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Conn's Appliances - Dallas, TX / nothing but a problems!

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I bought a Poulon 38' riding mower from the Conn't located at Wheatland, and I20 in Dallas,Tx. First use out, it stopped, and had to be pushed up a 1/2 acre of HILL, I called Conn's it would be two weeks BEFORE someone could get out here to fix.

They FINALLY got there, they said it was fixed. First time out again it broke down! I took it this time to Conn's myself, I wanted my money back. They gave me a user-mower to use until mine was fixed. After two weeks my mower was ready, (so they said) it lasted two mows, again I call conn's, repair comes out after a week, says the belt was bad. I asked him how a belt can be bad after '4' uses?? The belt cost us $38.00!!

I went to Conn's and talked to the manager, they still would not give me my money back on this hunk of junk! I went to mow again the gear would not shift, I again call Conn's the repairman shows up and says now the transmission is gone!!!

He said he would be back as soon as it comes in, that was three weeks ago!!! How on earth can a Transmission be gone in 8 uses?? I want my money back, so far its still under warranty. I again go to the store 02/12/07 to talk to a manager. The only manager there was the Asst who was on the phone. I stood behind this man 20 minutes at no time did he speak one word to me!! He saw me standing there, and totally ignored me!! The very least he could of done was say 'I'll be with you in a minute', a salesman even went over to him, and said I was waiting to talk to him, NO RESPONSE out of him!!! I used my cell at this point to find out the area manager's name, I told the CSR on the phone that I was STANDING in the store, and STILL COULD NOT GET HELP!! He said he was forwarding my info to the Area Manager for him to call me, two days later I still have not heard from him! All I have is a broke rider, that has been nothing but a pain since I bought it! Calling Conn's does no good, going to the store is no help, Area Management does not return calls, I at this point do not know which way to go.

I do know I want my money back!! The warranty will be out soon, and if it wouldn't run with a warranty, it sure is not going to run without a warranty!!

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  • An
      15th of Feb, 2007
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    Sounds like you have had a lot of trouble with this mower! But, how long have you had it? You said the manufactures warranty is about to expire. I thought most riding mowers came with a 2 year warranty?

    The reason I ask this is because you say that you had to push this mower 1/2 acre up a hill, and a 38" mower sounds awfully small for use on such conditions. Did you opt to purchase a cheap mower that was never intended to mow on that type of terrain?

    However, it does sound like someone should step up and take care of you.

  • Ch
      15th of May, 2007
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    I had similar experience with Conns on Plano road and Beltline in Richardson. My is a weed eater that only ran for 15 mins. I returned it and they told me they cannot exchange it but can only send it in for repair.

    Its been three weeks two visits to the store where I stood for 35 mins with the guy on the phone and never tried to acknowledge me. As I write this I have neither received any call from the manager or the repair team as to the state my machine. Conns have my money and the same weed eater I purchased from them.

    Honestly, I will never never buy anything again from Conns.

  • Al
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    I just want to add my complaint about Conn's Appliances to this to help warn people about this shady operation. I bought a refrigerator from Conn's and they forgot to send me the payment book. When It came time for me to make my first payment, I called them and asked them for the amount and to send me a statement. They told me they would send me the payment book. In the meantime, they asked me to make a payment over the phone which I agreed to do but the problem is that they went into my bank account and took not only the amount we agreed upon but something they called a late fee. We never talked about a late fee since it was their fault they did not send me the payment book. The point is I never agreed to any adddition amount beyond the specific amount of the monthly payment. In the meantime, they reported me to the Credit Bureau as a late payment in spite of the fact that I agreed and made the payment. It seems they had some kind of internal mix up inside the screwed up Conn's operation where the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing or something like that. I have been disputing this with them for five months now. They refuse to admit they were wrong to go into my bank account and take more money than I authorized. I notified them to never go into my bank account again as I was rescinding any and all authorization giving Conn's any access to my bank account. They have retaliated by refusing to correct the bad marks they put on my credit. They refuse to admit they were wrong to take money I did not authorize from my bank account. I have had at least a couple of dozen phone calls with them and they are rude and disrespectful. They make all kinds of threats that stop very short of being illegal. They have called my house at all times of the day, numerous times to try and inconvenience me. They call on Saturdays and Sundays. They call early in the morning and late at night. They harass and threat by leaving messages on my answering machine that give the impression of being from "Conn's Corporate Offices" or from "Conn's Legal Department". In their message they lead me to believe they are going to work this issue out with me but when I talk to them they refuse to say specifically that they will correct and resolve anything specific. They use pressure tactics. They even sent me a bill saying I am being penalized by raising the total amount of the refrigerator up an additional $275.00. The past Sunday ("Sunday") they left a flier on my door threating more legal action leading to repossession. They did this while I was inside my home hosting company. This CONN's APPLIANCES is a mean, vile, dirty, vicious and ruthless company. The name Conn's fits them perfectly because they ought to be behind bars somewhere. Now that I am researching complaints against them on the internet, I want to warn other potential victims to take these complaints seriously. Like they say, let the buyer beware when dealing with the cons at Conn's Appliances.

