery charge of my appliance . He never did anything to rectify this problem, that he said that he would. If any-one have to deal with this person (BEN ) FOR INSTALLATION PROBLEMS TALK TO HIS MANGER IS STEAD. BECAUSE (ben) is a straight up liar!!!

    Not resolved by next week I will notify a attorney!

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  • Ro
    Roxane Brown Apr 20, 2008

    My husband & I bought a 42" samsung TV with a 36 month extended warranty that cost us an extra $3oo.00. The TV, stand & warranty was $1900.00 all together. We had a code come up that said ( check fan 2). Then the TV went off. It will not play without a fan working. We called the service Dept. The woman was about the rudest B...h I have ever had to deal with. It took 2 weeks to get someone here to see about the problem. The tech. was nice. He said it was a small bug in the fan. I don't know if that was true or not, that is what he said. The TV worked for about 4 hrs. then another code came up ( check fan 1). I called the service dept. again with the same rude person came on the line. She said it would take another 2 weeks to get someone here. Guy's, That's over 1 month without a TV we paid lot's of money for. When my husband got back from work, he called to talk to a supervisor. She put us on hold. Came back on to tell us he was not in, took our number, but no one returned our call. My husband & I WILL reach someone above her head... This rude person will be the down- fall of Conn's. She knows they would have to let her go with all the complaint's, that is why I believe she is not giving the messages to the man in charge... We have bought alot in the past from Conn's. We will NEVER buy there again!!!

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  • Tg
    T.G.Tate May 14, 2008

    I am going through the same thing with their LG
    plasma TV. Have had audio problems every since
    it was delivered 8-29-07, they have been out twice
    and replaced speaker and audio circuit board, none
    of which corrected the problem.
    Their tech supposedly contacted LG's tech and said it
    must be in the transmission and that this was inherent of most of these highly senstive tv's, however my other
    set on the same system does not have this problem.
    They at this point stated there was nothing they could do
    about it, i called the local store manager and he said he
    could not do anything about it, that i would have to call
    their service dept.(a Mr. Chris Humphreys) which i did
    and could not get him after being on hold for a long duration.
    Their sales force is eager to sale you this product, but
    when it comes to service after the sale, they leave a lot
    to be desired, also in their communications and attitudes!

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  • Jo
    jon andersen Jul 26, 2008

    I purchased a Frigidaire 18500 btu air conditioner from Conn's on NW loop 410 nin San Antonio back in early May 08, it worked one day. The next day I called the store and they said I had to contact service, so I did call service and they said it would be a week or two before they can come out. Two weeks later they showed up and removed it from the wall leaving the case there and took it to the shop. I call and check on it every Friday and at first it was we are waiting for parts, then the parts came but there are others ahead of yours, not they said another 4 weeks because they put in a request to replace it. Here it is late July and from how this nightmare is going I may get a a/c unit by next spring but I'm not holding my breath. I wish way back in may or June they would have indicated it would take this long so I could have gone and purchased another unit and had a/c for the summer. I have learned a few lessons..
    DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM CONN'S and DON'T TRY COMPLAINING TO THEM because the more you do the harder they will make it for you.

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  • Mi
    mikrtr2311 Aug 07, 2008


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  • Em
    Eman Sep 04, 2008

    About 4 years ago I made the MISTAKE of walking into Conn's and purchasing a 42" rear laser projection television, refrigerator, and Sony Vaio laptop. The laptop has since gone to high tech heaven. Fridge still works, and the tv is more than obsolete. My total purchase came to around $3500. I have been paying and calculated I have given them over $5600 and they still figure I owe them $1500 to pay it all off. On the contrary, they will not get any more of my money. WORST COMPANY EVER. I received a threatening phone call from them saying they will come to my home and collect the items. Knock yourselves out guys. Can't enter the property without my consent, and me putting my 120 lb. German Shepherd in his kennel, and if I do decide to give it back to you...I am positive you won't be able to repair the damage the accident caused while I was getting it ready for you to pick up. You bottom feeders!!!

    lady on the phone actually compared Conn's to Rent A Center!!

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  • Du
    dusjesmom Sep 29, 2008

