BetterHelp Complaints & Reviews

BetterHelp / online counseling

Dec 11, 2018

I feel foolish for not checking reviews before signing up for this so called service. What a waste of money. The counselor's responses were obviously copy and pasted- so much so that they contained info from the original text. And this was on more than one occasion. When I tried to cancel...

BetterHelp / billing/ customer service

Dec 8, 2018

First of all what kind of company doesn't have a customer service line. Second of all the subscriptions listed on their app which is what I signed up for don't have that detailed of a description and so it's really confusing to figure out how much you're actually going to be paying. So...

BetterHelp / is this really therapy?

Oct 30, 2018

I signed up for this service two weeks ago, and have had two calls with one of their counselors recently. But, this person literally just calls me and makes small talk. I'm not sure what the purpose is? When I reached out to customer service about it I get an automated message stating that... / counseling

Sep 15, 2018

They are a fraudulent company. They turned me away and then stole 260 bucks. I have contacted Google and am in the process of helping remove the app from the market. Help if you can, spread the word, leave a review and get it on every social media platforms that you can. Stop them from...

BetterHelp / I complaining about the fee that was taken from my account

Sep 7, 2018

Hi when I came across your website and I got approved for finances $39 a week I felt I could afford that but when I checked my account I found out they took more than what I anticipated and now I'm left with nothing so pls I'll kindly like my full refund and when I have money I'll renew my...

BetterHelp / charged for a month of services to simply ask a question/immediately request refund

Sep 5, 2018

The only thing that went smoothly and quicly with Betterhelp was my credit card payment. I was trying to find out if i could pay for counseling sessions for my daughter, there was no way to submit a question without a payment. They immediately charged me for ONE MONTH and i knew after the...

BetterHelp / better help online therapy

Aug 19, 2018

I was given an email about a free 7 days trial. I signed up for the free 7 day trial today and my card was charged for $1.35. I understand it is only a dollar but it is really shitty that you guys would advertise for free but yet still charge. As well I never consented to you guys charging...

BetterHelp / free trial

Jul 7, 2018

I was charged $182 without me knowing, I was contacted and told that they have taken the payment from my Paypal. Apparently, I signed up to the subscription and I did not do this, I have opened a case with PayPal about this and if I don't get my money back I will inform the police of thi...

BetterHelp / groupon counseling and discrimination

Jul 6, 2018

Say can switch counselors though when do because first did not respond for days the system changed. Do you prefer checkboxes list you prefer a Christian counselor right under the understandable male or female choices. No there is no other religious check box but Christian. So I change...

BetterHelp / charged after free trial - twisted. [email protected]

Jun 3, 2018

I canceled my free trial long before the trial ended and I was charged $130.00 I will be disputing this with my bank. I want my full refund and I want all my information deleted. This is ridiculous. Your so called services is nothing but a joke. Therapists don't even read what you write...

BetterHelp / charged with a free trial

May 12, 2018

I would like a refund, I was charged $65 while using a free trail. I have bills to pay. I need a refund immediately. This is an outtraged.! Waking up to see you have been charged. I just deposited money in my bank account yesterday, and now I have $8 dollars in my account. What am I...

BetterHelp / unauthorized charges

May 4, 2018

This is a scam!!!beware never spoke to anyone..Now charging my card $260 a month..Sent many emails nothing!!!when you try and reach someone to resolve the issue by phone then there is never anyone available. I have tried to get an answer for the second month and going to the bank for...

BetterHelp / I just signed up and unsubscribed right away

Apr 7, 2018

I signed up for this company and I unscribed right away never even spoke to a thearpiest because, he wasn't available right away. They took no time charging my card 139 bucks!! I never even spoke to anyone and unscribed right away. So they better refund my money I know that much. How...

BetterHelp / unauthorized charges

Apr 5, 2018

I am very upset that my account was charged 180.00 dollars when I was on the free trial. I feel stolen from, and scammed. This is a horrible service that needs to be shut down. I am infuriated and you can't even call the customer service team for a refund you have to wait for them to email...

BetterHelp / counseling service

Nov 8, 2017

I enrolled Oct 1st and my credit card was charged 260$. Then after receiving my cancellation link on tbe 23rd from the provider i cancelled. Then after receiving the cancellation email i felt it was confirmed until i saw they chArged me AGAIN on Oct 29th! Now i was charged a total of 520$...

BetterHelp / online counseling

Aug 29, 2017

I saw a Groupon for online counseling and it was on sale so I gave it a try. After paying for the Groupon ($40) I was charged an additional $50 the next day. I emailed them and asked them to reverse the charge and they said they would do it "as a courtesy". Lol, you're going to refund me...

BetterHelp / charged during free trial

Aug 23, 2017

They charged me $180 the very next day I started my 7 day free trial. That was all the money I had!! I contacted them via phone number provided and they told me they were a third party service and that they forward my info to them and contact me back via email within one business day. I...

BetterHelp / no show for scheduled appointment and no response from company

Jul 14, 2017

It seems like I was getting great help, reminder texts and responses to questions. Then the counselor was a no show for a scheduled on line chat on 7/14/17 at 11 AM. I tried to contact via e-mail twice and chat via their Facebook page and received no response. I even tried calling, but...

BetterHelp / charges for never using the counselling service

Apr 28, 2017

I would like to close this account immediately. Three payments of $260 have been taken from my account despite never using the service apart from the initial introduction a counsellor was assigned to me, m karmel but we did not interact as client and counsellor. I had no idea that this i...

BetterHelp / bad customer service/refund status

Mar 10, 2017

My account was accidentally charged for $140. I called customer service and they said it takes about 1 business day to respond by email. That is crazy. I understand I should have canceled my subscription sooner, but a whole day to even see if you get a refund! People have bills. I could... / tried to trick me!

Jan 2, 2017

I almost signed up for this. I started to. But then I read the fine print and I was horrified. This company to me is a sham. To me its nothing more than a silicon valley version of "therapy-twitter" not run by psychologists but run by tech entrepreneurs looking to make a buck. They market... / I cancelled trial, but the company took money from me

Oct 23, 2015

My problem with the company is similar to other people problems, who used the free trials. I also subscribed for the free trial and after 28 days I have cancelled it. As it was mentioned on the website. However, the company took the whole sum from me. The sum was $170...