  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I agree... Conn's is what their name should be. Recently, my husband lost his job and I called Conn's in August to let them know my payment will be past one month because of financial hardship. I explained that I would make two payments in September to catch up. The lady on the phone notated my account and assured me that I would be okay as long as I communicated with them. Two days later I received a phone call from the a collector named Paul. He was rude, very unprofessional and attempted to talk to me like I was a two year old until I corrected him. This company is pathetic and their trained DOGS are even worse. For example, if you are due on the 23rd they will call you on your due date for a payment.

    I have since paid them in full even though I had at least 4 more months of paying them. I would advise anyone to avoid them at all cost. There customer service is awful and the interest rate you are paying them is not worth it. Take my advice and AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!

  • Be
      1st of Dec, 2007
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    I have also been completely disappointed ,frustrated, and by now outraged by Conn's disregard for their customers. On 11/10/07 we purchased an electric stove, over-the-range microwave oven, dishwasher, and refridgerator all stainless steel totalling $2900. We asked to delay delivery until 11/24/07 because we were remodeling the kitchen. Appliances were delivered on 11/24 but because we were still in the process of completing the kitchen asked the delivery persons to leave them in the dining room. The next morning as we began to look at the items my husband thought it was strange that the refridgerator was not packaged as a new item. It was wrapped in some type of plastic wrap and taking a closer look the door was scratched. Immediately we called the store and spoke to the manager and he said that it was probably a floor model (which we were not aware of ) and that he would check into it. We made several calls back and forth between the manager and sales person trying to get them to replace the fridge with a new unscratched one. They said they spoke to the warehouse and they faxed them a copy of a form with handwriting at the bottom saying that we were told the item was a floor model with scratches and that we agreed to receive it. I went into the store the Monday after the delivery and I asked to see a copy of the form. I told them I signed a form that they said was an exact copy of the receipt that I originally receive in the store but that there was no handwriting on the form when I signed it and the delivery guy never indicated it was a floor model with scratches. If that were the case I would have been on the phone with my salesperson to say I did not want it. The salesperson tried desperately to get her managers to resolve the issue and the managers said they needed to get it approved by higher ups in the warehouse and also that the ware house was now out of stock and it would be a week before they would receive anymore. The salesperson assured me she would track the shipments and call me as soon as they were in. Thursday 11/29 I called to check on the status and she said the warehouse was suppose to have received some that day or the next and she would call me back. I called back on Friday 11/30 and she said her manager was working with the warehouse because the warehouse manager said we signed and accepted the scratched model, but that he would speak to his supervisor to see what he could do. By this time my husband and I were beyond upset. Every time I called the store and spoke to manager I had to explain how I would never sign and received a scratched floor model when we paid for a brand new item. That is ridiculous! So today, Saturday, 12/1, I called the store again to get an update and got basically the same story. Sales person is working with the Manager to work with the warehouse who is working with their higher ups to get approval to send another fridge. After seven hours of calling back and forth, this is what it came down to - the warehouse manager said the store had been informed that the warehouse was out of stock on the day of the delivery and that the store instructed them to go to a specific store and take their floor model and deliver to the customer. Because of this it is not a delivery or warehouse problem and that the store is now responsible for resolving and that the store manager was supposed to have called me back. I called the store and they told me the manager has gone home for the day. I spoke to the salesperson and she confirms he's gone but that he told her it was not over yet. I was so upset over the managers' disregard, since he had promised to get back to me today, and I'd left messages for him to call me back before he left. So I told the salesperson that we were done! I asked to have someone schedule to come pick everything up and get it out of my house. I said I was done with Conn's and could not believe that everyone pointed the finger at everyone else and no one could resolve my issue. She said since the manager was gone for the day we would have to wait until tomorrow to have them schedule a return. I specifically told her that tomorrow when her and her manager get in one of them needs to contact me bright and early and schedule the return. I and frustrated and drained by the way I was treated. I will tell everyone I know to NEVER purchase anything from Conn's EVER!!!!!!!

