ClickBank / stealing money from my account


I listed ebooks with Clickbank and made several sales at approx $19 per sale. Click bank sent a check for the first amount which was less than the bank fees in my country to cash it so I followed the Clickbank instructions and sent the check back marked VOID with instructions to amalgamate the check amount with another recent sale and re-issue the check for a larger amount. They never credited my account with the returned amount and have been deducting $1 from my account each month since April 2011 with $5 taken from my account recently. Clickbank have not dealt with my complaint and seem content to ignore this breech of trust for their own benefit. Imagine how many other small accounts they embezzle using the same frustrating tactics. Clickbank have given no reason or response for stealing money out of my account which under the circumstances must be considered Fraud. I would like to report their activities to the relevant Authorities to try and stop them ripping people off. After several product sales and paying $49 joining fee, I still havent received anything back after more than a year. Does anyone know which government authority to report such complaints to in the USA? Your assistance would be much appreciated.


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