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Classmates.comsubscription cost/ auto payment

Dont remember enrolling in auto payments With . Without notice I have been getting billed about $25 a year for several years now. Then today I see a charge on my debit card for $47, about double from last year. I'm on disability and cannot afford this, and need a refund. I email for a refund and I get no response. What kind of company is this ?

unauthorized billing /

I have already deleted my Credit card from my Account, however i am still getting billed for Classmates services.

Transaction Process 0/11 -22/11 [protected] RETAIL USA [protected] PCH*CLASSMATES.C 15.00 USD

Please how can i get my refunds for the charges i keep getting charge without My permission.

Thank you

Alberto mendizabal Classmate registered email; [protected]

unauthorized billing /
unauthorized billing /
unauthorized billing /

Classmates.comunauthorized credit card charges

4 years ago I signed up for When it was time for renewal, I tried repeatedly to cancel without success. They have taken the liberty of charging my credit card fee automatically for the last 3 years. I do not wish to continue membership with this company. Repeatedly I have logged on to their website, entered my e-mail address along with my password, and have repeatedly been denied access into my account to cancel. I have their telephone # [protected] but when I get them on the phone because I do not remember all the information I originally gave them they say, they cannot cancel my account because of "security" reasons.

My last resort is to cancel my credit cared. This is because every year I go though disputing their charge of $30.00.

unable to cancel

I signed up awhile back and have even sent email to company wanting my money put back in my checking account . I've tried to cancele and repeatly it tells me wrong pass word and it's not ! They automatically take money from my checking and without notice . Leaving me to cancel out my bank card in order to stop !

  • Sh
    Shirley Petty Jun 07, 2016

    I signed up for a trial with classmates and was I surprised when I was billed by them June 7. Fortunately, I paid with Paypal and had signed up with Paypal for money not to leave my account for 14 days. I then contacted Paypal when I received a notice from them about being billed by classmates.
    I emailed classmates to end my account and then they wanted to take me around the world and back and trying to "trick" me into signing up with them again. They wanted $36 just to delete my account..

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Classmates.comcharges for membership

I signed up for a trial not a membership. I havent opened up emails from this place for a while and would appreciate my 3 month charges refunded... I do not appreciate this at all. I would really appreciate your time & consideration with this as soon as possible... I really dont care to go any further with this complaint.. Matter of fact it was my understanding this was a free membership... This is not right of you to do this... False advertising after my free months of membership you can see i didn't continue to open the emails from you... I can only see for the last 60 days on my paypal account trans #8RH036615W6394940 is the last transaction among many others...

  • Do
    Don't remember Mar 02, 2016

    I was billed for classmates services I believe $15 .00 which I did not authorize and would like it returned . I was once a patron, but cancelled my subscription quite awhile ago . I was just billed again and would like this stopped now . My name is Gerald Zarembski, [email protected] I don't want to see another payment taken out and would like the one put back into my account now .
    Thank You
    Gerald Zarembski

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  • Pa
    Pat Lifke May 29, 2016

    I, too have been billed $15 which I did not authorize and would like it returned. I was once a subscriber but cancelled some time ago. My name is Pat Smith [email protected]
    Please cancel all auto payment and advise.
    Thank you,
    Pat Smith Lifke

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  • Da
    Daniel Ortego Oct 22, 2018

    Same thing happened to me and due to health issues, I was charged every 90-days for more than nine months before I discovered the charges. Life simply gets in the way; and THIS is what they bank on. I already requested a new bank card so they can't auto charge me again.

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Classmates.comunauthorized charge of 39.00 dollars charged to my account out of nowhere

A unauthorized charge of $39.00 dollars was charged to my account out of nowhere. I did not authorize any charges. This seems to be happening to a lot of people. Stay away from this site. I am going to attempt to get my money back as this is fraud in my opinion.

  • Ly
    Lyvia May Jul 21, 2017

    I was charged $48 out of no where for a subscription I had cancelled.
    please join me in stopping this organization from committing this illegal act of falsely renewing yearly subscriptions! in my case it was for 2 years!! please send your brief complaint stating you would like to petition the courts along with your:
    name email phone number.

    To: lyvia may [email protected] text only: 623-296-9896

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  • Ly
    Lyvia May Jul 21, 2017

    I experienced an unauthorized charged for 2 years in the amount of $48 after cancelling my 1 year subscription.
    They will be refunding my money because I can afford a lawyer and will gladly champion for the underdog who can't afford to stop these people from cheating them.