  • Bs
      3rd of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree that you should get complete satisfaction from Conn's with your mower. I am experiencing a similar situation with a 42" DLP HDTV that my wife purchased for me in July of 2006 for my birthday.

    Don't get me wrong, when the TV is working normally, it is excellent. BUT--since purchasing the TV in July of '06, I have had to call Conn's service out 3 times because the lamp keeps burning out. On the advice of the store manager (I can't remember his name), we purchased the extended service plan because he said that it would cover things like lamp replacement. The only gratifying thing in all of this is that since we puchased that warranty, we have not had to pay anything out of our pockets to fix the TV.

    With this latest call, they tried to tell me that it would be a week before they could get out there to fix it. I called the store manager and spoke to the number two guy at the store and he got it expedited to today. The service tech is supposed to come out with a lamp, and if he does not, my wife and I are loading the TV up and we are going back to the store to get it replaced.
    This has been one ridiculous happening after another. The TV is a major name brand so we thought we would avoid problems like this.

    Anyway, I just had to vent with others who are just as frustrated as I am about Conn's.

  • Lo
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    Sounds like you're an idiot that doesn't know how to shift.

  • Ba
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    Man this scares me to death. I decided to look up Conn's since i'm in the market for a new stove. My sister bought some appliances from them a few months ago. I not sure now whether it is worth the chance to buy from them if this is how they treat their customers. I guess I'll be looking elsewhere.

  • Co
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    Conns Credit and coustomer service sucks big time! I am in the market for a 63 in or bigger for my husband and every time I call customer service to inquire about my credit application they semd me to ringing phones and leave me on hold for 30 minutes or better, and just to come back to the phone and they disconnect the call in the middle of your conversation.

    I have tried endless to get in touch with the presidemt of this company and hadn't done so! It is extremly difficult to communicate with these filks on a professional level. Where in the hell did these monsters come from? If at all cost do not deal with NICK in the credit Depart. He is very rude, uncaring and un professional as well. He doesn;t see the problem that the credit department has with young unprofessional teenagers working there just to earn a pay check of some sort. I even spoke with Megan Who didn't know the names of the credit bureaus. I asked her how in the workd she got a job within the credit department and dpon;t kno w the names of the credit bureaus? She put me on hold for 20 minutes and picked the phone up and transferred it to a ringing line.

    So, with all these recents reviews of CONNS, folks please take heed and do not purchase anythign form this store as they need to clean up thier ct of professionalism. When making a call to the Sugarland, TX store I spoke with a manager and he offered his apologies but that wasn't good enough for me either. He told me to come in the store and he would take care of me. I did ot care to hear that either! I wanted to hear:"or all your troubles I will give you a substanial discount on your purchase." I better look elsewhere also. I 'd rather have a heartache over something much more sentimental than this crap. But you best believe you will experience foul customer service from CONNS. So,please read the reviews as they are all true!

    I am so pissed off with that damn credit department who can't seem to get it together!

