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Classmates.com / unauthorized credit card charges

ChrisDee on Jun 24, 2017
4 years ago I signed up for classmates.com When it was time for renewal, I tried repeatedly to cancel without success. They have taken the liberty of charging my credit card fee automatically for the last 3 years. I do not wish to continue membership with this company. Repeatedly I have...

Classmates / unable to cancel

Nora 66 on Apr 12, 2016
I signed up awhile back and have even sent email to company wanting my money put back in my checking account . I've tried to cancele and repeatly it tells me wrong pass word and it's not ! They automatically take money from my checking and without notice . Leaving me to cancel out my bank card in order to stop !

Classmates.com / charges for membership

lisa bloodworth on Jan 20, 2016
I signed up for a trial not a membership. I havent opened up emails from this place for a while and would appreciate my 3 month charges refunded... I do not appreciate this at all. I would really appreciate your time & consideration with this as soon as possible... I really dont care to go...

Classmates.com / unauthorized charge of 39.00 dollars charged to my account out of nowhere

Reviewer50694 on Dec 21, 2015
A unauthorized charge of $39.00 dollars was charged to my account out of nowhere. I did not authorize any charges. This seems to be happening to a lot of people. Stay away from this site. I am going to attempt to get my money back as this is fraud in my opinion.

Classmates Inc / they stole and continued to take money from us

Homer Andrews on Dec 9, 2014
I have no idea how, but the company classmates inc took money from me. Neither I nor my wife used the services of this company, so we have no idea how they found our info and started to steal from us. We tried to find their personal info, but nothing. I wonder if there are people, who had...

Classmates.com / unauthorized withdrawl

Susan ortiz on Jan 31, 2013
This is the second time my card has been charged without my permission.. I complained last year about the same thing and it continues to happen. I need something done about this! $39.00 is alot of money withdrawn especially if I dont have it. Last year I was overdrafted due to the withdraw that...

Classmates.com / high

Nina1st on Apr 14, 2012
I purchased a all access pass.and.the site has been down/.unavailable for several days. I do not believe that I.am.getting what I.paid.for. I tried to.get into their service center but.that was not available either. I don' know what to do.about it. Of.I.cancel my.membership will I lose.access.immediately or.still have access for my.paid.for.three months.

Classmates.com / $39.00 was charged to my bank account without my authorization

Imlide on Jan 9, 2012
I was checking my bank acct online and noticed a $39 charge from classmates.com that I did not authorize, so i called the number listed beside their name on my acct. I told them that I did not authorize the charge and that the money needed to be returned to my acct in full. The man I wa...

Classmates.com / false membership statements

Epiphany4u on Jul 11, 2011
I had an old membership with Classmates.com several years ago (2009) and stopped renewal after that... since the highschool reunion had come and gone. Then this gets sold to Memory Lane, and I see a recent charge on my otherwise zero-balance credit card. I never signed up with Memory Lane...

Classmates.com / unauthorized withdrawal of money from credit card without notification

Tom Lyons on May 23, 2011
I signed up for only 3 months for 15.00 dollars "Classmates.com" After the 3 months assumed that the company would email me towards my end of 3 months. My computer was down a few days and was unable to notify them of cancellation just in case something like this would happen. I signed no...

Classmates / cancel membership

Glenn Gillihan on Feb 27, 2011
I am so tired of classmates.com continually charging my account when I only signup for a 7 day membership.

Classmates / took $39 out of my account without authorization

Ken Rehling on Feb 15, 2011
Do not subscribe to Classmates.com. As you can see from the comments that this company takes money out of your account or makes charges that they are authorized to. I hope someone has a law suit going that will stop this. Beware of Classmates.com and the phone number is 206-301-5900 for...

Classmates / no way to cancel

maylane on Jan 7, 2011
The telephone number you have to call is not an 800 number, so I have been calling and the wait time is forever, no way to get through to them. I tried on-line and still no way to cancel. They charged my credit card, which is how I knew they were signing me up for another year. I tried to file...

Classmates / billing

I signed up with classmates a few years ago. If you don't want them to charge your credit card, then cancel your membership via phone (206-301-5900) and get a cancellation number to give to the credit card company if they charge you the following year. You can not get a refund until you...

Classmates.com / automatic billing without my permission

They say I signed up for trial membership of $9.99 a year and was automatically renewed after one year and billed my credit card $39.00. I did not sign up for a trial membership as I had not used classmates.com for several years. I called and talked to a representative and he said he would...

Classmates.com / charging for service never received.

My complaint is the same as everyone else's. I succumbed to the 9.99 offer for an annual membership last year and never authorized automatic renewal. I cannot reach them by email or phone. It seems the only way to dispute a charge is by first logging in. Since my account has never...

Classmates.com / unauthorized auto renewal

Classmates auto renewed my account prior to the end of membership. I called to tell them no, I am not interested in continuing my membership and please refund my money (Yes, I had gone in before calling them to change my renewal to "manual" and remove my cc information). Classmates basically tole...

Classmates.com / automatic renewal billing

Classmates.com recently charged my credit card for a yearly renewal automatically without notice. I updated my profile several months ago and I thought I had changed the automatic to manual payment for renewal. According to classmates.com it's too bad and I am out the $39.00 buck...

Classmates / illegal billing

On my latest credit card statement there was a transaction for $41.25 US dollars for a withdrawall on the Sept. 25 to 29th. This was not done with my approval.

Classmates.com / reporting unauthorized auto-renewing

Filea complaints with the bbb and attorney general-links below They go under classmates online inc. renton wa 98057 Www.atg.wa.gov/fileacomplaint.aspx#online Attorney general - washington link to file online Http://alaskaoregonwesternwashington.bbb.org/ File online with bbb Many of their...

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