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I have had service for 10yrs while I maintained permanant residence at my home in pittsburgh. Now that I am only using that home for business I attempted today 6/12/2017 to strickly maintain only internet service. Although I still have full service at my new home and at mt business, ect. Service at my pittsburgh location needs to be minimized. But the social security # (last 4 digits) dont match what I have on file suddenly! hhhmm I added service serveral yrs ago and I had the same social security # — no issue then most likely the wrong # were entered incorrectly... And they are forcing me to maintain the full service because they "changed their policy a little while ago" the agent informs me her supervisor will tell me the same thing and they wont be able to assist me... So now I am responsible for someone clearly entering my last 4 digits incorrectly and being stuck with a full service. Either an error at data entry for entering my #'s wrong or a way to force service on consumers who want to change service levels... I hoping I get to reduce service before I get unpacked and locate my social security card. Once I find my ss card I will completely cancel all services at all locations.

Jun 12, 2017

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