Conn'saccounts receivable

Have purchased at least $35k of merchandise form this store for me and my children and grandchildren. Have never been late.

I overpaid an account that I was paying off by $127.93 and they wouldn't send me my money back, they applied it to other accounts instead. I was pissed but I accepted the ignorance.

I paid all accounts as usual.In december I had a $109.87 balance on my account and paid it. Conn's refunded the payment by check, why I do not know. Someone called me 15 times a day but they never left a message once.

They eventually sent a letter stating that I was past due which I was not.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TX So I paid on time and conn's sent a 30-day late to the credit bureau on me when I paid on time but they refunded the payment.

What should have been done was issue a stop payment of the incorrect check and put my payment I made on time back on my account. Instead, the totally inept personnel reported me to the credit bureau when I was not.

I am going to the store manager. I will file suit if I have to because I am trying buy a house and any late payments will mess up my rate and cost me thousands of dollars and this was conn's error.

I want that late report removed form my credit immediately and an apology for the ineptness of the person who did this and the person who approved it.

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Feb 03, 2017

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