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Clkbank*com / Its a scam

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I signed up for a lifetime membership to a government-records website and as soon as CLKBANK*COM received my information they proceeded to take $39.95 out of my BB&T Debt account. I went straight into the website and could not gain access, it kept telling me there was no such site after I typed in my username and password. When this happened I went into my BB&T account to see if the money had already been taken out I found out it was an imediate transaction. I tried again to access the site and it was not available to me. I tried contacting them and all I would receive is a message telling me they were only open from 7-6, Mon.-Fri. I then called my bank and reported them as being a company who was scaming people and started a dispute against CLBANK*COM. As what I can see and have read up to this timeframe they are a complete fraud since the services I paid for was not delivered. The site I couldn't get on was: http://www.government-records.com. It's a site in which you can request maritial, birth, divorce or many other court records from the government. My advice is not to subscrib to this site.


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  14th of Feb, 2009
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  25th of May, 2009
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I am experiencing the same problem!!! I signed up and it immediately took the money out of my bank account but I have never been able to access the website about government records that I subscribed to. I when I call their phone number it says that phone number is not working at this time! But they still took my money...
  5th of Jul, 2009
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Clickbank merely processes the transaction. Your dispute is with government-records.com. If you ordered something from them and they didn't deliver, then you need to talk to them, not clickbank.
  5th of Jul, 2009
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Contact clickbank for a refund if within 60 days of purchase.

Report government-records.com to the FTC at www.FTC.gov
  6th of Jul, 2009
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Clickbank.com are a fraudulent cybercrime operation, and I would hazard a guess that those who support or dismiss them as not worthy of investigation are also using clickbank's invasive programmes. I have had money debited from my Uk bank account, i presume through an online purchase i made with my card giving them access to my card details. I will not be making any more online purchases with a debit card.

I could respect cyber-anarchists draining the bank accounts of the super-rich or frightening and rattling the cages of millionaire stock market executives. But these people who target and scare everyday people are the slimey dregs of capitalism. I hope someone pulls the plug on them soon.
  13th of Jul, 2009
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Ugh, you people who think Clickbank is a scam are a bunch of ###s who have no right even owning a computer, let alone using one. Clickbank is a payment processing company, exactly like PayPal...they do the same exact thing. If you buy something from Hp.com and use PayPal as the payment system and HP screws you, then you go after HP, NOT PayPal.

It's the same thing with ClickBank. By all means, let Clickbank know that someone is using their service to defraud the public, but don't blame them for the dishonesty of someone completely unaffiliated with them. Otherwise you should be ranting and raving that PayPal is a scam because of all the scammers on eBay!
  16th of Oct, 2009
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So if I open a Payment Processing Company, would that give me the right to process payment for just anyone who knocks on my door, lmao. Are you telling me that Paypal and ClickBank, have no idea who they are processing for ?...How come when you Pay as a customer you have to furnish your entire information to complete the process, and the Party that is receiving your Payment, has very little obscure info's...Buyers always screwed and sellers are the protected sharks hahahahaha...At the end both companies, Seller and Processor have one HEAD ...suck on it.
  16th of Oct, 2009
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Clickbank is not "exactly like Paypal" it is a marketplace for over-hyped, over-priced worthless garbage ebooks and software, mostly get rich quick crap.

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