    i wish i would have read all of this before i bought my dryer. i have never dealt with people like this before. my husband and i bought a whirlpool dryer two years ago, with an extended warranty. well, it started to not come on. well, we call to schedule a service call. they tell me a service man will call me. he didn't. the dryer started working again so i left it alone. about a month later it went out again so i called back. my appointment for him to come diagnose the problem was three weeks later. okay, well he comes and says he has to order a new control panel and it should take no more than a week to come in. well, after a week and no phone call, i call customer service and they say they have the part and once again i am scheduled for about three more weeks. well, hurricane gustave comes that week. no problem. i call back and then i was scheduled for two more weeks. well, ike comes along but we were back home and had power should be fine, they are supposed to have my part here they said. well, no. i am told my part is held up in beaumont. i ask them why did they schedule me for two service calls without having my part. they argue with me and tell me the only service call was the initial one two months before. uh, no. i had written down every date they had told me. i call the store, he can't help me. i call a week later, part still supposed to be in beaumont. she says the trucks should start the following monday and to wait till tuesday to call. so, i call again of course and then i am all of a suddenly told they don't know where my part is. i ask that person how the other woman knew it was supposed to be in beaumont and he said he had no idea where she got that information. i ask to talk to a manager and he tells me he is one. but he knows nothing and they all keep telling me they "can't make me any promises." so, he says he will call the local service department and have them call me. now, by now i have been told someone will call me back about five times so far so i don't believe him and ask for a number myself, which he doesn't give. well, three business days later and still no phone call. for one simple part for a very expensive machine and warranty i have received nothing but i don't knows and we'll call you back. i would love to understand how they can schedule service calls and not only not have the part but don't know where it is. i called again today and now they say they are coming on monday. i will never, ever do business with these people again. what i find so funny is for the 30 minutes you are on hold all you hear is a recording of their award winning customer service. who gave them any award?

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  • Le
    Lee Pate Dec 03, 2008

    There are complaints about Conn's all over the internet, wished I had checked them out first. First of all, Conn's customer service people are ignorant, rude and unapologetic about their sorry excuse of so-called customer service. I waited for 2 weeks for a service repair person to come and fix my big screen television. I normally buy my appliance from Best Buy and Circuit City, and have always received service repair within a matter of few days (3 days max). I hate I brought this big screen tv from Conn's. Never, Never, Never again will I step foot in a Conns again. Almost planned on buying a 46" tv for Christmas from Conns, glad I got this awakening. I am running back to Best Buy. Sorry, I digress, to get back to the service repair guy he came out with no parts, claimed he had to order it, waited another 2 week. This is crazy. Never, Never, Never again Conn's. You lost an electronic spending freak who spends extremely good money on electronics. Hello Best Buy and the Reward Zone, I am back.

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  • Li
    Lisa M Mar 18, 2009

    The low prices are not worth the hassle!! We did not know Conn's was a con! The store manger and the service department are no help and will not return phone calls. We bought a refrigerator a month ago and it still has no water and no ice. I have made numerous calls to the company service department and still have no acceptable solution to my problem. We will definitely be sure to tell anyone and everyone that we know not to buy from these swindlers!!

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  • We
    wesstbound Apr 13, 2009

    i work for cons as a electronic tech and i had not tell the truth on some customers and it was getting out of hand and the store manager had a very bad attude toward helping any customer when thier tv broken down and nobobody at the store would take of any customers cause they where on commionsion and to a make extra buck on offering a extentendend warranty to any customer they could convience if they needed on that sevice. I as a tecnician was instructed by my customer service mananger not talk to anybody at the store and not to help any olderly and anybody else that still had not expired warrany when they read it on front of me and i explain to me about of warranty that it was not my job to talk about the warranty i was instucted to repaired you tv. you neeed any to talk any manager of any stores at any conns cause it was not up to me to decide if i could replace any tv's that where still under warranty. It was the service manager job to decide.
    i felt sad that i that couldn't answer HER questions when the tv's broke down before the warranty expire. My boss told me i had to order parts even if the tv broke and was still under warranty and could being replace for a new one. I't was a consent battle was my concience that i was not helping the customer that paying my bills and putting food on my table too. But i had to make a choice a do the right thing let me get myself fired cause if i quit a won't get any help. One thing i learn they are slow on not being responsible on taking care of thier customers and they are not sending the parts on time to fix thier tv's and they blame the tech for the parts never getting in time to take of the customer. THey are are wrong!!!

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  • No
    NotHappy May 06, 2009

    I absolutely agree...I just purchased a new Front Load washer and dryer. Also lured in by the zero percent interest...only to have the dryer go out completely after two weeks. Same thing happened...I got shoved to the Service department who was rude and actually laughed at me when I stated that I wanted to speak with a manager. After waiting a week for a service they say they have to order parts. I do not understand why a NEW PRODUCT needs to have service on it. I want a REAL NEW PRODUCT not some defective merchandise!!!

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  • Ri
    ricky mcgilvery May 27, 2009

    i'm on the Phone right now with conn, after my 50" plasma went out on the 29 of april. After 3 services calls the tv is not working and i have another service call scheduled. IM BEING CONNED BY CONN'S
    preacher in dallas

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  • Sh
    shana09 Sep 12, 2009

    I am going through the same problem with conns now. I purcased a 50 inch plasma TV from them. It has been working fine for about a year. When I purchased it I put the extended warranty on it for an additional 3 years. Well the tv went out about three weeks ago. I called them it took them two weeks to send someone out to look at it. The service technician told me what was wrong with the tv and that he was going to give the parts list to conns. Well I called conns for the next three days and it was always i will get someone to call you back. I finally called the fourth day and talked to someone and they tried to tell me that the tv had customer damage to it. I explained to them that this tv hadn't been moved, dropped or hit since i had it. They tried to tell me that it had and that the warranty wouldn't replace it. I don't have anyone at home but me so wouldn't i know if the tv had been damaged. Well I told them to come and pick it up. They told me that they would call me back and I haven't heard from them yet. I refuse to pay another note on it. I have paid too much money on this tv for them to do this. Well i have also informed all of my friends and familiy and anyone else i run into NOT to shop at conns because they do not honor their service agreements.