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Classmates Incthey stole and continued to take money from us

I have no idea how, but the company classmates inc took money from me. Neither I nor my wife used the services of this company, so we have no idea how they found our info and started to steal from us. We tried to find their personal info, but nothing. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Maybe you can advise me how to stop these withdrawals. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.

Classmates - Memory Lane — Unauthorized charges

A charge for $38.00 from Classmates-Memory Lane appeared on my credit card. They did not get the number from us because it was just issued. Now the bank is wanting to close that...

Classmates-memoryUnAuthorized use of MY credit card and Bank acct..

I don't even know who you are or who you think you are to use my Credit Card..You have exactly 15 hrs to deposit the 15.00 you took from my account..Stole is what I should say..if it is not replaced by then I will turn this over to the Police..This is Credit Card Theft, anyway you want to look at it..I will not notify you again, the police will and whoever else it takes to convict you of this..
If this is through FaceBook or Classmates, my name is Jeannie Heffner Gardner..I also see where I'm not the only one you are doing this to..This will also be turned over to my attorney tomorrow.. — unauthorized withdrawl

This is the second time my card has been charged without my permission.. I complained last year about the same thing and it continues to happen. I need something done about this!...

Classmates / Memory Lane — Fraudulent Billing

I was billed without notification for $39.00 on October 3, 2012. I only found out when I went online to check my credit card Octobber 14, 2012. I had opted out of automatic paying...

Classmates Memory LaneCharged 39.00 to my Visa

Classmates charged my visa $39.00. I never ordered or a gave permission for them to charge to my card. What can I do to get this corrected

  • Th
    Thud May 29, 2012

    How did they get your card number in the first place?

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Classmates / Memory LaneCancellation of autorenewal did not save

I cancelled the auto renewal immediately when I signed up because they put unauthorized charges on my card in the past. I gave the company the benefit of the doubt (computer error) and accepted a special offer / trial period, BUT I made sure I cancelled the auto renewal immediately. Now I am convinced this is a scam. The cancellation process is easy enough to do BUT it does not save or register. There is no cancellation notification and therefore you have no proof. This is a scam. Customer service does not answer the phone, and they do not reply to e-mail. There's no toll-free number...mail worked in 2010 - not sure it's still valid <[protected]>. One more thing to note: after you cancel the subscription you cannot get a password reset because technically you do not have an active account. That is the only way to prove you cancelled the auto renewal!!!


I purchased a all access pass.and.the site has been down/.unavailable for several days. I do not believe that what I.paid.for. I tried to.get into their service center but.that was not available either. I don' know what to do.about it. Of.I.cancel my.membership will I lose.access.immediately or.still have access for my.paid.for.three months.

  • Pe
    Peggy Caguiat Apr 30, 2011

    Classmates Memory Lane has charged my account costing me $59.00 without my authorization. This is Illegal. I did not sign up for classmates.How do I get me money back and have it cancelled.

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  • After reading your complaint I tried to pull up the site and confirmed your situation. The law should require a site to post the name, address and telephone numbers of all officers or owners over the past year when they go dark. This one is an old site like the mid 90's. Just recently I received advertisement from them regarding year books.I wonder if they are out for good? Their notice is not informative in the least I'll be watching...

    -1 Votes — $39.00 was charged to my bank account without my authorization

I was checking my bank acct online and noticed a $39 charge from that I did not authorize, so i called the number listed beside their name on my acct. I told them...

Classmates Memory Lane — unauthorized charges

Classmates had a special deal last year which I accepted. It was for one year and renewal was optional. This month my Paypal account showed a $39.00 charge, which I did not...

Classmates - Memory Lane — unauthorized withdrawl from my bank account

I had joined, now Classmates-Memory Lane for one session. When checking my bank account, I had noticed they had made an unauthorized withdrawl in the amount of...

Classmates Memory Laneunauthorized charge to my VISA - 39.00

I paid original 9.95 for the membership but Ihave not used this website in many, many months because it is of no use to me. On 8/20/2011 my VISA was charged 39.00 and it wasnt until I contacted my bank that I found out what this charge is. I have made my bank aware of this unauthorized charge. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS COMPANY AUTHORIZED TO MAKE THIS CHARGE TO MY VISA!!! I want the funds put back on my card ASAP. Not in 7 to 10 business days since it didnt take them 7 to 10 business days to illegally charge my card. I am extremely pissed since this was done to my card while my family and I are on vacation!33B7D

Classmates - Memory Lane 206 - 301 - 5900 WA — unauthorized transaction

Unauthorized use of paypal debit card. Charged 39.00 without my consent on July 1, 2011. Wednesday, August 10, 2011 4:55 AM Written Statement of Disputed PayPal ATM/Debit Card...

