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Coach Handbags
Sterling, Virginia
United States
I shop with Coach and awful lot. Over the past several years I received great customer service until recently. Now I just ordered a handbag, paid for 1 pm overnight delivery $30.00 and when I called the 888-262-6224, they tell me that I will not get this the next day. I ask why, they said because ur order was not placed here at 1pm. I told her yes, I did. I even called the store to confirm.

I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager and I get Christine Bennette, who tells me that I am unable to get my order that was placed 12pm on Thursday, friday. I told her I confirmed with the store and they did the 1pm overnight. She said well we are not able to do anything, we did not receive it on time here and it's ready to be shipped and it's on the truck. although she cannot give me a tracking number. I told her I spoke to the manager at the store and he explained I could ask for saturday delivery and she said that because of issues in the past that they have corrected, I would be unable to get this done. Okay so because of issues they corrected because they mixed up in the past, they are unable to fix this issue?? How does this make sense. They made another mistake and I have to pay for their mistake??? I am very confused. Is this how you treat someone that just spent $$415.80 in purchases?

I told her I know one of the ladies I spoke to said she would refund me the $30.00 charged for the overnight delivery and she stated well it is overnighted. You will get it Monday! Okay I ordered this on Thurday 12pm and if I am correct delivery by 1pm overnight would be Friday not Monday. So now tell me what I am missing here??? I could careless what has happened in the past in which you corrected because you did something, if you want people to come back you treat them with repsect and you fix what you messed up. Do not blame me for what you did.

AWFUL customer service- Shop at the stores, not at the 800 number, they are the worst! or DO NOT SHOP here at all!
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D  15th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
You may have placed the order at 1:00 (their cut off time), but there's usually a 30 minute period between the time you click submit my order and the time it goes through their system to verify and collect funds from your credit card. I don't see how it's Coach's fault in any way or why they should do you a special favour because you were late. Place your order a few hours ahead of the cut off time.
A  4th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Coach has a decreasing commitment to customer service and quality. See my blog post here: http://thelawsoffashion.com/coach-heels-terrible-quality/
N  14th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'll NEVER spend another dime at Coach, they talked me into buying a bag and said if I changed my mind just bring it back for a full refund, I did but it was a little dusty, still had the tag on it, but they accused me of using it. I've never been so humiliated in my life, my husband swore at them and I left with the $400 bag I really didn't want in the first place!
A  4th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Agree Coach customer service is awful. I purchased a $ 398 Lindsey bag which has the removal cross body strap. The clasp on the strap broke. I called customer service expecting to get a replacement strap. I was told they would do nothing unless I sent the entire bag to them and it would take 4-6 weeks. I tried to explain how ridiculous this was, to send an entire bag which needed nothing done to it when just the strap needed repair or replacement. I was fine with sending the strap, but it became clear this young lady had very narrow vision and could not see beyond my going to the expense of sending my entire Coach purse to them for no reason. I then sent an email to Coach customer service complaining about the situation. I have waited more than a week for a response. Nothing! Obviously tells me they do not care about their customers. I have spent quite a bit of money on Coach purses over the years. That stops now. I will never buy another item from Coach again. A $398 purse should be of a quality that does not break within a short period of time. Appears we are overpaying for the Coach name because the quality is no longer there.
A  6th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Their phone order procedure is just stupid. I asked for email confirmation on what I've just ordered. I understand human error, I do understand that phone might not be clear, so an email could have avoid any mistake (should there any) done over the phone. I have been told that she is sending the email (which by the way she never asked for my email address to start with and sound like uninterested when I told her my email address). After waiting over night and see no email from Coach, I call them again the following morning on which, they've told me there is no email address registered on my order? Wow. I also been told that email will not be sent until their shipment is out. Wow again. Surely enough when the email finally sent, the address was wrong, 3 digit number becoming 4 digit that is way way from the exact address if they even can find that number. When I called again they arrogantly said that address has been corrected but there is no guarantee it will be sent on the day I was suppose to received it. Hallo... why asked me to pay to expedite it and made mistake, and asked me to accept it the way it is? It is appalling that a big company like Coach can not do an easy thing like sending confirmation order via email to avoid stupid mistake like this and instead expected their customer to be vigilant all the time and if their staff taking or writing any mistake their customer should be happy with it? Shame on you Coach.
A  5th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Coach has the worst phone representative ever. My order was canceled and they didn't give me back my money for over 2 weeks. I called several time asking why and how to fix it. The call center representative was extremely unhelpful and rude. And telling me there is nothing they can do. Shop in the store, do not shop online. It is just horrible.
N  8th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I purchased a roller board suitcase several years ago(8) used it maybe 5 times. The last time I used it the rubber came off one of the wheels. Took it to the coach store paid $20.00 to have them send it in for repair. Received suitcase back with a 40% off coupon. Sorry we can not repair. A simple wheel. Now I have a $200 plus suitcase I can not use. Needless to say I have been a dedicated customer for over 15yrs. Thousands of dollars a year. Referred many co-workers and strangers. Lets just say a walking billboard. Sent a letter to the CEO Lewis Frankfort. It's been two months and no reply. How disappointed I am with Coach's customer relations.
A  29th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
I was a regular Coach fan until recently as the new arrival of handbags are of very poor quality material. Looks good but within 2 years, the strap (pink) flakes off and the material cuts your fingers. Paid over $450 for the handbag - definitely cheated by Coach.
N  24th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
I received a Coach handbag as a birthday gift--it is a light cream leather..
I used it 2 times and the blue dye in the lining came on to the outside leather.
Went to the Coach store and bought the Coach cleaner, etc.--no good
Went back to the store and they said they could do nothing..
Went to the shoemaker and he said he could do nothing---not even dye it---but Coach should send a replacement--they would not
I have this twice used purse that I can not use--any suggestions??
N  12th of Oct, 2014 by    -1 Votes
I was just in the coach outlet store yesterday and because the woman who greeted us gave us one price, another woman walking around asking us if we needed help gave us another price, and the cashier rang up yet a 3rd price, we asked to have the receipt discounts and sales explained to us to be certain that our bag rang up correctly. (It turns out that cashiers were ringing up coupons/discounts without telling the customers so others were doing the same thing right next to us). The STORE MANAGER - Clinton Crossings Outlet, CT - had decided in her tactless way, to talk about my mom and I. She thought that she held up a coach bag so that I didn't hear her. By the way, I did. As a STORE MANAGER, you have zero class. You want to try that on me, go ahead, but my mom, you've hit below the belt. Try the customer service 101 class again, please, general humanity and manners will take you farther in life. And coach has lost all of my business now - last straw for me...bye!
N  13th of Oct, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Does anyone send these comments to Coach?
They should read ALL of this and do something to help all of these customers
Will not get a Coach bag and will tell others the same..
Very sad--spending so much and getting no happiness from the purchase..
A Coach bag should be special and the Coach Rep.'s should be trained properly
Very sad..
N  22nd of Oct, 2014 by    +1 Votes