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  • El
    elidaCADENAS Aug 16, 2010

    I bought a DYSON vacuum cleaner on a Saturday. The gentleman that assisted me was pleasant, demonstrated an orange ball vacuum cleaner and got started with the paper work. Everything went well until I got home and he had sold me the wrong one. I called him right away and returned it on Monday morning.He argued the point that I was in the wrong. Of course as usual, it's NEVER the same person that's going to wait on you. Two salesmen got together, left for about 30 minutes, came back just to tell me that they didn't have that certain one in stock. They didn't offer to sell me the one in display, they didn't try to contact a neighbor store to see if they had one. SORRY doesn't cut it in my book. I cannot recommend this kind of service to a friend. We figured that since we had done business with the company before and were very punctual with our payments, we could get better service but evidently not.

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  • Te
    terry sandoval Mar 06, 2011

    Yeah! I bought my washer brand new and with in a couple of weeks my washer just didn't spin. had to wait for a service tech to come out a week later. Keep in mind this is a new washer $350.00. Not much, but I really needed it. Well the service tech says they have to order the part for my new washer and I have to wait a week till it comes in. Then again after the part is replaced my washer decides to not drain water and still doesn't spin again. But this is the really good part, a washer I bought in 2009 and origanially was for $350.00 is costing me well over $1200.00 after the intrest and other stupid charges. Now my washer for the 4th time doesn't spin or drain and the belt is busted. And now called them and they tell me that I have no extended warrenty, Oh yeah and I still have a balance of $638.00 dollars after 2yrs of paying only for a washer brand new out of the box that had all the many problems come with it. I have had it and called them to pick up there washer and guess what they tell me? "Sorry ma am you are still responsable for the reat of the balance, I told her that my washer should be paid off as much I have put into it and having to wait for parts and service techs and for the same problem over and over again. Said it will put on my credot and they will give me a call. To be a topper she hung up on me before I was able to ask what time or when will they be out here.

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  • De
    De Davis Dec 03, 2011

    DO NOT GET ANYTHING DELIVERED FROM CONN'S! The product with come damaged.

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  • La
    Laurenperez0 Mar 01, 2016

    In June 2015 I bought a sectional sofa from Conn's. I went to pick it up because their so called free delivery wouldn't arrive at my apartment until 6-8 weeks. I brought in the sofa, unwrapped it, assembled it and what do u know?? There's a rip on one side and u can feel the wooden frame on your back when you sit down, also the same side with a rip looks like it's deflated on the front back rest. I've been trying to get service for nine months now, but all I've received are emails, harassing calls etc. Nobody offers to help and u give them the same answers every time: why should I pay for damaged product that have not been fixed nor replaced?!? I've waited long enough, they want money, I want good products. I even called the very same day I picked up my couch to have it swapped but the no good service Rep at the warehouse gave me the archive department number instead BC I bought extra warranty, and so they "couldn't help me, I have to deal with service!" Anyone know how or if I can, file to fight for my money i put down and report them??

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  • No
    No it's not Oct 20, 2016

    Washer not 24 hours broke 3 visits from tech even though I asked for exchange. Told something different by every other CSR. CONS

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  • Ja
    Jamie Sprague Apr 13, 2017

    I have had a broken couch for 7 weeks now. I put in a servic order for repair on March 3rd. They couldn't get here until Marcxh 29th to fix it. They called me the day of the appointment asking why no one was answering the door. It was 12pm. Both my spouse and I are at work. I told them that no one is home until after 2pm. They rescheduled me for the next week between 10am-1pm. Again a time frame we would not be home. I am getting livid at this point. Called back the service center for the millionth time to get the rudest manager I have ever dealt with after being hung up on 3 times. Her exact words were "We cannot accomidate every time frame request. I guess you will just have to miss work if you want your couch fixed."
    I then went to the store, an hour away from where I live. They put in an escalation ticket. I never received a call. I called today and was told my ticket was closed due to no response on Monday. I put in the ticket Saturday and never received a phone call. I am now livid at this point.
    I called customer service to then be asked "Well can't you take off work to get your couch fixed?" REALLY?!?! I work in customer service. If I treated my customers like this I would be fired.
    Like an idiot I went back to using Conn's after my first piece of furniture broke. It was a reclining sofa that the leather ripped in 3 months and the recliner itself would not recline after 6 months, both of which they said "Were not covered under the warranty."
    I'm now looking into legal options. Conn's are nothing but con artists.

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