Classmates / Memory Lane — unauthorized charge $39

I'm one of thousands that was charged $39 for Memory Lane that I didn't authorize. I had used Classmates for $9.95 and apparently it was taken over by Memory Lane. Even...

Classmates / Memory Lane — Never ordered

I have never had any dealings with this company and on July 15, 2011, a charge of $39.00 shows up on my credit card. They have no toll-free number and everytime I call I am told...

Classmates.comfalse membership statements

I had an old membership with several years ago (2009) and stopped renewal after that... since the highschool reunion had come and gone.

Then this gets sold to Memory Lane, and I see a recent charge on my otherwise zero-balance credit card.

I never signed up with Memory Lane and did not authorize this renewal charge. I called them up, and told them so - and the response was that it was not their policy to refund, and brazenly said they do not send email invoices or reminders before they charge you either... and essentially told me 'too bad.'

That was stupid of them - now they will get as many internet complaints logged as humanly possible, a BBB complaint filed with their local BBB office in Californa, in ADDITION to a dispute filed with my Credit Card company.

Direct Phone Contact Info:

Parent Company is United Online:

  • Ep
    Epiphany4u Jul 11, 2011

    I had an old membership with several years ago (2009) and stopped renewal after that... since the highschool reunion had come and gone.

    Then this gets sold to Memory Lane, and I see a recent charge on my otherwise zero-balance credit card.

    I never signed up with Memory Lane and did not authorize this renewal charge. I called them up, and told them so - and the response was that it was not their policy to refund, and brazenly said they do not send email invoices or reminders before they charge you either... and essentially told me 'too bad.'

    That was stupid of them - now they will get as many internet complaints logged as humanly possible, a BBB complaint filed with their local BBB office in Californa, in ADDITION to a dispute filed with my Credit Card company.

    Direct Phone Contact Info:

    Parent Company is United Online:

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Classmates / Memory LaneWas charged $39.00 renewal with no notice

Glad I checked this website! Thank you for the info for the phone number for Classmates/Memory Lane, as it is difficult if not impossible to find on their website. When emailing them about the issue, you only receive a generic response. I had joined Classmates gold membership last year for $10. I was not aware that the account was set for automatic renewal, and without any notice, I was charged $39.00. Heeding the advice from others on this website, I called and was able to have $36.00 of it refunded (I wish I had caught this a few weeks earlier).

  • Ka
    kathleen french Aug 03, 2011

    i also was charged 39.00 unauthorized to my bank account i want the phone number. i want the whole 39.00.

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  • Tr
    triper Oct 03, 2011

    I, too, was charged 39.00 for an unauthorized renewal that I would not not have given. They just automatically billed my credit card without my authorization Please try and do something about this shady website. BarbFerguson .

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  • El
    Ellen67 Oct 03, 2011

    It states on the site you will be automatically renewed. That is the necessary disclosure. However, it is not uncommon for people to forget. Yes, you can call and cancel.

    However, that does not make it a shady website. You only spotlight your ignorance when you name call...

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  • Jo
    joyce berry Apr 06, 2012

    Could you please give me the number to classmate memory lane, I only wanted a one time membership but they continue to take out $15.00 more dollars and I want o stop this form being taken from my card, if you would please give me a number so I can contact them, I can't find a number or anything to cancel this order. thank you.

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  • Jo
    joyce berry Apr 06, 2012

    could you please give me the number to classmate memory lane please, I need to stop them from take money out of my account.

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Classmates / Memory Lane — Unauthorized Payment

I was just checking my bank account, and came across a debit transaction that is still pending for 59$ from Classmates Memory Lane. I have no clue what this is from, I was never a...

Classmates.comunauthorized withdrawal of money from credit card without notification

I signed up for only 3 months for 15.00 dollars "" After the 3 months assumed that the company would email me towards my end of 3 months. My computer was down a few days and was unable to notify them of cancellation just in case something like this would happen. I signed no authorization and as far as I'm concerned, that they can just help themselves out of your account when all they should have to do is cancel my membership. I wasn't even a member. It was a trial thing. Am I about to be ripped off again because of technicalities or just bein' ignorant? I called the company and the person refused to reimburse my transaction back into my credit card. I was only 2 days past the 3 months according to them. It's not just the money. It's the principle and legal scams these people get away with. I had to find the right info in order to discontinue the automatic withrawal inwhich I didn't even know about. Without joining first there is no info about this kind of process. Then it's to late to cancel.

