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IL, United States Review updated: recently charged my credit card for a yearly renewal automatically without notice. I updated my profile several months ago and I thought I had changed the automatic to manual payment for renewal. According to it's too bad and I am out the $39.00 bucks whether I use their site or not. I am under the impression that some states have passed laws against automatic renewals without authorization by the subscriber. If not it should be!

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  • Bo
      Mar 26, 2011

    I just found the same charge on my credit card, placed there by Classmates last month when my membership expired. I had renewed my account in February/March of 2010 when it was still Classmates and not Memory Lane. I have not visited the site since shortly after I renewed the membership. I never made an agreement with Memory Lane and when I renewed my account last year there was no automatic renewal. Now they have me wrapped into some automatic renewal agreement with Memory Lane that I never agreed to or knew about until today (never received an email from them either). How could I know that I needed to opt out before my 2010 membership expired if I never visit their site? It's not mandatory to visit their site. Their site is lame, that's why I never visit it and I had planned to never renew my membership there after 2010. It's like they knew that a lot of people were not renewing their Classmates membership, so they found a way to rip people off. By the time you realize they took your money without authorization, it's too late and your card has been charged. Classmates/Memory Lane has a big surprise coming. My credit union is going to remove this UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE from card account and I will never give Classmates another dime. My husband also removed his account. They screwed up and lost another customer. They are crooks! It's very rude to sneak people's money without notifying them beforehand, so they can opt out; and then to give people the proverbial finger once you find out what they've done. Like we want to do business with them after their little stunt! Not! Looks like they another class action lawsuit slapped on them.

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