Coach handbags - poor quality of handbags
Coach USA
United States

I purchased a Coach handbag in March 2014 and in September 2014 the handles of the bag are falling apart.
N  1st of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
I am never buying another coach bag. Two out of the three bags I owned had problems with the straps cracking. The problem seems to be with the patent leather straps. I brought one back to the outlet and replaced it with a higher priced bag. When the strap on my summer coach bag started cracking I brought it to the coach store and they sent it back to the company for me to have the handle repaired or replaced. I was charged $21.40 to send it back to the factory and a few weeks later the bag was returned to me in the same condition. I was told they couldn't repair it. The reason they can't repair the bags is because they aren't even made in the United States. My bag was made in the Philippines. Unless your bag needs a zipper replaced don't waste your time. I was told they have a small shop in Jacksonville Florida where they can do minor repairs. They don't have the materials to replace or repair anything else.
A  24th of Nov, 2015 by    0 Votes
My son purchased a Coach briefcase for $600. After 15 months, the tab on the handle broke and Coach said it could not be repaired. There is no evidence of wear on the product at all - he was exceptionally careful with it because he was so happy to have what he considered to be a very nice bag. He is a young professional and saved his money to buy Coach because he believed in the product. We wrote to the CEO and have not heard back. We know the letter was received because we sent it certified mail with a return receipt requested. We will NEVER buy another Coach bag. Too bad - we have bought Coach products for years. In fact, the sturdiness of my purses (many are 10-15 years old) was what persuaded my son to buy the Coach briefcase. If my son's co-workers ask him about Coach, he will definitely tell them how the product did NOT hold up and how poorly the company treated him. They sent him the 40% coupon - why would he save his money again to buy a product they will not back? He's going to buy Tumi - they have a 5-year warranty. Coach is losing out on a customer who will have many years of purchasing ahead of him, and who has many friends who will be making decisions about leather goods, too. We will definitely share what happened to us with anyone considering Coach.
A  4th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
Coach does not care about their Customer Service, they have such a Name built up for themselves over the years, their Customers Really do not matter to them. End of story

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