Clasmates Memory Laneunathorized charges

I too was charged 39.00 dollars without my knowlage. how do I get my money back. I never athorized this .

  • An
    anon 2 May 16, 2011

    ANytime you deny a charge on your CC they have to take it off. It remains off unless the company can prove that you owe them. So you should call the company and tell them you never authorized the charge and that it was fraud for them to do so, and then call your CC and have the charge reversed until its all figured out. I'm not a lawyer, but I have done it before and it has worked.

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Classmates / Memory Laneunauthorized charges

My account was charged 39.00 without my authorization for something I did not order and do not want. I have no idea why they are charging my account. I want my account credited back !!!

  • Ro
    Robert Hayne May 23, 2011

    I tried to contact Classmates/Memory Lane (CML) about a billing on my account that was not authorized by me, here's what they ask me to do. Re-register all pertinent information including card information so that I may then go to accounts information to cancel a membership to which I never belonged to begin with. They have so little info on my ghostly account that I cannot access it without re-registering. If you do re-register it shows up as a new account and you cannot erase your old account without a password that you do not have, and so it goes. I am trying to contact these people by letter and phone. 206-301-5900 is the billing number I have. I'm sure it is no good . CML if you are listening, cancel everything with my name on it. CML had a sujestion box on their website, but I could not access it. If this complaint site can do anything for me, please help all of us who have been taken advantage fo. Thanks Robert Hayne.

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  • Ho
    HowardBeale Oct 11, 2011

    Try this: My PayPal account was charged $39. When I called to cancel they told me that I agreed to this and the subscription charge was clearly stated on the top of the agreement. I never made an agreement with Memory Lane and it was not auto renewed with Classmates. He refused to refund the fee. I asked him if he had ever rented a car, and that did he know that if the insurance didn't cover an accident, he agreed to allow them to attach his home and place a garnishment on his wages. He told me he was aware of this. That is funny since I made it up! When I asked to talk to a supervisor or a person that had the authority to issue a refund he folded and magnanimously did me the favor of a "one time only" credit of the $39.

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  • Ca
    Catherine M Moriarty Mar 07, 2013

    I do not want to renew classmates-memory. Please remove my name and credit my account.

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  • The Lidman Foundation Mar 07, 2013

    Brenda will do it for you.

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Classmates / Memory Lane — unauthorized billing

I joined with the 5.00 basic service. Now that Memory Lane has taken over, they (Memory Lane) has taken it upon themselves to auto draft 39.-- out of...

Classmates, Memory LaneUnauthorized charges on my credit card

On my credit card statement of [protected] I was charged $39.00 for a membership to this website. I have not authorized this nor do I belong to the website. I do not know how they aquired my Credit Card #. I have reported this to my Credit card and also to the Indiana State Attorney Generals Office. I hope that all who have had this experience will do the same no matter what state they may live in. This is the only way we can get them to revoke their license to sell on the internet through the state.

Classmates / Memory Lane — Unauthorized membership billing

Classmates has been taken over by memory lane and the new website is using credot card information stored on the former site To automatically renew, without notice, memberships in...

cancel membership

I am so tired of continually charging my account when I only signup for a 7 day membership.

took $39 out of my account without authorization

Do not subscribe to As you can see from the comments that this company takes money out of your account or makes charges that they are authorized to. I hope someone has a law suit going that will stop this. Beware of and the phone number is [protected] for them. I have never used this service so I am paying $39.00 for a service that I have not and will use. I have notified my bank to stop payment on this unauthorized charge and I am hoping they can do that. Final notice beware of

no way to cancel

The telephone number you have to call is not an 800 number, so I have been calling and the wait time is forever, no way to get through to them.
I tried on-line and still no way to cancel.
They charged my credit card, which is how I knew they were signing me up for another year.
I tried to file a complaint with the credit card company, because the credit card they had, had been cancelled, but I guess
The credit card company automatically transfers to the new credit card. But they filed my complaint to classmates, and guess what classmares said I did not contact them... How is that possible???


I signed up with classmates a few years ago. If you don't want them to charge your credit card, then cancel your membership via phone [protected]) and get a cancellation number to give to the credit card company if they charge you the following year. You can not get a refund until you cancel them prior to your renewal. You and I will have to eat the charge until you do the cancellation. I included their phone number and also go to your personal/account page and delete any credit card info you have on their. Make sure to keep the cancellation number someplace to give to the credit cared company incase they charge you the following year.