    Houston, TX

  • Gl
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    I too bought a Maytag dishwasher from Conn artist on December of 2007, the darn thing doesnt work I finally got a repairman to come out he said that the circuit board needed replaced, I told the repairman that I was leary about buying a supposively new dishwasher and it already is a bad unit. He said he would order that part and return the next day to replace the circuit board. I called the repair dept. to see what time he was coming out on Wed. she stated that the part had not come in yet, on Thurs. she said he would come out. The repairman never showed up I went to Conn's in Richardson on Plano Rd. and Beltline and talked to my salesaman and told him that I was sold a lemon and I wanted to get a refund, so I could go elsewhere or exchange for a new dishwasher. I told my salesman that I had talked to the assistant manager and that he said sorry I cant do anything about this. I was told by John that this Assistant Manager was new and to talk to the manager, I tried to call and go in person to get the manager and was continually given an excuse that he was at the headquarters and not available. I called and told a salesperson to have either the store manager or the district manager to call me. This has been over 2 weeks ago and no one has called or responded to my request. Conn's management are rude, unprofessional people and once they sell you merchandise then they forget or dump you.

    I have since disputed the charge on my discover card, and hopefully this will get their attention, if they keep refusing to credit me, I will go into their store and raise hell with the manager.

    I have told my sister not to ever buy anything from Conn's because I bought a Sealy mattress from them and I told her to buy hers there and use the 10% discount card I got thought the mail so she could save, but please let this be a lesson from all of us, do not buy from Conn artist such as this!!! There is no customer service dept, no manager, no salesperson, no courtesy, or respect, I knew nothing about this company until I bought my mattress, only to save money but now it is costing me more than I had bargained for. I will also report this to the BBB and warn about the lemon that they put off on the customers, I think they sell the junk from off their floor, knowing that the product is damaged or defective.
    Mrs. Legler

  • Ch
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    I have had similar problems with conn's at Town East blvd in Mesquite. Does anyone know if they will repo the merchandice for non pmt... Thanks

  • Jo
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    I've also had problems with Conn's. I purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer from Conn's for delivery that very Friday. They delievered on time, there were blemishes on the refrigerator near the handles but nothing that a little polishing compound won't take care of. However, they flooded my utility room when they tested the washer, then they told me that it was the plumbing in the house and I needed to get a plumber out. It's a new house so I had the builder and the plumber come out, well there's nothing wrong with the house, the drain house had a cut in it that you can only see when it's spraying water. The installer had moved the crook from the end of the hose where it should be to the middle in order to push the cut section down into the drain. The end of the hose isn't supposed to be that far down the pipe, being that far down causes syphoning and the washer would then give error codes about the plumbing being bad.

    Ok, so installers aren't the brightest people in the world, I called the sales guy on Monday who gave me the service number. The service people would say, "That's not our problem, you need to call delivery.", the delivery people would say "That's not our problem, you need to call service.". Of course, I would then say that I've been down that route and need to talk to someone that can actually sort this out, I would get put on hold for what seemed forever, then there would be a click and either I would be transferred back to the initial voice mail system that you get when you call, get put on hold again, or get hung up on. The service people were willing to set up an appointment for Monday the 31st, I pointed out that as the problem was caused by the installer's incompetence, I would expect some degree of priotization but in general that fell on deaf ears. After six hours on the phone, I apparently managed to speak with a manager Jeff Talley who prioritized the service call from Monday to Saturday which although still a week down the line, at least it wouldn't be another day off work. Well, on Saturday, the tech called to say that he couldn't make it and would like to reschedule Monday. Having been without clean clothes for two weeks, I went down to Lowes, bought a Universal drain hose for $8.00 and a couple of pliers and replaced the hose myself. It's not a pretty repair as I only had a small diagonal wire cutter to cut the hose to the proper size selection (most of tools are still in moving boxes) but it works. It's the following Monday now and so far, I've been hung up on four times by Conn's and spent about two hours on the phone to try and return all three appliances or work out a suitable compromise. I'm certainly don't want to be paying for the extended warranty now that I know that they give you the run around on the phone followed by run arounds by the techs until you fix the problem yourself.

  • Ch
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    I purchased a self propelled mower at the new conn's on I30 at the pinnacle park area. The self propelled part never worked so I called to see about returning mower. I was told to go to service dept which there is only one in Dallas and it is in far North Dallas (on a road I have never heard of). I live in Lancaster, so this would be over a 20 mile drive. I asked if I could take to any retail location and that would be ok, but they only make it by once a month to pick up items for repair which would delay my repairs for over a month! I have been pushing the push mower due to needing a lawn mower now not a month from now and I cannot afford another one! I think they could use better customer service too!!!

