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Comcast Communications / terrible customer service

1 Memphis, TN, United States Review updated:

I have been a comcast customer over 3 years, paying almost 200 a month for cable and internet (which is too high anyways). I decided to upgrade my service and went to the Comcast store on Poplar to trade in my box for an upgraded one. I waited behind 27 customers for over an hour before being served and getting my box. I took it home only to find it didn't work. I spent hours on the phone Sunday trying to get it repaired, and finally they scheduled me for a tech to come replace my box Monday between 2-4. When the tech arrived at 5:15, he didn't even have the box I needed. I called Comcast again and after waiting for at least 20 minutes on hold, they said they would send the right box with a tech on Wednesday who was coming to install my phone line. Wednesday came and the tech called to confirm, and when I asked if he had the box, he said he had no idea about. I spent 3 hours on the phone getting transferred from person to person, was even given a fake number to call their corporate office, had supervisers say they would call me back and never did. Thankfully, the tech was a nice guy and went and got the box before coming to install the phone. He was at my house till 8:45 at night, and left before the box started working, and I found out later that night that the box he gave me was also defective. I had now spent over 10 hours trying to do a simple thing, get a working cable box. A supervisor told me all she could do was give me a 10 dollar credit for the inconvience and pro-rate my bill to account for the days I didn't have service..that amounted to less than 20 bucks. Since I couldn't afford to spend another 3 hours of my afternoon waiting on someone to bring me a box that probably wouldn't work anyways, I am going to have to disconnect the equipment myself, go to Comcast, wait in line, go home and install the equipment myself and HOPE that maybe on the 4th try I might get a box that works. And all of this headache is worth a mere 20 bucks or so off of a 200 dollar bill...Comcast doesn't care about providing good service to hardworking people who they overcharge monthly and provide bad service, my On-Demand channel works about 1/4 of the time...I'm switching carriers and I highly recommend you don't sign up with Comcast if you want quality cable service.

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  • Va
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Comcast Communications - awful service
    Comcast Communications
    1508 SW 6th Terrace
    Boca Raton
    United States

    I relocated to Florida after having an account with Comcast for over 20 years. I was required to initiate a new account. The installation was horrible. The technician broke my wall unit and left the cable wire exposed across my front lawn, walkway and driveway. After several hours the technician left my home with the job incomplete. It took more than 5 additional appointments for the installation to be completed and my television, phone and internet services to actually work.

    Throughout the process I would receive automated phone recordings to confirm appointments that I had never made. My attempt to contact their customer service offices were very frustrating. Long hold times and representatives who could not accommodate the simplest of requests. Repeated requests to speak with supervisors were met with assurances that they would phone me back when they could "fit me in". This, of course, was nothing more than a string of broken promises that caused further angst.

    After the service was finally installed (two months later) I received my first invoice for $678! I had already paid $207 at the time of the first appointment.

    This required further calls to the customer service hotline and more frustration when they acknowledged the billing error but told me that they couldn't fix it! They unbundled my service for pricing and were unable to calculate an accurate bill.

    I was required to pay to keep the services on with the assurance that they would correct the issue and provide me with the appropriate credit. Finally, 3 months later I received an additional invoice for $480 and phoned to complain. I refused to pay it. A supervisor, once again, acknowledged the error and promised to fix it. This was just days before they turned off my service.

    Today I filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and have posted here and sent a letter to the editor of the local Sun Sentinal in South Florida. I am sure that I will eventually receive the credit due but would warn any buyer. The service is inadequate and the employees demonstrate the utmost in apathy furthermore I found everyone from the entry level phone rep to the supervisors to be incompetent. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly in Parkland Florida leaving no alternative.

  • Wg
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Comcast Communications - issuance of overdue account notice
    503 wilshire
    United States
    Phone: 3095792279

    My mother was taken to proctor hospital by the rescue squad may 1, 2017 and to the bel wood nursing home may 17, 2017 to present. I have made several attempts to cancel comcast communications, to no avail, even though there is not a t. V.In the house. I now get a threatening over due account notice. May be that the all caring machine that does the billing was not informed. Please cancel the poor service.

  • Ol
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    I am having the same type of problem with them, I call and call and call about the phone line going down and I told them that my wife works from home doing hotel reservations and ALL they can say is "I am sorry for your inconvenience"...I pay them $250/month...if my wife has trouble getting paid because she is not on the phone all day do you think Comcast will accept that for an excuse for not being able to pay them? They would shut us down in a heartbeat.
    When you call them they cannot even keep their stories straight...I am so fed up with them I really wish there were another alternative because Verizon is just as bad and DSL REALLY!!! stinks.

  • Ap
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    Comcast Communications - terror
    Comcast Communications
    United States

    I was transferring my service from Weston Florida to Hollywood Florida I scheduled the appointment online 2 weeks in advance was told I would be able to keep same boxes they would just reprogram. so Friday the 30th I wait between 8-11 and noone shows Up I call and they say the tech left a door tag no door tag. I fight with them they set up an appointment for Halloween between 11-2 at 2pm on the dot the tech arrives we walk through i explain what we need he doesn't have my basic Digital boxes so I have to pick them up at a locations if I want them mind you Im transferring service same amount of boxes etc. then he ask me if I have a drill cause he didn't bring his I of course allow him to borrow my drill. then he ask me if I know where a home depot is cause he doesn't have a drill bit. so we both leave me to get the boxes him to get tools. I am of course giving a problem at comcast center cause they are 2 different accounts until the tech calls boxes in or some bs. anyways i get back to the house the tech is hooking everything up 4.5 hrs pass he has to go up on pole finds the tap in on the pole is broken so he calls his service center which informs him to call the line supervisor darryl which tells him to unhook someone else from tap and hook me in so he can close the call that the neighbor that loses cable will call in and they will eventually send a line team out please remember I wasnt on phone this is just what the tech told me. after that the supervisor calls back and tells him to forget the first idea and just split from the tap in with a splitter. so we then go back inside where my modem and one basic digital box isnt working and he doesnt know why so he tells me monday I can go get these replaced and then hook them up and everything should be working fine. monday i go to center and they wont give me modem a tech needs to come out after fighting 3 days later a tech comes out and gets my cable hooked up. when the first tech left I had a cable wire hanging down below 4 feet in my backyard. everyone I talk to says sorry and they will be calling me back still nothing. so 2 days ago on my flat screen i started to see a greenish purple line scrolling through tv I thought it was my tv going bad so i bought a new one come to find out its the cable maybe its cause a pole team still hasnt come out and my service isnt really working but trying to get some answers is like getting wisdom teeth pulled. and Im getting false bills for the install charging me for 6 outlets when tech only put in 4 but also i didnt get paperwork that day. Thats my comcast customer satisfaction survey

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