  • Di
    Diane Stanley Oct 27, 2009

    please cancel this should have been canceled over a year ago i don't know what happened. IMMEDIATELY

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Classmates.comautomatic billing without my permission

They say I signed up for trial membership of $9.99 a year and was automatically renewed after one year and billed my credit card $39.00. I did not sign up for a trial membership as I had not used for several years. I called and talked to a representative and he said he would cancel my subscription and I would have to call my credit card company. I did call my credit card company and they disputed the charge but would not refund my $39.00 and now I am stuck paying this. Lori, Santa Maria, CA

  • Di
    DIANE LOVE Jun 12, 2011


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Classmates.comcharging for service never received.

My complaint is the same as everyone else's. I succumbed to the 9.99 offer for an annual membership last year and never authorized automatic renewal. I cannot reach them by email or phone. It seems the only way to dispute a charge is by first logging in. Since my account has never been accessible, I can't do that.

This month's credit card bill showed a charge of 39.99 from I have disputed the charge with my credit card company but they have not responded.

Classmates.comunauthorized auto renewal

Classmates auto renewed my account prior to the end of membership. I called to tell them no, I am not interested in continuing my membership and please refund my money (Yes, I had gone in before calling them to change my renewal to "manual" and remove my cc information).
Classmates basically tole me tough - we will be glad to cancel your account in 2011!!
I then got in touch with my bank to explain what had happened and to dispute the charge - "auto renewal prior to the end of the current membership - membership cancellation request denied - refund denied" and was pretty much told the same thing - tough! Jp morgan chase must be in cahoots with classmates - they told me that I am "under contract" with them - regardless of whether or not I wanted to continue the membership! All of this happened while the charge was still pending in my account!!!
Beware! My only recourse now is reporting them to the bbb and i'm out the $39.00...

  • Be
    beachbumzz May 25, 2011

    In the past I have renewed my classmates account twice...last time was july 2010 using their seldom seen $9.95 per year deal (this offer will pop up when you go thru the renewal process but then decide to not finalize...log off and up pops the $9.95 per year offer)...i exercised it using a credit card I knew would expire well before the next classmates renewal date.

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Classmates.comautomatic renewal billing recently charged my credit card for a yearly renewal automatically without notice. I updated my profile several months ago and I thought I had changed the automatic to manual payment for renewal. According to it's too bad and I am out the $39.00 bucks whether I use their site or not. I am under the impression that some states have passed laws against automatic renewals without authorization by the subscriber. If not it should be!

Thank you,

  • Bo
    Bobsbride Mar 26, 2011

    I just found the same charge on my credit card, placed there by Classmates last month when my membership expired. I had renewed my account in February/March of 2010 when it was still Classmates and not Memory Lane. I have not visited the site since shortly after I renewed the membership. I never made an agreement with Memory Lane and when I renewed my account last year there was no automatic renewal. Now they have me wrapped into some automatic renewal agreement with Memory Lane that I never agreed to or knew about until today (never received an email from them either). How could I know that I needed to opt out before my 2010 membership expired if I never visit their site? It's not mandatory to visit their site. Their site is lame, that's why I never visit it and I had planned to never renew my membership there after 2010. It's like they knew that a lot of people were not renewing their Classmates membership, so they found a way to rip people off. By the time you realize they took your money without authorization, it's too late and your card has been charged. Classmates/Memory Lane has a big surprise coming. My credit union is going to remove this UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE from card account and I will never give Classmates another dime. My husband also removed his account. They screwed up and lost another customer. They are crooks! It's very rude to sneak people's money without notifying them beforehand, so they can opt out; and then to give people the proverbial finger once you find out what they've done. Like we want to do business with them after their little stunt! Not! Looks like they another class action lawsuit slapped on them.

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illegal billing

On my latest credit card statement there was a transaction for $41.25 US dollars for a withdrawall on the Sept. 25 to 29th. This was not done with my approval.

Classmates.comreporting unauthorized auto-renewing

Filea complaints with the bbb and attorney general-links below
They go under classmates online inc. renton wa 98057
Attorney general - washington link to file online

File online with bbb

Many of their addresses: 1100 oakesdale ave, renton wa [protected]

2001 lind ave sw #500, renton wa [protected]

333 elliott ave. w. ste. 500, seattle, wa [protected]