  • Er
      5th of May, 2008
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    Conns is a shady company I purchased 2 Plasma televions 1 went out 3 mos later the other yesterday. Dryer went out after 2 mos . conns return policy is only 30 days .service manager informed me i would have to pay to get televion fixed because my warranty expired March 7, 2008. paid $975 for warranty when i purchased tv . Conns never contacted like normal to extend warranty.They did however contact me to extend warranty on a dishwasher and a stove which is a lot cheaper to replace.Just last year i spent over $10, 000 on electronics from this company. service dept is very rude especially manager . DO NOT SHOP AT CONNS BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA Manager Chris is an idiot . I will never shop at conns again.

  • Ma
      6th of May, 2008
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    We bought $4, 400.0 worth of appliances from Conn's and its been a nightmare!!! this transaction was on Jan.19th 08 and we still havent gotten our rebate check nor our money for the damage they caused to the front of our cabinets that caused.First off the called and said the dishwasher they had shipped here from Houston was damaged and all they can get was the floor model i thought since we paid $1, 300 for the dishwasher they might take some off for having to give us a floor model NO!!! they took off $100 and we were lucky they did that! Then when it got here the [censored]'s that delievered it tore the inslation off and didnt put the sound proof kickplate on and screwed it to the front side of our cabinets which isnt the way it goes!!! then after they left we pulled it out to try and do it the right was wired with the wrong wire nuts and the ground was hanging loose. thats not all...They dented our frigde which was close to $3, 000 grand not in one place but 2!!! well they said they would take off $80.00 for the dent at that time we didnt see the second dent.
    Lets say i have been on the phone from the sales lady to the managers to the CEO of Conn's and who ever else i could get ahold of and guess what??? NOTHING!!! Finally after 2 months get a call from this Curtis Hallmark guy at the warehouse and he asked what all happened and i went through it all and i sent him pictures of the damge to the cabinets and he said sent me a bill and we will take care of it!!! I thought WOW... well its been over a month and nothing! I called and have sent him emails and not a word from them. I called again today and they give me a run around that he was in the warhouse not sure when he will come in the office and they were busy, I said you guys always seem to have an excuse!!!

    This store is at 2021 Town East Blvd. Mesquite, Texas 75149
    Like everyone is saying dont waste your time or money at this place the name say's it all Conn's!!!

    I hope they pay for what they are doing to the consumers!!!

  • Ch
      6th of May, 2008
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  • Sa
      6th of May, 2008
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    I worked for this company and people DONT BUY ANYTHING AT THIS PLACE!!! They are stealing peoples money! the IRS will catch up to them as well sooner or later!!!

    I have warned you all.

  • Mi
      6th of May, 2008
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    Contact : BECKY OLIVER WITH FOX 4 NEWS IN DALLAS, TX and have her do a report on the news and put them out there so people know what they are doing to us.

  • He
      17th of May, 2008
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  • Jp
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    I bought a $2, 000 refrigerator from Conn's and it was defective. It made a horrible buzz/rattling noise intermittently from day one. I immediately called the store and was first told of the 15% restocking fee which was laughable, and then directed to the service department and that is where the nightmare really began. Tech #1 came out and could not find anything wrong with it even though i played him a movie of the buzz. He did refer it to the manufacturer for some reason though, who sent their tech #2. Same story "I can't do anything if I can't hear it in person". Tech 1 comes back out and this time in his report writes that it is indeed defective. Now I wait for a "replacement authorization" which is still in question, from the service dept. This has now gone on for over three weeks.
    Plus, never do they return phone calls, and everytime I call its a twenty minute hold.
    For me it is a no-brainer you sold a defective product - ok it happens - just replace it!

    We just moved to Texas from NY and need lots of "stuff" and none of it will ever be purchased from this company. All they had to do was treat me right from the start and maybe even make a positive out of a negative event, but instead they play games like a bunch of ###s.

    Today after another day of dealing with the complete imbeciles at the store, service center and even corporate office I have absolutely nothing good to say about anyone that I've dealt with. I will be spreading the word that everyone i know DO NOT GO WITHIN A MILE OF THESE PEOPLE. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!

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