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Con Edison / electric line down

1 United States

Incident Address: 7503 fort hamilton pkwy, brooklyn

Our heater was out of power all in sudden at night on 1/31/2019, we suffered from extreme cold weather through the whole night. We checked all the circuit breaker and all the switches we could possibly think of, and we found out there was an electric outrage happened to the house.

We called ConEd the second day morning and reported the incident. First, they said someone will be here between 1 to 3 hours. After more than 4 hours wait, no one showed up, and we called again. They said the crews are really busy, but they will be there soon. we waited for another two hours, (called in the morning at 9:20 am and they came around 4:30 pm), and someone finally came to us.

After a brief check, they explained to us saying one of the two lines coming to the house was down, they need to fix the intersection outside. In order to get the power back temporarily, they can do the bridge, so all the power can come from the good electric wire. But due to the basement conditions, (it has some sort of things there are dangerous . Don't understand what they saying..) they can't perform the fix there. We have to hire an electrician to do the work. And after the electrician performing the bridge, we can contact them to make an appointment to fix the intersection box outside on the street...

We were really surprised they said that. First of all, if it the wire coming from outside was the problem, please go fix the wires outside if you saying you can't perform your work inside! So they left us in cold without doing anything else but telling us to hire an electrician. How can we spend thousands of dollars to hire an electrician ourselves while this is supposed to be ConEdison's job? We paid so much to use your service every month!! And there was no problem inside the building, it was the outside intersection box got broken down... I really don't understand this.

The funny thing is, after I called them again later, they told me a different story. They said I not only need to hire an electrician to do the bridge inside but also need to ask my electrician to perform a fix outside!! They said the crews had checked outside and found out it is the internal problem... This is totally different from what we were told by the crew. And We were there with crew member the whole time, we didn't see no one went to check anything outside. It's apparently a lie! Now we got stuck!!! With no heat and no stove (electric) to cook for two days!! Please help us to restore the power with a fix ASAP! Thank you so much.

Address: 7503 Fort Hamilton Pkwy 2FL, Brooklyn
phone: [protected]

Feb 2, 2019

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