Comcast / overbilling

Franklin, TN, United States

My family chose Comcast as our CableTV and Internet provider in 2010 as they seem to have a virtual monopoly in my town.
Soon after we chose the convenience of Direct billing (to avoid the hassle of writing a check everytime).
From the first month we noticed on our statement billing for services we had not subscribed to in our plan. Little (and not so little) additional charger for services and options that we had opted out of. My family called and complained. I believe the deal was that they would refund the additional charges. They did.

I have contacted other customers and this seems to be a common issue.

It has since happened to us almost every month.

I advise all comcast users who are enrolled in direct billing to check their statements monthly because this is unethical and just plain BAD BUSINESS.

We have now opted out of Direct Billing with Comcast and are looking for another provider.


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